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No larp I just sold my waltonchain GMN which was once worth 250k$. What alts should I buy before I kms? I should of listened to you guys. I got chinked so hard Ive pretty much lost the will to live.

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Ada, Chad Hoskinson will guide us the way back to $1,20

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Everything is a fucking gamble.

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just wagie slave until 50's bro

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DADI. More client revenue than its entire marketcap + node self-onboarding and rebranding coming next month

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everything else*

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you lost 1/4 of a million dollars
but that's not all

you also lost every gain from every investment you could have also done from that 1/4 of a million dollars.

these investments during the peak of the upcoming bullrun? they would be worth 7-8 figures, easily.

but now you have nothing. and not only that, but every dollar, every grueling dollar you make from now on will feel so worthless, knowing that instead of that high quality labor you put into earning that dollar, you could have just clicked a button with your mouse and made 1/4 of a million dollars a few months ago.

makes you think, doesn't it

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>I sold the chainlink mainnet

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please stop i dont need to be kicked while im down.

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Fuck off loser

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Kek that sucks man just remember biz is always right and knew something was weird about this shit coin from the very beginning

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Yeah it really fucking sucks cus this is all the money I have, Im kind of numb to it now though. Anyways I found one of the best fking alts ive seen in a long time and no one talks about it here or on CT. Once I finish accumulating I will start shilling it here.

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