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The JUST has been delivered. Imagine buying at those levels

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It was 1.80 less than 12 hours ago.

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people who bought at 2.40 will never, I repeat, NEVER see that money again...

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>trust me bro

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>oh no im only up 21x instead of 24x

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I remember when people made fun of people who bought at 60c, funny how things change

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You can thank BTC, and only BTC, for that

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This, if BTC went back to $9k, this shit token would hit $1.55 so fast

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I have a stack of 100 linkies will I make it?

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>imagine if link was still above previous ath
oh wai-

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while it's been sitting pretty flat in USD, if you're holding link you are bleeding sats right now as well.

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100*1000 eoy = 100000


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>still above previous ath

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Over 25% down from ATH in sats

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Sirs how many foods can I buy with this? Is all my familys fortune

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if you got in @ 44 pop and don't sell at $2 might aswell kys rn

buddy who accumulated 320k LINK sold all at 2.4 is literally planning his retirement

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You got pumped and dumped by some Oracle dev in Brazil, ouch

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Buy the rumor. Pump 30%.
Rumor became true.
Sell the news. Dumps 30%.
Fcking market.
Maybe it was better the Sergey way, no announcement, no hype, no marketing.

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"Enterprises will spend $LINK when they call any startups' APIs toward the @chainlink node operators"

"We’re thrilled to work with great companies like Oracle and their @oraclestartup team, which has graciously offered to support 50+ Chainlink nodes/teams that will be providing high-quality inputs and outputs into Oracle’s various blockchain environments @fribeiro1 #smartcontracts"

>430,000 cuatomers
>50+ chainlink nodes/teams
>plaid shirt
>enterprises will spend LINK when they call any startups' APIs toward node operators
>$187 billion marketcap company
>3rd largest software producer in the world

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>some oracle dev

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>retiring on less than 500k after taxes

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Does your buddy live in Poland or some shit cuz that's not much money

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>being this bad at elementary math
just sad fud

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You're not watching the price then...

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yeah, he won't keep USD most likely since it exchanges like 1:200 or higher in his currency


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Are you retarded? Look back and see that link was basically a stable coin when btc went down

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>$2.40 -> $2.10

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Imagine spending 2 whole Benjamins and getting less than 100 links. Last year, I freely gave away 100 stacks to friends.

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>in sats
In literally what? Who fuckin cares. All the property I'm looking at this week is being offered in USD. I had an ad for a truck on Craigslist for a month: crypto OK and ILL TAKE BTC/ETH in the ad. In SF Bay, California. Not one person offered crypto or even asked about it. Guy who bought it brought USD cash, not fuckin "sats". Gay.

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Then go trade your LINK for BTC so you'll have more USD, idiot

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