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Imagine the influx of new money when all the normies spend that extra 1k a month on buying btc

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Imagine expanding the welfare system so that even more shitskins can breed with impunity while whitey scrimps and saves.

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Mind totally blown. This is the best day of my life

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tfw yang is a crypto accelerationist

bankrupt US and destroy dollar by printing trillions of dorrars for UBI


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Normalfags wouldn't be buying crypto with their gibs monies, but I would.

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That isn't how it'll work

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Shut up you absolute subhuman. $3.45T/yr going into crypto would push bitcoin over 100k in real terms. If the dollar devalues by just 10% that would mean purchasing parity of btc would be 1/$1M USD

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imagine being this naïve

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>free 1k every month
>hear bitcoin on the news again
>yeah i should invest this money, doesn't matter if i lose it. was free money anyway.

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I'm voting for him.

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Yang is based and I want my NEET bucks. Please win Mr. Yang.

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normies don’t think this way

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>free 1k every month
>hear bitcoin on the news again
>see my high school friend post on facebook they are making 100% per month with their money in new bitconnect, go all in

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>go to casino
>get up
>gamble it all away
>it was house money anyway

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I have a hard time believing Yang supporters are actual, breathing human beings

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Why won't they ask him questions bros

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>let's do to the entire economy what the Higher Education Act of 1965 did to college tuition rates!

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Just turned it on. First thing he says is “our greatest geopolitical threat is Russia who has been hacking our democracy”

No comment hope this cuck eats a bullet

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even though democrats use russia as a boogeyman just speaking objectively russia does destabilize foreign relations

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>bomb Iran
>save Israel

So does the US.

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I am officially OFF the Yang Yacht, and I'm boarding the Tulsi Surfboard

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Imagine the new influx once the socialist policies destabilize the economy and debase the USD

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no one denies this

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Was 1965 the most damaging legislative year in the history of this country?

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whats the year nixon cucked the gold standard

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Nah 1913, Wilson and the Federal Reserve.

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Sadly this dumb chink is the only sane person the Democratic party has lmao

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Whatshisname from Ohio last night was also sane, which dooms the both of them to an early exit

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Russia does barely anything compared to the deep state. Any Russian discussion of foreign intervention is just projection x100000 fold

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yang is getting fucked in the debate :'c

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>they laughed at the Yangbucks

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Was he even invited to the scrub debate last night?

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1913 hands down.

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Way too ugly to ever get elected. Not a single woman will vote for him

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This x10000000000000000000, and anyone in crypto should take this as unquestionable truth. More damaging than any dictatorship or genocide in human history

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Income tax and the 17th Amendment were also 1913. Boggles the mind how they were able to fuck up so much in one year.

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I think his ideas will drive the poor and middle class into the ground. Because financial literacy isn't taught in highschool.

I would vote for him and invest the 12k in BTC, gold, Nike, and KFC

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Banks were in control that year. That year was the beginning of the end of human civilization

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Yea, we haven't elected very many English professors since Wilson.

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too bad biden currently has 39% of the vote and yang has 2%

he has almost no chance at winning

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Democrat commies on the clock trying to steal truechad Trumps mememagic

Get the fuck outa here u commieloving redditors

The actual state of demoncraps
You fuckbois are so desperate, the cope is straight fucking cringe

Member anons, dont bother wasting your time on democrat commies, theyre all shitheads and think theyre fucking sneaku.
Vote republican all the way.
Unless u wanna pay reparations and tank every market there ever was and will be

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this :^)

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hes not expanding the welfare system though retard

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Leave it to the democrats to ruin America even more

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I voted for Trump and align most closely with NatSoc. However I plan to leave the U.S. if I make it with crypto so I don't have to give 40% of my gains to niggers and kikes. Therefore it doesn't really matter to me that Yang will collapse the U.S. I may consider voting for Yang because:
1. I won't have to wagecuck in the 2 years between now and the singularity
2. His policies will cause massive capital flight out of the U.S. which will be accomplished through crypto
The danger here is that I possibly don't make it with crypto and am trapped in the communist hell on earth that I helped to create with my own selfishness. Has anyone here had similar thoughts?

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I like Yang a lot, but he could've been a lot stronger in the debate tonight.

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It’s not an expansion but a restructure. If we eliminate the current welfare system + reduce spending in worthless foreign wars we’ll have enough to fund it.

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>its not welfare, its just """free""" money for everyone

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There's always a candidate like him. A guy with 1 big idea and that's it.

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back to /pol/ incel

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>chairman Yang takes your guns
>actually builds the wall, but to keep you in not beaners out (they can still come in and live on your dime)
>there is no more neets living off of $1000 a month, just enslaved men living off $1000 a month (the money will inflate in typical socalist fashion: see Venezuela)
>attempting to flee the country gets you killed

desu there is no real choice going into 2020. Trump is a cuck and didn't deliver on anything, except for Jews and Israel. I'm going to protest vote for Little.

But hey, it is still possible we make in time to escape.

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He's well thought out on a lot of policy issues with clear plans. The problem isn't that he's a "1 Big Idea Guy," the issue is that he didn't assert himself more.

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The absolute state of Yangers.

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the state of MIGAshills

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You don't have to be a migapede to hate communists.

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>ubi is communist
>milton friedman was a communist
get a load of this 30 iq kid

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Fuck incels and fuck poltards

>> No.14417792

and fuck boomers

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>friedman was right about absolutely everything

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He was a jew. Same same.

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Also he was like a year or less from death in the interview he talked about UBI.

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you are one those retarded kids that think "everything I don't like" = communism

no different from dumb SJW that call everything they dont like nazi really. go have sex pls

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>take money from someone
>give it to someone else

Theft, communism, w/e you want to call it. You probably think we live under a capitalist system while calling other people retards.

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conservatism is fascism

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every faggot who promotes this melting chink needs to die from their HIV

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uhh... okay.

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Fellow Holochads, what is your personal strategy to fight back against the poltards and incels infesting this board? Personally I shill /biz/ all over Reddit to get new recruits who will fight against these racist losers.

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>hey guys he's going to give us $1000! Just fund him and wait for the debates, he's going to get popular!

Yang is like buying crypto and waiting for mainnet launch date.

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keep sucking mussolinis boots cucktard

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You seem booty bothered, commie nigger.

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you seem angry fascist incel. go back at your containment board

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I think you're lost.

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I think you need to have sex

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Bend over.

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sorry I dont have sex with ugly incel fascists

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Never said you had a choice.

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What the FRICK was his endgame?

He clearly does not care about the presidency, he was totally unprepared.

Absolute cringe.

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Yes sir, he is expanding the (((welfare))) system. But why not go full accelerationist?

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of course, an ugly incel would have to resort to rape to manage to have sex lmao. have fun getting raped in jail by jamal

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Sooo... what do you call what the baby boomers are doing by inflating the national debt while refusing to cut their social security and Medicare benefits? Futurecrime?

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The (((wall))) keeps us in

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He said cutting people off to get a word in edgewater would have been incredibly presumptuous.. Idk if I agree.

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Yang has small yang, vote trumpenstein

>> No.14418166

Lol retard the problem is the moderators literally ignored him and he had zero reason to interrupt

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Resist some more, makes it even better.

Yes, fuck boomers and their socialism.

That's actually a good way to put it. They're stole from their children and their children children. Nothing like trans-generational debt and mass immigration to lower the wages to totally fuck your country.

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How's the weather in tel Aviv

>> No.14418179

sorry but you will stay virgin forever pal

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Think about why you hate illegal immigration so much - stealing jovs, to paying their fair share, gettingore welfare than they deserve.


Finally you'll have a reward for being born on the right piece of dirty, and you'll be able to spend that money on Maria to come clean your home or a extra shotgun for your doomer fantasies.

either way your crypto holdings go up and this shitshow of a country burns down faster only will rise up like a Phoenix

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imagine thinking fiat is not just going to collapse upon itself for being the dumbest fucking idea of all time
any gov that does not attack this problem is utterly hopeless, see how trump can't do shit about anything, because his currency is tied to infinite debt

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Intelligent people will invest the money and be smart with it. Unintelligent people will spend it on rims and bottles of Cristal. You don't have anything to worry about desu.

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>intelligent people
This isn’t really the right way to view it. Single mothers will blow it on chocolate milk for their kiddies lunch boxes. Young men will blow it on trying to market their SoundCloud rap career.

Just kidding. Poor people can make their lives much better by spending money, that circulates through the economy. Giving money to the rich, and they’ll spend it on stock-buybacks, gold, stocks, and stuff it in the bank, because they don’t benefit as much from spending, because the law of diminishing returns.

That’s cool with me, because I own stocks, but it’s not the way to go about stimulating the economy.

>tfw I bought Craig’s project and it turned out to be a shitcoin.
The memes are decent, but I haven’t even broke even yet.

It seriously blows my mind that millennials are the most hated peolle on earth, but the boomers are socialist criminals with no regard for others.

Fuck the baby boomers.

I don’t buy it. They asked him at least 3 questions directly, and he answered the first one by explaining the freedom dividend. Then he just repeated himself. It was painful.

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Funniest shit I've heard all night.

Trump 2020, this asian gook is a timid bitch who shouldn't be responsible for a coffee shop let alone the most powerful nation in the world. We'd bust him a month into his reign giving a handy under the UN conference table to Trudeau the ultracuck.

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Get off /biz/ you dumb shills. You stick out like a sore thumb here attempting to shill using /pol/ language.
Fuck off

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/biz/ hates /pol/tards

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she is cute t b h

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Then why are you spamming the same images posted 100s of times in yangthreads? Nice try to get in on the post, but it doesn't work that way lad.

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badass analogy 9/11

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you need to go back incel

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I had really high hopes for Yang but after seeing everyone else talk way more than Yang, I'm not sure. Maybe if he makes second round.

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No because he's redistributing the money through taxes not by printing. He's moving around the flow in the supply of money, not inflating it.

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That's not how it works. DNC picked a group for night one and a different group for night 2. Yang happened to be in a really good position up against Kamala, Biden, and Buttman, and Sanders, but he was too civil and polite. Everyone else yelled over each other and he was there going over numbers.

>> No.14418793

>CNN poll
ahahaahaahah dumbass

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This election is literally “who should own the world, Russia or China?”

At least Russia has beautiful big titty women and profound literature.

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>not wanting to be associated with the alt-right
Fuck that campaign, they don’t deserve our support. Turning away supporters is bad political tactics!

>> No.14418887

Anybody else see the part where she asked who supports paying for health care for illegal immigrants and they all raised their hands? Democrats are literally the biggest cucks on the planet.

>> No.14419140

Trump is a NWO shill. U fags didn't elect him with mememagic.

>> No.14419150

He has 150 policy proposals on his campaign page...Just because they only gave him enough time to explain .5% of one issues doesn't mean that's all he's got.

>> No.14419156


Well, that's it guys Yang is finished.

>> No.14419170

That's not communism you dipshit and you know it. You're just strawmanning to make the argument easier for you with your limited brainpower.

>> No.14419179

>hey guys, i'm a NEET and don't work for my money. please let the government tax you to death to give me some money i can gamble with on crypto.
fuck you, kill yourself. even if you don't work, this kind of shit would kill the economy. i wouldn't be surprised that wealth distribution scheme would cause another recession to be frank.

>> No.14419190

>but the boomers are socialist criminals
You mean because they own the means of production right? I'm tired of you ancaps/fascists calling every slightly left-leaning economic policy "socialism."

>> No.14419204

Dude you literally still support Trump after 4 years of retardation. You don't have the ethos to diss Yang.

>> No.14419213

Americans would rather their country fall into disrepair and destruction than to avoid dying for Israel.

>> No.14419217

should we tell him?

>> No.14419223

>didn't deliver on anything
you may not like him, retard, but the guy unarguably has done many things. /biz/ related, he has renegotiated major trade agreements, china is nearly buckling over from the trade war, Mexico was forced to protect it's borders, the economy has reached a growth that the previous administration deemed impossible and something of the past.
Just because he doesn't agree with you on DA JUUS doesn't mean he got shit done, unlike you basement nazi wannabe.

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There is no "normie money" every single person in the world knows about bitcoin now. Here is a chart illustrating how little "normies" care. The hype is over. Nobody wants your bags. Sorry

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Welcoming the alt-right would have greatly diminished his progressive fanbase which si the majority. It was an obvious political move, what are you 19?

>> No.14419245

ll it takes is one huge fundamental and the sheep will graze.

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