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Friendly reminder that you'll never be as JUSTed as i am

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nah, youll be okay, who needs all that free money anyways?

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I bet you listened to uncle oldfag hahahahahaha

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I sold at 1.10$ and bought rlc reeeee. Shit happens.

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that's real tough, but as long as you can grab 5k-ish you should be okay in life. making it is much more than just money. once you have "enough" you tend to focus on other things.

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>sold zilliqa straight after ico
>only just sold my wanchain ico bags a month ago
>still holding my req ico bags
>ATH of 130k
>held all the way down to 8k
>portfolio roughly 25k
>~1/3 of the value of what my LINK wouldve been (that i bought during ico)

What is there left to do when you've made all the wrong decisions in life?

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I sold 8k out of my 20k stack at about the same price to pay some bills. Now want to kms. I still have 12k though so I guess it could be worse

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Pardon me?

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JUST brothers unite!

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sold at 42
someone's trying to tell you something...

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I sold 100% my 150k stack at 12k sats and went 100% btc. come at me niggers.

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I bought at $0.40 and it tanked the next day and went sideways at $0.30 for a year.

I sold in like Feb...

I'm literally cursed with crypto

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measly 6k stack here. will i make it frens?

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God is pushing you for swinglinking

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Avoid /biz/ in future anons...

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Well i ve been here since late 2015, just mostly lurked and tried my hardest to make non-retarded contributions. Im here for life, i cant leave, where the fuck would i go?

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Same here bro ... Sold my 25 k stack, have 10k left but I'm thankful and not selling

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I ve been here since March 2016 and never bought in.I am having fun with my Xmr and Eth bags.

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They arent bags if they arent below the value you bought them at though

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What’s our next move?

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Are you me

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We'll come up with an idea and do the opposite of it, since (see one of my posts) i am fucking terrible at making decisions

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I sold 111k at 22c nigga
Still kickin it

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An overweight late 20s underachiever from australia whos only chance of making it is from his shitcoins mooning?

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Oh fuck stop this is me stoppppp

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It was only 16k

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