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it has to have 10% of the worth of BTC to achieve that...id say we are already surpassing that logically, just waiting for serg to turn off his price suppression contract so it can moon.

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I'll have $8 million USD if this happens. I don't know how the hell ive managed this but what the hell. I'm actually going to be worth this much?

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I said to /biz/ if chainlink reaches $5 I will suck tranny dick and film it on video. Why did I make this proposal? Well, I know for a fact it's not going to reach this mark so I really don't have any fear of making outlandish dares.

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meme magic fren congratz

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what was your entry?

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someone post the tranny webm with the chainlink

or dont i got a 3 day ban last time i posted it and i dont have it on this pc

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most of it around 18-20 cents in the etherdelta days

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>Well, I know for a fact it's not going to reach this mark

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>I already have $1 million in crypto
>how could I possibly have $8 million?

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i dont care if you believe me or not. The reason I ask is because of the emotions ive gone through past few weeks with this run-up

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>i dont care if you believe me or not
>makes a thread about it

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When it hits 20 I'll have close to 3.6mil. I'm planning on only cashing out 100k-200k at that point which will seriously sort my life out & letting the rest rude to triple digits. It's alot of money anon, it requires careful planning if you're not to fuck it up. Better to start planning & thinking about it now. Two big problems that many of us seem to be facing - feeling numb to wealth no emotion; & who to tell. I know already I can only share all this with my /biz/bros, even when I've got 4mill, not a soul in my life will know

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20$ = 20%
30$ = 30%
40$ = 40%
50$ = 50%
1000EOY = 1000%

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So you have $800k in link right now?

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realistically sometime next year between q1-q2. we'd be much higher by now if it wasn't for whales and bots.
but if we get to 2 digits, i wouldn't recommend selling anything but a tiny portion of your stack. 3 digits would be just around the corner at that point.

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I feel you bros
250k link and still feeling numb, I’m in “made it” limbo, just waiting for the rest of the world to realise.
I feel like I need more than just perma-neet money though, because I want to make a dent in the universe, and I need some of my friends to come along with me. Fortunately, they have their own stacks of various sizes (2k, 5k, 7k, 20k, 150k approximately). They’re coming on this fucking mission.

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240k wallet.
@ $20 im worth about $4.5 Million.
however thats shit. 100B MC is plausible. will you anons hold?
hahahahahah 99% wont realize those gains.

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700k wallet here. 20 per stink makes me 14 million. Looking forward to retirement.

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>100B MC
it's practically guaranteed lmao. you really think link won't outperform fucking ripple from last bullrun?
you're thinking *way* too small if you're selling your whole stack at 100b MC though.

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Jeeze how did you get so much?

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How did you escape the nursing home again Mcafee?

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I believe you friend. I have 70k in LINK right now which is a shitload more money than I ever imagined having access to... my friends probably wouldn't even believe me if I told em

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Already did really well during 2017 mania. Sold at the top just in time to get in on 17 cent link.

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can you stop suppressing the price please?

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We on simplified mainet. no staking. no reputation, no threshold signature. no TTE. No official launch of derivatives, insurance or shipping. Plenty to look forward to. $20 easy, if biztards stop fudding the normies.

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$70 Million is plenty anon

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The hive mind of biz has changed and it’s sickening just seeing how new everyone is. This wasn’t the same as before. It never will be. Overconfidence dooms all.

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I feel you fren I also am looking for dent in the universe money, only way to have that us to keep majority of your stack till $250 or even $500. But how possible that will be I don't know - knowing I have 8 figs & not cashing any out. But im happy living with kit much I don't need crazy luxury I've seen it already it's empty. Plus you have to ask yourself, unless you need to cash out to get real world material security, why bother putting your wealth somewhere else? Link is as good as any investment for the medium term at least, the hold meme isn't all meme

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It is but like the other anon said, you're going to want to have some investments. Might as well keep a decent amount in link. If it really succeeds then there will be few things that will outperform it, at least in the relatively short to medium term.

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You're thinking rationally while the market is irrational. Nobody gives a shit, people will sell the news and it'll dump when good stuff happens. This market is only driven by hype for low iq normies.

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And thank me later


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>price suppression contract
lol how would that even work

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Zero chain link is gay homo shit

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>tfw couldn't get my best friend to get a stack in time
we just graduated uni and he wanted to wait until he had a little bit more saved up. God fucking dammit. Fuck. He's my partner in crime too, so even if I make it with my LINK I'm still gonna be stuck grinding with this dumb fuck. Goddammit.

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it's actually just bots and whales (insiders included) who have been suppressing the price for a very long time now

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Dang, was wondering if that happened to anyone.

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based. fuck all millionaires until the day i become a millionaire. and after that fuck everyone but me

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Whenever link gets to expensive Sergey sells some of his stack on the exchanges. The actual supply is over 500000000 now, not 350000000

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fucking this, just stfu youve already made it

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I can't roll my eyes any harder and I want to

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then somebody tell Sergey, it's about time for some buy some tokens back. Rekt those whales.

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If all you fuckers with these massive stacks cash out, won't that crash the market?

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Go fuck yourself link tards


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now this guy fucks

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guys... look at my id...

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I only have 200k LINK which is nowhere near enough to actually make it

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why cash it all out? Where better are you going to put millions than in link? See >>14388808 - even if you have 70mil in link, once you've sorted yourself out materially, it won't make sense to cash out from link, except to may be diversify but even then, why bother unless it's into physical previous metals, ammo or land? You think going from link to traditional fortune 500 shares is the thing to do?

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Liking these Cagliostro memes. Quality film.

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Diversifying into land makes sense, idk who the hell is thinking of selling link to buy index meme funds

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..What about $40?

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crypto+real estate+gold is the way to go when you need to diversify
fuck kikes and their funds

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Capped. Will await your webm next week

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how many stinky linkys do i need to make it minimum?

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Today? low
This year? 1000 eoy

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none because chainlink is a scam ok fuck off now reddit

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Or maybe after all the hype dies down people are going to realize none of that shit is in play yet and price will tank to $0.20.

Though I guess they're not mutually exclusive.

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All you assholes thinking about cashing out huge stacks are doing it wrong. You should be waiting till you have enough that you can cash 10-20% out and live on that for two years. In the meantime, you should be learning how to make a useful ass node. The rest of your stack should towards multiple nodes setup across the world.



Start here: https://www.reddit.com/r/LINKTrader/comments/9xb2tv/so_you_want_to_run_a_chainlink_node/

and here:

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mfw when i need to hold to $1k

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>be LINK
>wake up each day knowing you're the only asset of its kind
>no other asset is poised to appreciate as a durect reflection of global GDP
What are the chances it doesn't surpass $20 by orders of magnitude that will make one question reality itself?

10 LINK is the actual suicide stack

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Link will never go over $3.00 it is written in the contract. $3+ Will defeat the purpose of Chainlink Read the fucking WP dummy's

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The gods have just confirmed what you need to do.

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LinkPool is already staking?

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This last week's pump has me legit slightly stressed out for the first time because I'm starting to truly visualize what could happen and WTF I'm going to do tax wise when I start cashing in 5yrs from now. By then some commie will be pres and (((they'll))) probably want 95% of capital gains to pay for government backed tranny mutilations. I'm going to become more of a hermit than I am now. What little trust I have in people will be non-existent once I've made it. I hear Costa Rica is nice though...

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Just move to the third world if you're that stressed about it

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50k link. I need this thing to hit $50 so I can quit working. I might just stack up on more I really should have at least 100k

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sam hyde

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its crypto faggot. Pretty much the only currency you can just take with you around the world without anyone knowing. Literally pack your bags and move to some third world country and sell shit there. IRS can cry all they want, if the country has no extradition they can get fucked.

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I'm at a Hotel staying the night, what do I search ? I'll post it doesn't matter if I get a ban hammer

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this desu

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i have 50k on binance, lmao

im trying to withdraw but hit the daily limit. everyday

i dont want to Verify.


please keep funds safu

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I have a little bit more than you right now and I feel kind of the same way. I only tell my friends to invest in it and explain what it is and what it can lead to. They ask me how much I have but I never tell them in fear that they'll start asking for money or other stupid shit.

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10k linklet, I need it at 50-100$
But ill never sell my stack

>> No.14391050

Yeah I know, but you're assuming I'm leaving nothing behind and it's that easy to just walk away. My direct ancestry literally goes back pre-revolution and a large portion of my line's wealth is due to a revolutionary war grant that was responsibly managed. If I make it, I have to find a way to put that power and influence to good use fighting the evils here at home.

Also, moving to legit 3rd world typically means shitskins and being a wealthy cracker in those environments requires a LOT of discretion or enough money to buy loyalty.

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you're never gonna make it

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it's no fucking joke, there will be major shakeouts, the FUD will reach 2017 levels again, and we will appear to reach tipping point multiple times. it will be a long and arduous journey.
anyone who manages to hold to 4 digits is a certified fucking marine.

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Probably going to be selling my 3k stack shortly. This is a fake ass bullrun.
>t. guy who used to have 10k but "diversified" during the bear market last year

>> No.14391247

About the same as the chances of Donald Drumpf having a successful presidency.
I'll let you decide what that means

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Thank god we have /biz/. We all feel your pain, man

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unironically this
faggots who don't see the big picture are going to be justed harder than those faggots who bought a gram of weed for 1k btc

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Ok now I'm thinking about not selling my 3k link stack. $6k isn't shit and if this actually takes off to $100 then I would probably an hero. There's only been two coins with this kind of impact so far (btc and eth)

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A noble goal, best of luck to you fren

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Costa Rica is technically fucked, huge US military presence

Uruguay and Chile my fren

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link is the 3rd piece my fren

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I will assassinate Sergey before it hits 10 in any public event. You vile cultist cucks don't deserve it and I won't mind going to jail if I can tank the prices and make you disgusting autistic spammers kill yourselves.

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>he doesn't know about the doomsday smart contract

Sergey has programmed a smart contract into link where if he gets assassinated, link automatically goes to $1000

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>no no, there's no price manipulation in link!

>> No.14391824

1000 is a suicide stack

>> No.14391847

What is 10k link considered?

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i had to report this to fbi sorry marine

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You just stepped over the line, kid. Better start getting your affairs in order.

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making it, assuming you have adamantium hands and don't plan on selling within the next 2 years

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suicide stack = 1k
make it stack = 10k
elite stack = 50k+

this if you hold to $1000, most won't.

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User name

>> No.14391995

>no threshold signature.
wrong, that's already available

>> No.14392120

My id

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fucking BASED

>> No.14392152

Someone explain what the fuck Link actually does and what makes you think it will be soooooo valuable?

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tldr its the god protocol that szabo warned us about

>> No.14392225

This but unironically

>> No.14392229

Two parts

1) The protocol can link any API to any blockchain, and vice-versa.
2) The token can use oracle data to execute smart contracts. This is worth money because it cuts out anywhere from 3 to 3,000 middlemen for contracts.

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At this point, a lot of us are just cruising along, waiting to cash out and free ourselves from wagecuckery. In one way or another, we are all gonna make it. No need to have unrealistic multimillionaire expectations. Only those with 6 figure stacks will have that kind of money around 2020. The rest will have to wait.

>> No.14392267

yes fbi right here

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i'm 100% unironic fren

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No you didn’t faggot. Everyone had to wait a year for .17

T. Someone who bought down from .89 allthey way down to .20 back up to 1.66

>> No.14392431

Classic meme. Honestly the FUD won't affect us. Newlinkers yes. But us? We have death with worse and we have more confirmation than ever. It's pretty comfy from now out.

>> No.14392505

if (link.price == 2.45)
(code that interacts with binance api and sends funds from sergs wallet to exchanges);
BigMac = true;

>> No.14392599

You are idiots! INDEX FUNDS? You are going to put your profits in index funds at the top of the fucking inflated by suppressed interest rates market?


>> No.14392620

based. finally a gold poster

>> No.14392649

I dont even care anymore. Been duped by larps for so long that the dopamine releasal in my brain doesnt happen anymore.

If link shot up to 500$ I wouldnt even care, nor would I care to sell.

>> No.14392799

woah you mean to tell me somebody claiming to have $1.4 million worth of link right now is larping? Whattt no way dude

>> No.14393058

are you legit retarded? Nano, XVG, Dash, Ripple, BNB, Monero, and a hundred other shitcoins have gotten well over 100x gains

>making financial decisions based on 4chan text posts
>making it

choose one faggot

>> No.14393239


it channels the greed of enterprises into another level of direct competition

>> No.14393629

This. It's one thing to hold bags down to $0. I've done it before, all you lose is whatever you invested. Once LINK starts hitting triple digits people are going to realize they have more money than they ever could have imagined. THOSE are the times that will try men's souls. Marines will stand firm though.

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