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swallow your ego and buy chainlink before its $5

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I'm not fucking buying

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Way ahead of you OP

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I sold will buy again under 17k

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This way too much dumb money in this coin it’s just a hype that is reaching its peak

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I'm mooching off my parents and have no fucking money. 242 link is all I have to my name. REEEEEEEEEE

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>i dont want to be rich
Ok not my problem

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Same. I accept I missed the boat. Will catch a different one.

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>I'm not fucking buying
>I sold will buy again under 17k
>it’s just a hype that is reaching its peak

>242 link is all I have to my name

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you think most people know what btc/eth is when they buy it? At least try when you fud

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The people who make money do. The retards who want to make a quick buck just get burned

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It's literally dumping

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Good luck with that i’ll buy once it reaches $100 lmao

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What is this inspect element shit attempting to convey ? Lol

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>i’ll buy once it reaches $100 lmao
you don't have to tell me that
>What is this inspect element shit attempting to convey ? Lol
$81,000 - 2026

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Fuck no, for what, a potential 2x in the next 3 months?

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So link shills have resorted to time travelling memes in order to dump their bags... Amazing

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>dump their bags

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Wow this is some serious delusion go see a therapist

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Never buying
Gtfo this board ya big maroon

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>go see a therapist

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