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I actually don't understand what's happening right now. Link just partnered up with Oracle.
Fucking Oracle. Why the fuck are these retarded shitheads still selling? The top was already at 2.40.

Btw I didn't buy from top I already bought yesterday.

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>partenered up with Oracle
So what?
Did you ever ask yourself that?

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just put this on repeat, fren
we're all gonna make it

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>Partnered with oracle

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buy the rumors sell the news

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buy the rumor
sell the news

all the partnerships were already priced in

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pro tip
sergay is selling
one of the 50 mill wallets
sending to this wallet
sending to another wallet
ending up here that is sending random amounts to binance

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Do YOU have partnership with Oracle?

>buy the rumors sell the news
Yeah I know, but these guys are selling at $2. Are they just morons?

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>Link just partnered up with Oracle.

they basically announced they're gonna spend the next year or two teaching people to use blockchain.
admirable but not profitable in the short term.

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I don't have a partnership with oracle which is probably why I'm making money

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Sell the news.

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>sell the news

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>Yeah I know, but these guys are selling at $2. Are they just morons?

well this is the news
just because autist keep screeching 1000k eoy mean it will happen

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