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Coinbase chads are getting ready for the binance alt purge in 77 days. Whats in your chadfolio?

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Fucking moved into shitcoins ETH and EOS for now still holding a fat amount of coins on Binance to keep swinging until the fat lady sings

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I need a BAT resurgence. It's probably the most well-known of the cheap alts on kikebase and might pump

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Whats going on? Binance banning US users in 77 days?

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Yes, you wont be able to access binance from a US IP and they will probably give you some time to liquidate your account or they seize it

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No, they're just moving us to our own site.

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the only relevant crypto on coinbase of course

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Where will we go?

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>FDIC comfort knowing my links are insured
Funds nao safe

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The US site will have the same coins as coinbase
The only place to go is coinbase

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Millions of DENT
I'm ready to be purged

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why the fuck does the us have to mess with our fucking gambling problem.

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100% BTC, alt-pocalypse is just starting

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Moved all my QTUM out of Binance a couple of months ago. Your loss, guys.

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IRS would love to meet you there

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fuck it feels so good to be right

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The IRS is coming for everyone. $1k withdrawal on binance requires kyc now. Localbitcoins is also a honeypot. Enjoy your jail time.

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lmao. the irs wont even look to audit you unless you make over 100k a year.
Theres just too many people out there doing way worse illegal shit than this.

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What about Coss.

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We're not doing anything illegal. Just transferring coins from wallet to wallet and renouncing our USSA citizenships for no reason out of the blue. I haven't received a single ((($))) since I put in everything.
>>inb4 USA civil war 2.0 kicks off WWIII

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ive taken out maybe 2k total profit.
not sure if thats really going to get the attention of anyone.
And yes 2k is a very small portion of the my pie.

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They will flag every single person trading crypto. As soon as you have a good year they will slam you with an audit a few years later. Will have to pay interest until you die.

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75% BTC
25% BTT

you know, the only IEO that will be listed on binance US

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Until you get sued and they confiscate your funds

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As someone who works in compliance...

You couldn't be more wrong.

If ya doing dodgy shit with 10,000+. They WILL get to you eventually. And don't even try to structure yo shit. They'll just stick it to you harder.

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Can't use my credit card on binance if you're in China?! Anyone have the same issue? I'm here on vacation and wanted to buy some BTC on the dip and apparently it's a blocked region? I can still use it to trade but not to buy with credit card? Wtf...

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Theres a million other exchanges out there. bitmax, hotbit, kucoin, etc etc

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ok ill say i lost it.

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RVN will 100% be on Binance US and if you don't think so you are a literal pajeet.

Also it's going to get listed on tZero next month, which launched the mobile app today.

I don't see Coinbase happening any time soon but it will.

RVN LINK ETH BTC are gonna be my 4 holds and I will be retired in 5 years.

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Can you get around binance from US using Vpn?

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Do they really kyc for 1k or more now?? Can you take out 900 per day without kyc?

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bump, need to know this

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i took out 987 usdc without really thinking about going for more.
just fucking check dude, its not hard.

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just fucking use IDEX already

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I was withdrawing more than 1k a week ago

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Stocking up on Nano and Banano because they aren't securities while the paid fud group is hitting plebbit. Appia and the UK universities integrating it post v19 pretty much guarantees gains of 10x minimum

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>inb4 USA civil war 2.0 kicks off WWIII
now im curious what would happen to crypto if that happens. more specifically US based exchanges.

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also i dont mean it popping off because of crypto; i mean if it just happens.

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Lol no one has poster ZRX which was at ICO levels in satoshis yesterday


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I swear I'm only a second generation pajeet

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They added it like 5 days ago

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This is kinda related but im not sure what to do
A year ago i got bogged by binance, saying my country is no longer supported with their new terms of service
I got pissed and moved half the stuff to my wallet and other half to TradeSatoshi and didnt touch it since
But now that i logged on it seemed like it was quite shit, chart doesnt even work and there are captchas for every button you press
I thought about bitfinex, but since i was out of the game for a year im not sure whats good now

tldr cant use binance, what do i use instead

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holyshit this could be my savior. very oversold

>> No.14419026

nothing on binance.

all-in zuckbucks. out at 50x. back into link.

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Hopefully Nash will launch right around the time Binance closes

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