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To my fellow marines holding 50k+... since we already have enough stinkies to make it, are you diversifying into any other shitcoin moonshots just for fun? If so, which cones? I've got a pile of USDT and have been searching for another early stage project with LINKish potential but I'm finding nothing but DOGSHIT. Shill me your side piece cones.

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most of the market is legit dogshit, XTZ is a good future bluechip and worthy of a diversification allocation, particularly at this valuation.

you don’t have enough LINK though.

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whats ur retire today price?
Mines $15.

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Idk if it hit $20 I would sell some and take some time off I don't plan on retiring completely though. I took a year off to travel and fuck around when I was younger and it got boring eventually.

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ETH because 2.0 will happen eventually

I also recommend looking into NASH

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45k here, fuck all y'all

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bought RSR

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Got my eyes on Ocean protocol and Quant Network. Waiting for a special project to go live.

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I'm just holding LINK until the next generation of projects that actually use LINK to do useful shit come out, then I'll diversify into the best ones of those.

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this is a demon of FUD trying to shake your iron hands, marines.
do not let him. we do not sell. 1000k eoy.

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also in ONE...like the partnership with LINK, and the joint ama was great

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ONE, FTM, HOT, ZIL, etc etc there are way too many platforms the market is saturated. all these shitcoins will wind up like ICX and AION. and on that note I just dumped all the rest of my tether into LINK.

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Bought some QNT during this dip fren. The fact that they were able to get 580+ banks on board impressed me.

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Anything interesting from that Ama? Why isn't this discussed

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they didnt though. read it again: https://www.sia.eu/en/media-events/news-press-releases/sia-partners-with-quant-network-to-explore-innovative-solutions-in-blockchain-interoperability-for-banks-and-financial
SIA only has $500M revenue btw. and they likely are just doing a free POC. this is a vechain-tier announcement.

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Building my stack too

t. 65k linkmarine

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can enigma and chainlink coexist within the same ecosystem? even if they're competitors, there's ample space for both?

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>data mining thread
One day the JP Morgans of the world will hire high class brappers to steal your stacks and if that dont work they'll send in private mercenaries to capture you alive and extract your seed as professionals often do.

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I have 100 link, i'm not going to make it.

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RSR is trash and you are trash for shilling it.

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>Bought some QNT during this dip fren. The fact that they were able to get 580+ banks on board impressed me.
Guarantee 578 of those banks have no clue what Quant is. Plus they are "exploring", this is some low level proof of concept type of stuff. You won't see or hear anything about this for a long time.

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Alright this thread is now infested with poor people and I got no answers. All in LINK it is.

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My plan is taking 10% at

Then staking the rest. I'm sure I'll invest in a ton of shitcoins after I cash out a bit -- it's fun to gamble a bit.

t. 115k

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fuck what the pajeets say calling it a scam or whatever,

its at 0.02c now and will beat 1$ eoy

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explain how?

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>29k linklet

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>he doesn't know about stablecoins...

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im at 4k, fuck off

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who gives a fuck about SIA. the CTO is working with Hyperledger directly. pic related is plenty of use cases and partners. read for an hour and this coin shills itself if you aren't an absolute smoothbrain. still 85% LINK but this will moon as soon as it's on a real exchange

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Link confirmed ponzi coin

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I could only manage 9K, still going to accumulate though

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Should I also buy Holo as well?

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Got any keynotes on the ama?

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It’s LINK and XCM for me. Compliant exchanges will be the only survivors i a post-libra regulated space.

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