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in this thread list the coin that you think will bring you great wealth

and be judged by the almighty lord kraken of SNTVT

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UND has treated me well. 3x'd my stack from weak-handed pussies, arb'd the binance DEX listing, now just waiting for a clearly manipulated parabola to sell 3M, and hopefully she dips back so i can get 4.5M back. not gonna be too greedy. if it doesn't, i still have several million i'm hanging onto.

this should be my millionaire maker. hopefully they don't fuck it up.

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50% chance of making it.

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Meme coins are the next 1000xs

Look at Nuke Bomb zbux. All have great promise

Buy zbux

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agreed on zuckbucks. i think this shit is about to surprise even the most hardened bearfag.

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ok you will make it for being on the bleeding edge of crypto

good job. son i am proud

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