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>mfw all in alts right now

who here getting JUST'd right now?

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nigga...once btc movement stops...our turn will come. be patient and hodl

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I can't take it anymore anon. Fucking JUSTED!!

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lmao 2 months in and you still cant see its a BTC market?

>what is BTC.D

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It looks as though many of these alts have bottomed out for this part of BTC's launch. I believe now is the time to buy alts. I wouldn't hold them for long. BTC could launch again and then theyll head toward where they were in Nov/Dec 2017.

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i am currently at .15 btc in alts. once that number hits the .4-.5 range i'm all in btc. there's no way in hell alts will not pump from this rally

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I'm being motherfucking BQQQ'd

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>Got in at XMR at 0.010601 BTC per
>Tethered up enough of my BTC stack to recoup initial investment at $10,730 per
>Literally everything that happens now is pure profit or no loss to me

Why can't you idiots into investments?

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enjoy your taxes. remember crypto to crypto is a taxable event....kek

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stop fuccking act like a low iq retard. I am in crypto since 2016. I made more money in alts than btc. fuck off btc boomer. alts will do 2-5x once btc settle above 10k

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Not sure why faggots don't seem to get that you are supposed to make bitcoin with alts which is what you pretty much have to do if not in the Top 1% of income already.

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If I had a friend walk up to me and ask where to put $1000, I'd point him to the most promising shitcoin and tell him to go all in. Coincidentally I got one of my buddies to fomo in $600 at $7k and I told him to throw half at a shitcoin at 14 cents which is now 27. He's definitely more happy with the 2x versus the limpdick 30%

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People diversify to minimize risk. Thus, all altcoins are inherently tied to Bitcoin.

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>every1 is american

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not me because VIDT is still going up

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oh my god what

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>all in alts right now
>Fucking JUSTED!!
why, fucking why
were you not around at least for the 2017 runs?
do you not know how any of this works?

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just admit it, you're getting justed as well

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Mfw all in chainlink

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>just admit it, you're getting justed as well
golden trinity
incapable of being justed
winning is nice
but winning with the golden trinity is thrice as nice

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you have proof of your positions?

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I used to be 33 33 33 but then chainlink mooned

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>you have proof of your positions?
check the archives for my previous posts
won't be posting my portfolio, no need to
the proof is in the pudding though
>mfw I'm counting my stacks

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42, what do you think about being all in link as opposed to the 33% split? My reasoning for 100% in link right now is it's far greater potential of multiplying. It's hard to see BTC and ETH doing a full 100x, whereas with link that actually seems possible.

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the burden of proof is on you, now go find your posts because im not going through all that shit

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>you have proof of your positions?
>check the archives
here I'll help you out
check out how I BTFO some BOBOs earlier today:

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>what do you think about being all in link as opposed to the 33% split?
if you have less than 5 figures, all in link is a good idea
if you have more than 5 figures, then the golden trinity is the way to go
also, ICOs have been my highest gains by far even more so than link (linkpool shares I x40 my initial investment)

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>I used to be 33 33 33 but then chainlink mooned
I was 50% btc but then put in more fiat to bring it all to a trinity ratio

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Yeah, seems reasonable, thanks. I completely checked out for 2018 and missed the LP ICO, something I'll be kicking myself for a long time over. I'm waiting to see who the next big node builders will be so I can get in on them at least.

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I'm all in RLC. Fuck me.

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>I'm waiting to see who the next big node builders
CLC just had some good news lately:
I threw in 4 ETH
also threw in some ETH for the edgware lockdrop

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Some interesting reading on that one, thanks for the info. I suspect Chainlink will become in a way similar say iOS or something, where you have countless developers and companies working to develop things within it's framework.

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>where you have countless developers and companies working to develop things within it's framework
most definitely

>I'm all in RLC.
anon i...

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Comfy AF holding VID and ETH.

Honestly looking at picking up a bag of ICX, I think it'll 3x when it pumps for staking and it's at ATL in gwei

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Please. I’ve literally been waiting 2 years to get my money back.

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we told you filthy shitcoiners that all shitcoins will eventually go to 0. now suck it up

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not this time.. people are exiting alts.

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