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Why don't you just buy a large penis?

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Show boi pussy

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>billionaire diamond trader

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there is a (relatively) new startup in the UK that offer stem cell injections direct into your penor. guaranteed growth, the only limit is recovery time and amount you can handle being injected at once.
i mean, you have to be okay with dead babies being injected into your penis, but hey. im sure they were black anyway, so they can 'muh dik' vicariously through you in the afterlife
last i checked, sessions started at 6k euro.

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How small are we talking here?

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What is the best way to get a big peepee /biz/?

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Just pay a bull to fuck your wife

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Sounds too good to be true

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8.5cm erected

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Anon, I...

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you can do just about anything biologically related with stem cells.
there is a reason child sacrifices were a thing. there is no such thing as a myth

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How unfortunate anon, sounds like you should get the injections

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would unironically consider suicide if i would have the same size

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consider becoming a girl, bro

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just do a penis enlargement anon. Ask for a penis donation on a transgender forum.

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My dick is 11.5cm erected but thin and curved, with my height (1.83cm/6') looks ridiculous

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Where my fellow 8" chads at?

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What a depraved image
Where's the original?

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Well could be worse I guess

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As if the entire diamond industry isn’t a kike ponzi from top to bottom. If you want a real red pill look at Israeli exports. Then you’ll understand why they’re so invested in maintaining the diamond scam.

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7" Masterpleaser Checking in.

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I would unironically kill myself if I were that small. I'm a 6 incher and I still feel insecure and suicidal about it.

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8" checking in

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5.9 inches here

am i going to make it? or should I just kill myself now?

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6.7 x4.7

Still feel so insecure that I lost my V to a prostitute while on cialis. Porn ruined me.

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Sorry dicklet cutoff is 7.5"

Loving the good life

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Masturbating and jelqing made my dick shrink. It was 8.5" long, non-bone-pressed when I was a teenager. Now even when I bone press it's under 8" and it doesn't get fully hard.

>tfw your 15 year-old self had a bigger dick than your current 25 year-old self

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A bit more of 7 inches bone pressed here.
I'm fine with my dick, I would like to have money, tho.

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>tfw once one anon lies and says he has an 8 inch dick everyone than says they do too

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I'm dirt poor with a 9 inch dick. I'll trade my dick for your money so I can eat today. I'm too hungry for a hard on anyway.

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mine's not that small

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the most horrific realization of all

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Right here I just wish I had a little more girth. But I'm also only 5'9 so pretty huge on average for my height

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nigglet detected.

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That picture...

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7.5 incher here. Most girls are pleased

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5 incher and I don't give a shit since I only fuck hookers anyways.

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>everyone ITT with 8+ inch cocks

Seriously don't know why so many of you faggots have to lie about such a petty detail as dick size. If you're getting you're validation from other men on a hindu shoe-making commons then you have other issues that should be attended to.

>6.5" dicklet
>multi-mil portfolio

ain't even crying.

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There's hope Anon. Buy a penis extender and pump, start jelqing and hanging. You can turn your micropenis into the average pajeet size of 5 inches.

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Only the ones that can brag, post you utter moron

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all you need is confidence anon

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Lmao. Calls others LARPers and doesn't post proof of his portfolio.

I know it's hard for you to believe that REAL MEN exist.

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how are you still alive ?

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Good riddance kike

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t. Negrodamus

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I literally do though. I don't know why dicklets are always SEETHING when I simply mention my size.

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Anon, i... I'm sorry to hear that. I have a 5incher and i feel insecure about it, but i have no right to complain

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>I-I swear i'm not lying, why would anyone lie on the internet. Y-You are all just mad at my monster dong.

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Shh, anon. You can tell the truth. You're among palls

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Doesn't matter that my penis is 8.5", I still can't get gf.

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Doesnt exist

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yeah, we know you are, no need to mention it after exclaiming your dong dominance, bud.

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me too, fren. I learned that alot of people with above avg size are terrible in bed cause they think size is all that matters, meanwhile us sub 6 inchers are overcompensating af. Maybe they just told me that cause they felt sorry for me, but it sounded logical and sincere so im sticking to it. Anyways, I'd rather be rich and have a small penis than the other way around.

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>Struggle to make 6" erect when pushing the ruler down a little
>Can't even bring myself to get upset over it because the rest of my life is so shit and no one will ever see it anyway

I would take a micropenis if it meant I'd get a pretty face in return

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I'm also jacked

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You can make it bigger. Just use hanging weights everyday

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You must have gained weight

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7.5" here, women only have good things to say. I feel sincerely bad small dick anons. Become proficient at cunnilingus, I suppose.

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Have a large dong just fills you with a certain confidence that dicklets will never experience.

Imagine having to worry about a girl not being pleased by your dick.

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Just fingerbang the shit out of the girls, Anon. They won't care about you fuckin her with you little Alfred anymore once they came so hard they are literally drooling.


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This. Literally go to town on her and finish her off before you even start. She won't even notice she cant feel you in her.

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KEK bigger dick does not equal more pleasure

Source: not having a dicklet

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8" is far more likely to please a woman than <5"

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>there is no such thing as a myth

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you're just a pussy at this point, you should actually kill yourself

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