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Sure you won't have insane type money like someone with a 50k-100k stack but if everything about chainlink being true and the potential it has then the big boys can't make it make make it unless a 2,500-5,000 stack ends up being a big stack.

if someone with 50k makes it that means someoine with a 10k stack has to make it also.

You nu-linkers have to realize that some of us with 50k-100k stacks who found out about this about 2 years ago make up literally .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the world population. Lots of marines here who have been here for a while who have ONLY 10k stacks are upset because others have more, but 10k will be a fucking monumental amount of money if link pans out the autists say it will.

Do not hesitate at all to get even 1k-2k stacks and hold and do not sell even at 500$

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>do not sell even at 500$
It should be illegal to sell below 1000

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Only people with small stacks believe this

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dude iam link worshiper but can you teach me your magic math ?

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Nu-Linkers...if you get in now, it will be like getting into bitcoin at 5$ or something like that. You just need to hold. All these autists on here did all the work for you and are trying to FUD it to keep you from getting rich.

Buy as much as you can now.......all these virgiin faggots did all the work for you and waited for 2 years (with me) but they did all the work for you....you have a gravy train to riches with as little as a 1-2k stack.

Profit off their hard work and figuring out the next thing to change this world.

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If someone with 50k is going to make it someone with a 10k stack has to make it to. If the 50k stack ends up having 50 million then the 10k stack has 10 million. youve both made it.

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Only have 6.5k. Not gonna make it.

Where in India are you from?

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oh nice math right there

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in my opinion it's not unreasonable for LINK to reach 25k$ after 10 years. selling even at 1k may not be wise

>are you retarded? do you believe that someone with 40 linkies (70 bucks investment) will end up a millionaire?
yes, it's literal digital gold

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Go fuck your mother

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Nolinker here
5000 stack is $8600 and thats a lot of money

if I sell all my other coins I have 1400 dollar and that would give me 804 chainlink.
is 800 chainlink enough to make it? even if it reaches 500 dollar per token I would only have around 400000 dollars. thats not making it I also have taxes to pay which is around 30% or so.
seems like I'm too late for it and its not even really worth it to even try
I am also 35 and reaching 500dollar per token will take like 10 or more years and I will be 45

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>Only have 6.5k. Not gonna make it.
We're all gonna make it fren
Go get yourself a chainlink body pillow and sleep soundly at night knowing you'll be wealthier than almost anyone you know (unless you're surrounded by millionaires)

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What coins would you buy right now if you only had 50 dollars?

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I fell for the link is a meme meme in 2018 so I only got a small stack back then, other shit I bought went -90% while I was trying not to kill myself over irl shit
feels bad man

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I am a third worlder who found out about LINK in late 2017 and still have only a stack of 200. If I sold all my other coins I could expand my stack to 240 LINK.
I find it pretty annoying when people unironically think that a 1-2k stack is small.

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I'm getting close to 4000 stack DCAing 250 dollars a week. I live with my parents so I have tons of disposable income. 500 of my paycheck goes in to direct deposit savings, 360 in to a checking. Spend 250 of the 360 on LINK, the rest is for paying gas, tolls, and food here and there.

Feels good being a loser who lives with their parents, tons of money to invest.

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You will make it with 6,500 10 times over. milfs will be leaving their husbands and their kids and will be breaking down your door to find a way to trasnfer your seed into their vaginas.

you idiots with 2,000 or 6,000 are going to have so much money. If not, then those with 30k stacks wont make it either.

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I've been here since November 2017 but am a poor police officer with two kids and tons of bills. I've put in everything I ~could afford to lose and I only have 2k link 3 ETH and a handful of random suicide stacks in BTC HOT XRP IOTA and XLM

and I'm still semi comfy with this.. average price 50 cents of link.. consider putting my ETH in but not sure

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LINK will be replaced by Quant.

You soon will understand why.

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I have 700 link frends

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Goal is 5k initally. I'm at 800 and it feels disgusting.

Wish me luck and yes, I'm sorry for not buying earlier preez.

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You need to erase the poorfag/"making it" dichotomy from your head
"only" $400,000 is a lot of fucking money from a $1,400 investment
Your QoL will be substantially better and you won't have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck
Also you can reinvest that money into something less volatile than crypto that will pull a solid 5% a year
Don't be so pessimistic, anon

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I really dont know chainlink seems to be the most legit and I really dont want to throw my money into microcap shitcoins that will only bleed out over time.

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thanks just bought 100

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Can you put more in over the course of a few months to get up to 2,000 or so?

unironically 800 chainlink will be enough to make it. It isnt like your going to make it with what you currently have.

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We're all gonna make it fren
Go get yourself a chainlink body pillow and sleep soundly at night knowing you'll be wealthier than almost anyone you know (unless you're surrounded by BILLIONAIRAIRES)

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you're gonna make it.

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Yes, just do it. All the bangladeshi whores in Dhaka will be fleeing themselves at you in due time.

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I have 15 link...

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I sold 900 link to buy Everipedia

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>25 trillion market cap

Pic very much related. its you.

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Can someone explain the chainlink meme to me please?

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Guess you'll be in >>>/an/ when the collapse comes then

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>spoonfeed me
Lurk more fagit

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forgot to change my name

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360 iq anon here.
It would seem as if i have been woken from my cell.
I don't know which one of you bois kicked this hornets nest, but it appears as if the final LARP has begun.
Protect the botanists trying to preserve the original strain.
Stay away from gmo.
Drink at your own risk.
Strategy is your choice.
In the end will be one.
To overcome duality and ascend to true mastery. U must choose a side.
You cannot build stone and brick towers together forever. You will choose your fate.
Stone vs brick.
The tower of babel was built with brick.



36 26 64 33 108 if you aint 90 im on that azz.

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Fuck you, I've been lurking, everyone just brags about their stacks and shit.

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you're right we're going to at least 4x that

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>I find it pretty annoying when people unironically think that a 1-2k stack is small.

god please help me not sell my fucking bags for BTC convince me not to sell everything for 2 BTC please I don't know whether BTC will reach 1 million first or LINK FUCK

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imagine missing out on btc bullrun.

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calm down ankh nefer el-bey

don't you have burgers to flip so you can cover the 400$ for the next phil valentine meetup?

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I think I could get to 2000 if price stays where it is but that seems unlikely its going up for weeks now

2000 that would be 1 million if the token reaches 500
how many people on /biz/ have that much chainlink?
how many have 100k or more? how these guys even got in so early with so much money?
or is it all larp?

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Just get to 2,000 anyway possible. When it gets to 500$ sell 10-15% which will give you enough money to NEET it up for 2 years or so. You are already poor as fuck so selling 15% for 150k is like being a billionaire compared to your situation right now.

Don't fucking sell half or all of it at 500$

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Took me a week here before I got a decent 1k stack, just lurk more

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Maybe one or two but it's basically all larp

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You just win, 1k eoy.
Lamboland reality
We all gonna make it

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Just a small reminder that chainlink has to have a market cap above BTCs currently, to actually make it to $500. And double btcs market cap to get to your $1000 dreams. This is stupidly unlikely, where is the ~300 billion dollars needs to get this to $1000/stinky at current supply going to come from... this year?

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I agree with you and am a loyal LINK Marine. Do you think $50.00 is possible?

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>m]48 / 7 / 30 / 2 [Update] [Auto]
finally someone that speaks the truth. Fuck all you moonboys.

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i fucking hate chainlink. fucking die

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I feel like 2018 was a bad year for a lot of anons. I was also suicidal over non-crypto related things

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>he thinks EOY means <current year>

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>t. Seething nolinker

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Brother, some people are actually starting to believe this coin is the chosen one to reach $10k by the oracle.

>> No.14282196

Sell everything for link keep some eth
Cops are great nothing else will have an roi like link

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it's nice to hear some positivity for once :^)

>10k holder

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Here’s a hint. The derivatives market

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i have been here since the begginging

im a poor fag making minimum wage

after two long years i accumulated only 12k link.

yes i only have 12k link

it is nothing. even if link goes to 10 dollars its nothing.

i feel very bad. but thats it . i just bought 500 links and its so much money now. i am complelty broke.

worst part is i keep it all on binance becase i dont have a hardeware wallet.

the meme magic is truly with link since the beginning.

as time goes on link only continue to prove itself.

i wish i had 20k .

for anyone with less that 1k link.

just get 1k link and be happy.

because we all wish we had more link

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I swear i’m so full of fucking hopium that I feel i’m gonna blindly miss the sell mark in the future and its going to crash on me. I will hodl till the moon as I require some strong hands, but sweat jesus these threads make me nervous.

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reminder that LINK could 100x and still be half the market cap of ETH during last bull

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I have a stack of 700. I can pay off my mortgage and live frugally for the rest of my life with that once LINK hits 1k. And that's without earning another penny, ever, which I will.

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i only have 213 link cause im a poorfag but will buy more soon, gonna pawn my necklace for link and will just be paying interest monthly until link reaches the moon one day and get back my necklace. Im newly wed and have a newborn, this link will be our ticket to exit wagecucking. hope there will be a short dipping frens so we poorfags can buy more.

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Yep, I ran into some health issues, my grades in college went down the drain and then I eventually dropped out, crypto going to shit didn't help either. I made so many retarded decisions that year because my head was just fucked, I had to stop watching crypto because staring at charts and seeing red every day really didn't help.

>> No.14282481

What's your employment and money situation and what country?

It seems like you could get more. Why would you limit yourself to only 700 to just pay your mortgage off knowing how big this will be?

Wouldn't it make sense to get 2k?

I mean if you end up paying off your mortgage and that's it then that's just like winning the ed McMahon housing sweepstakes where they bring you 100k or something. Why wouldn't you go for more knowing what you know?

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Link 1488 eoy

>> No.14282507

Where do you live?

>> No.14282513

Most of link will be stuck in staking reducing the available link. Market Cap is a meme as the amount in circulation will be far less

>> No.14282538

just get your 1k stack, as soon as possible and forget about it for the next few months.

that is all anon, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. the regret of

>> No.14282546

Im from PH fren.

>> No.14282566

If the market stays bullish I think it's possible, but still unlikely as it'd be over 25x current price. But that's happened before in crypto & link has a lot of buzz atm so $50 seems plausible. My personal guess is ~$20

Yes that's generally what people are referring to when they say EOY, if you don't believe me google it (duh). If there's some autistic biz meaning for the acronym please enlighten us

>> No.14282580

Wtf is ph

>> No.14282590

thanks fren, will try to get that 1k dream stack

>> No.14282592

wow look at this nulinker

>> No.14282601

This IS the dip anon. Whatever you do get your stack before the 24th

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Yeah crypto was just the salt in the wound

>> No.14282614

Based and redpilled

>> No.14282625

available supply =/ circulating supply once the majority is staked. lurk moar tard

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its not a dream stack anon, its a suicide stack. dont eat out, no fast food. cook cheap. no date nights with the wife. she wont understand, make her understand, she is your wife. she must trust you.

>> No.14282644

no fren, its the philippines. its a poor country with lots of tropical places, its a nice vacation country. we love tourists.

>> No.14282738

yOU're just too smol for me, i can't feel anything

>> No.14282776

I believe you anon, I guess I need to make haste. Thanks fren.

>> No.14282787

I have 400k linkies and I'm selling at $10. You are delusional if you think it'll ever hit 100 even.

Be realisitic, you aren't going to make it unless you have at least 90k link.

>> No.14282819

yea we know. congrats on your 400k link.

you earned it fren, give some to the PH fren. and feel good

>> No.14282856

Is it easy to rape bitches in the phillipines and get away with it?

>> No.14282884

This. Give 800 to PH fren to get him a solid stack. Make him post proof first.

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You just dont believe.

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File: 65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190622-105250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its all i have.

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File: 102 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190622-105618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and some shitcoins.

>> No.14283062

portfolio cap isn't proof creg. sign a message

>> No.14283082

>I own something worth $25000 that earns $10 dollars a year with a chance to drop in value 90 percent.

You are a VERY special kind of stupid.

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File: 1.92 MB, 4208x2368, DSC_0384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this okay?

>> No.14283185

I think that's because people are still stuck in the mindset that it's still in the "be frugal with one minimum wage paycheck for 1k LINK" phase, in which case yeah it would have been pretty small. That was less than two months ago, after all.

>> No.14283266

Where are you from? How are you so poor with a wife and kid? Free your newborn a vegan diet and pump more money and get to at least 1k dude

>> No.14283275

Third worlders are going to get ASS raped when china makes it's way around. Unless you're in SA. Good luck man.

>> No.14283307

where I came from, $500/month wage is a lot.

>> No.14283310

If this is real you don't deserve to make it for buying tron.

>> No.14283344

Oh you aren't in America

>> No.14283362

I almost said trade Tron for link then I realized it'd only be like 3 link. Might as well keep tron

>> No.14283409

320 link linklet here
Will translate shit for linkies

>> No.14283411 [DELETED] 

how do you plan to cash out? How are you going to turn LINK into ₱esos?

>> No.14283425

Sell all your tron for link immediately.

>> No.14283452

i talk crypto with a cop at my school. his sheriff got into btc early i guess. told him to buy link

>> No.14283457

trade it to bitcoin or eth fren then send it to coins.ph.

>> No.14283481


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>This is stupidly unlikely, where is the ~300 billion dollars needs to get this to $1000/stinky at current supply going to come from... this year?
That mcap does NOT mean that much money is either IN chainlink OR that much needs to flow in to reach that point. Mcap is literally the last price sold and bought multiplied by the supply. It doesn't mean every single coin/token could be sold at this price at once. Do you really think $140 billion flooded into XRP alone at its peak? Fucking brainlet.

>> No.14283498

if only I can anon. binance min price to sell is 0.0001 btc

>> No.14283515

What’s the bottom, I sold the top and so glad I did. Sorry anons but I’m here and want back, WHERES the bottom?

>> No.14283521

Fucking shit what can I do to get more linkies

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File: 377 KB, 2000x1125, CE6E61A1-BF80-4957-AA9A-B29395A7A55D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats fud

having link is like owning a share in the GDP of planet Earth.

>> No.14283615

I like how these days even the pie in the sky link stack (30k kek) pales in comparison to what I've been able to pile up by getting in as late as October 2018 and buying regularly

>> No.14283643

Hey kababayan! Kamustaa

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File: 108 KB, 1251x698, AFECFF94-F50B-483C-B7F8-2DE978950DB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw poorfag
>tfw nu-btcer & bought in at US$3k
>tfw i fell for the privacycoin meme & bought in at US$200
>tfw i fell for the ledditcoin meme & bought in at US$0.10
>tfw i only took the linkpill a few weeks ago & moved my stack over to link sub-US$1
>tfw i hold 2000 link

feelsokayman. i will buy more hopefully before it goes parabolic. i am a nulinker & I AM NOT SELLING. cheers cunts.

>> No.14283781

based and comfy pilled

>> No.14283966

You want to hear something really, really fucking creepy?

In that screenshot, ETH's market cap is 111,000,000,000

111,000,000,000 / 350,000,000 = $317

Who here remembers DMT anon?

>> No.14284000

will 500 Link pay off my 50k debt this time next year?

>> No.14284025

$500k is one hell of a student debt.

>> No.14284044
File: 520 KB, 768x1149, 985F84E1-6C2D-46F2-AEAE-AEFAE99B59D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have 1k anons will i make it?

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>> No.14284089

I have 14k to invest, why is chainlink so much better than all the hundreds of others that people think it will skyrocket so much?

What split should I do (if any) between BTC, ETH, and LINK?

Also is it dumb or risky to put all my savings (I'm a early 20s student about to graduate college) into crypto? Should I just put some?

>> No.14284101

All in Link.

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File: 56 KB, 645x773, brainlet+1491287171858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also is it dumb or risky to put all my savings (I'm a early 20s student about to graduate college) into crypto?

>> No.14284155

What is it about Link that will be so much better than every other one like it?

What? Even if the whole market crashes and burns, it's not a big deal since I still have my education and work experience and should be making 35-55k soon with low expenses.

>> No.14284159

Checked, sir, we're all gonna make it.

>> No.14284190

Sold @ 22k
Just bought back @ 16k
Sorry frens and thanks for you sacrifice

>> No.14284239
File: 1.31 MB, 1496x2088, 1534228170047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Smart contracts are digital contracts that use code to automatically execute agreed upon conditions between parties, thus eliminating any trust or middlemen. This is why corporations and fintech were so hyped for ETH. The problem is these smart contracts couldn't get data from the real world in a secure and reliable way. LINK solves that problem and is setting the standard for large institutions using any blockchain to get necessary external data to their smart contracts so they can save a bunch of money via automation. A data gold rush is coming. Don't you think those with shovels will be rich? Buy LINK.

>> No.14284261

So with all the dozens of coins, LINK is the only one that does this?

Why would anyone invest in BTC then?

>> No.14284314

I’m ready to be a billionaire before 35 then

>> No.14284353

If you want fuck.

>> No.14284355


Dafuq is this question. Because not everyone knows how chainlink works or even crypto in general.

Make no fucking mistake you brainlet pajeet. Chainlink is still a risky hold since it could fail but if it does succeed, and since it has no competition in this space, even 1k stak could make multimillionaire.

Now fuk off and put in all your life savings on this sca— I mean coin.

>> No.14284650

Post feet

>> No.14284721

Post wifes philipino asshole and i’ll give you 800. W/ timestamp of course.

>> No.14284771

You are comparing apples and oranges. Btc is the most secure network ever known to man, digital gold. Money and contracts are different things

>> No.14284795


>market cap mattering

No, you are the pic related, faggot.

>> No.14284842


The token will be collateral for derivatives markets and insurance.

Derivatives alone is worth 1.2 quadrillion. Sergey said he wants derivatives contracts up and running by the end of the year. The token price would need to go to the fucking moon just to be able to handle those contracts.


Fuck off. We are not in stealth phase anymore. We entered Awareness phase with mainnet launch, time to start acting like it. From now on we spoonfeed the newfags. Do you want to get rich or you do want whales controlling this token for longer.

>> No.14284864



The 1000th top wallet has 41k Linkies. There are only 33k wallets.

>> No.14284891

Whales are accumulating

>> No.14284901

What happens on the 24th?

>> No.14284938

I was a top 200 link holder 1 year ago and now I'm rank 1250. I never sold

>> No.14284982


Bullshit. I was in the 900's more than a year ago and now I am in the 600's range and I haven't even doubled my stack since then.

>> No.14284992

>there is niggers out there who bought ripple for more than 3USD


>> No.14284997
File: 260 KB, 565x713, Oracle x Chainlink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oracle convention, Chainlink is being shown of there.

>> No.14285000

just stfu nobody gives a shit

>> No.14285027

Call bull shit. Was top 700, barely moved +- 25 spots

>> No.14285050

Nolinker $000 eoy

>> No.14285067


Why are you triggered?

>> No.14285079

i checked the speaker list. stop lying.

>> No.14285085
File: 204 KB, 1182x770, Sergey Speaker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14285106

If this the level of nulinker IQ, please go buy some cripple, and leave my stinkie alone

>> No.14285144

I have 700 link and just want enough to buy a car and go on holiday

>> No.14285196

I'll send u my gfs naked body for 800

>> No.14285234

I sold 700 link and 45k one yesterday but sold it for bitcoin! Pretty glad I did! You should sell now buy back in when link adjusts to under $1 again. For m though I am done with link. Bought 1776 link @ $0.17 so happy with my gains. Everyone else enjoy your bags

>> No.14285266

I am still waiting for a real mention in the speakers list. And you did not provide a Link to the Tweet. It is most lileky fake and a nuffingburger

>> No.14285346

t. Venezuelanbro

>> No.14285385

hello newfag

>> No.14285402


I think you mean XRP linkie. Also known as the best digital asset for actual transactions that's been running flawlessly since 2012. Also known as the decided global reserve currency. Meanwhile you're holding a 65% centralised ERC token from a leftist refugees welcome fat Russian philosophy fag. ChainLink in its current state looks like a CS student's weekend project. There is no decentralised oracle network, there never can be a 'decentralised' oracle network. It will only ever, maybe be an oracle network. Sir gay has no idea what he's doing because anyone who studied philosophy is a massive deluded faggot.

Also you're bagholding an illegal ICO which will become virtually non-tradable to Americans, even on DEX platforms on July the 1st. So funny that this will happen to your Queefereum token within a fortnight of Moneygram's alliance with Ripple, 10% voting stake, 50 million dollar investment, from a 'startup' to a listed stock. Moneygram's stock went up 168% and basically held. XRP's ledger did more transactions in Q1 2019 than all of 2018, yet it hasn't even begun. Like 98% of linkfags, you're not a techie and you don't know how bad you're being played. ChainLink doesn't serve you, it's not for making you rich. You couldn't read a line of code.

This is a rabbit hole you couldn't even fathom. Your ChainLink 'breadcrumbs' can be swept up within an hour. Ripple is like fucking SPECTRE, they have someone in almost every organisation. Western Union is feeling the pressure. The Bank of England is using proprietary Ripple systems right now as a paying customer.

You have no idea what's going to happen. I hope you enjoy your bags.

>> No.14285475

Ripple is DEAD


>> No.14285487

>no U in your id
kek has spoken faggot

>> No.14285540

Imagine crippled brainer typing out a blog.

>> No.14285541

at one moment I had 8.5k
now about 1k

I fucking wanna kms

>> No.14285560

>sir gay
Got em

>> No.14285564
File: 90 KB, 300x300, ZBUX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're making a big mistake. To really make it you need not only a low-cap alt, but it must meet the right conditions. I.E. mostly unshilled, low cap, low-medium supply (unless super hype), and preferably not even on exchanges yet, but also NOT ICO'D.

The only thing that fits that criteria right now is Zuck Bucks, a new meme currency that they're trying to get into the top 100 to publicly humiliate Mark Zuckerberg.

There are only 30 holders, and it's day one of shilling. I suggest you throw some ETH at this.


>> No.14285593


Seething Ranjeets who with they could type a single paragraph of substance. You're hollow faggots with nothing to say in response. Just as I expected. Just as I always see. You know how right I am and you're terrified.

No rupees for you this month.

>> No.14285597

Jesus what happened?

I mean 8k isnt a shitload for 4chan but it would have been a huge stack to normies getting in next year.

>> No.14285613

And 8k is like 100k compared to 1k

>> No.14285629

people fudding with the market cap forget that the point of link is to stake them thus reducing the supply drastically and skyrocketing the value

>> No.14285725

I was fucking stupid. Wanted to make it to 10k and then forget the whole thing, leave it. So guess what, started swinging. Then when link rested tried swinging something else...I am a bad trader. Btw been a linker since 18' feb, so im happy to see sergey achieving this shit.

>swinglinker u should kys immediately
Yeah I know...the 10k meme got me. Fucking greed...

>> No.14285728

I have 11k and I know I'm not gonna make it. Sad part is I bought at ICO

>> No.14285759

I have 500 Link how much money will I make

>> No.14285791


Multiply that 10000x because we’re going to $10k

>> No.14286003

Damn this flood of nu-linkers makes me feel alot better about my 17.5k stack

>> No.14286024

this is awfully starting to sound like a ponzi

>> No.14286080

Dont wait, it wont go lower than 1.55
Also sell the necklace outright on craigslist. This could take months so paying fees doesnt make sense. Sell things around the house as well that you dont need. Necklace is easy because concentrated value

>> No.14286109


If we accept that 650m are allocated to large organizations and the current circulating supply of 350m only 25% are not staked, we will have less tokens than Ethereum.

>> No.14286141


>> No.14286232

25% eth
75% link
Or 50/50. Most conservative 75 or 90% eth and rest link

Btc will soon be abandoned and at a rate that will fuck hodlers

>> No.14286411

ive gotten so justed this week im about to say fuck it and go all in for a 2k link stack...will i make it?

>> No.14286525

dont make the same mistake we did in 2017, if u got more than 50k link which most of us OG marines do, its time to scale into alts. gl anons

>> No.14286737


>> No.14286826


Me too fren. I’m trying to plan a laddered sell strategy. It’s so hard to balance “kill yourself bc you sold” and “kill yourself bc you didn’t sell”

>> No.14286863
File: 368 KB, 545x545, 1540873725979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>only have had 1000 since as early as 2017

>> No.14287194

Happy to see I wasn't the only one that it was horrible year for. Only just now getting my shit together.

>> No.14287251

count me in. crypto falling was the icing on the cake. but you know, tough times don't last, tough people do.

>> No.14287296

1.2k link here. I'm absolutely fine with it.

Even though LINK is a solid project, the crypto market doesn't make much sense and it's all pretty wild. I'm a poorfag and I put in only what I was willing to lose. Average buy price something like 18 cent. If LINK were to drop to 0 today I wouldn't give a shit, no harm done.

Doesn't matter how much I bought, you hear people claiming 50k+ stacks who still want more. I'm content and comfy where I am.

>> No.14287373

Anyone looking to buy LINK right now in this stage of the bull market is going to make it. It means that if you had more capital you would own a significant stack of some obscure cryptoeconomic system that is a part of the future of automation. Essentially what I’m trying to say is whatever money you make off of LINK will allow you to make it because you’re probably intelligent. So while it does feel annoying to see people with big stacks, know that what separates you and them is just time and random events. You would also have decided to own fat stack. My stack is large but I’m not like special or anything. Just a guy...

>> No.14287453

Are you actually joking? Dude get a hardware wallet, £70 is nothing compared to the investment you put in for 12k link, what happens if shit hits the fan and you can't login to the exchange? Literally this gives me anxiety that other people are so reckless

>> No.14287478

This post comes across as human and puts aside all of the elitism that 4chan breeds so well. I hope you’re right faggot

>> No.14287538

A lot of people here are suffering even though objectively they are pretty resilient for having the strength to make a decision about LINK

>> No.14287553
File: 31 KB, 503x503, 1561137388943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck off, stop posting and lurk moar

>> No.14287636

Brazilian here and planning to migrate to US. Will I make it with only a 100 link?

>> No.14287650

I mean, Americans are lucky since the dollar obviously has the highest value compared to the rest of the world so they have more opportunity to buy more crypto...

>> No.14287731

alright I'm a burger with a binance account wtf do I need to do to buy link???

>> No.14287743

First you need to buy bitcoin or eth. Use Coinbase. Then transfer to binance and buy link. Otherwise finance has a credit card option. Never used it though.

>> No.14287922
File: 270 KB, 500x375, bear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will laugh so much when link falls down to 0,50 again. /biz/ will drown in a sea of pink wojaks

>> No.14287951

quit your fucking Job you piece of shit order follower. YOU ENFORCE HUMAN SLAVERY. you are the scum of the scum. House nigger that whips the field niggers

>> No.14288181

Mate, ripple is fucking shit. You say it's been in use since 2012 and it's still this massively unused? They even had to buy a stake in Moneygram to make them use their shit token. My mate owns a lot of xrp but he had a brain tumour years ago and the meds obviously fucked his judgement lobes; what's your excuse?

>> No.14288848

t. holding 33k since ICO

>> No.14288980

at 0,5 im still 2x up :)

>> No.14289491

I just went all in on Link
800 linkies
I just want a nice motorbike and a home I can go back too.

>> No.14289607

i had a 15k stack ~a year ago but had to eat away at it cos of bills and food and shit, sold a lot early 2019 thinking the market was slow and now only have 2.5k but know that will enough to change my life.

ripple will end up just like its cousin XLM i.e. an utterly dead shitcoin with no price action but still remaining at the top of cmc for years.

>> No.14289815
File: 172 KB, 1553x857, brave_2019-06-22_14-29-20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought 10.000 in pre-ico.

Sitting at 9.250 now.

Don't forget to swingtrade linkies

>> No.14289850
File: 119 KB, 450x518, last rep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only have $50 in my bank account.

>> No.14289966

All in link. If everything fails. You are 20s not in your 60s. You’ll have time to rebuild quick and recover greatly.

>> No.14289998

I have 5 bucks in my account and it will stay at 5. shorting FIAT like a madman since December

>> No.14289999

4 000 stinkies, planning to sell at 10$,30$,50$,100$

>> No.14290017

I have 50k

>> No.14290308

Start DCAing with fiat from paychecks or you'll never make it

>> No.14290936

Has anyone got the infographic for current marines? Want to see where I stack up in the rankings

>> No.14291082

linklet with 2K link looking to set up my own node. How much can one reasonably expect to earn from rewards? Windows Pro is $100 on top of my windows 10 so I'm trying to get an idea of break-even. I couldn't find any good sources of what rewards look like/ will look like.

t. aspiring marine

>> No.14291141

Guys, even with 1K Link, you are getting an investment fund for a safe returns to NEET on. Some people may be able to retire after Link really moons, but most of us will still get a lot of money which we can then use to make our retirement investments. Stop being so pessimistic if you only have a little bit. I only have 5.4k Link and I feel quite happy with myself.

>> No.14291212

So what are we looking here end of september? 3$?

>> No.14291226

Try 10$

>> No.14291241
File: 482 KB, 700x1016, 06CF5EC1-D6C3-42D5-87DC-B94146F4A266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


1K has always been the suicide stack. Anything over that is burgeoning into /making it/ territory.

You could make it with 500, you just need carbonite frozen hands fren.

>> No.14291248

For the node? Did you look into the amazon service (aws)?

>> No.14291281

Most people will sell at retardedly low values anyways. I bet some faggots with 100k stacks will just sell the moment they hit a million.

>> No.14291284

I have 1300 and pretty happy with it. Wish I just went 50% btc 50%link only. Wish I never fell for the normie "diversify muh investment" meme. My linkies are only 12.5% of my portfolio :(

>> No.14291308
File: 1.96 MB, 896x1371, 09DB7948-59CC-49D5-A200-352AA2C36A23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything over 10k puts you in top 10% of wallets in a soon to be priceless resource that .1% of the population own.

Why can’t people figure this out? I’ve gone off the deepens insane mode putting every spare penny into LINK since realization hit me like a truck in Dec.

>> No.14291315
File: 92 KB, 672x787, 1561126619194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$1k EOY is already known to be fud

(((Stacking))) brainlets, do the math you fucking niggers

Biz is satoshi, this is 2011 and btc is chainlink

>> No.14291317

Anyone remember JNT? There was a point in time where JNT and LINK were 1:1. I had 10k JNT and didn't sell. Now I'm sitting here with 500 link wondering why the fuck didn't I sell JNT earlier...

>> No.14291340

you're looking at $700-1k USD per year for a set up:
-two EC2 aws instances (one extra for backup)
-one postgresql database with multi availability zone enabled
-EaaS subscription

>> No.14291367
File: 343 KB, 1000x1154, E8E9C445-1B0A-44E3-8B17-534CB63C00BB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They definitely will. Huge stack guys will start selling as low as $5.

They won’t truly make it. My sell off plan doesn’t even begin until $100 and that is just my extra so I can wait until the true singularity hits, and I will never sell all my LINK.

>> No.14291393


Sergey is Satoshi.

>> No.14291433

i beat myself up about not having enough for 10k at the time, only had 1800. wish I dca'd when it was low. i also paid down my shitty credit card bills, couldnt risk it with crypto. debts almost down though so now i can DCA but link is a bit high but still a bargain

>> No.14291445
File: 322 KB, 768x1024, 1560652934304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, i was putting in a different way.

Sergey is satoshi, btc is chainlink and we are in 2011. Sounds better

>> No.14291458

Im All in with nice stack of 25 whole linkies Check it out! :)

While this might seem like it’s not a lot, it is actually enough to satisfy me since I believe we will hit $1000 EASY
srsly. though... got an expensive car repair comin up and other stuff that’s why lol
would’ve stacked more but I guess 24k is enough, never be greedy folks
that’s not a good look

>> No.14291461
File: 118 KB, 500x780, 1517963839262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Jesus, imagine buying fucking CRIPPLE for $3....

>> No.14291475

That is accurate but Sergey is also literally Satoshi.

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

>> No.14291489

Listen to

Don't run a node on your home computer. It's possible, but very prone to failure. The power cord gets pulled out or your internet gets a little spotty and you're fucked. If you want to run a node run it on aws or use something like linkpools node as a service.

>> No.14291493

>expensive car repair comin up
Same. Fuck my car, of course it needs new tires right now. Going to get around 200 or so

>> No.14291505

>only 1k

>> No.14291516

I fucking remember. I have 10k that i can't sell. Luckily I was buying link all last summer so I have more linkies than JNT's, but it makes me sick to think i could have bought 5 linkpool shares with my holdings that are now worthless. If I wanted to be a dumbass and dump linkpool for jnt i could buy over a milion now.

>> No.14291589

I have 10k link and 5k quant. I cannot lose.

>> No.14291595
File: 28 KB, 487x423, 78941238456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where have all the oldfags gone? Have they dumped their bags? I was gone for a while but the recent pump brought me back. It used to be that 10k was the linklet stack. Now there's all this talk from sub 1k linklets feeling absolutely fine. I wouldn't even feel comfortable at 20k.

>> No.14291629

i know...
For me it’s a little bit more expensive sadly... they gotta install a new clutch, 2 wheel bearings, completely redo brakes on the back, swap out front spoiler with a new one, fix a little bit of rust and repaint the whole thing

I could get a new car after that almost lol
but honestly I like the thing too much to give it up like that... got 105k miles on it, good memories

>> No.14291659

It's been 10k since before Sibos liar.

>> No.14291716

10k was the stack people concluded from 20 dollar price prediction of AB
so yeh
the rrealnumber was and is always 100k
10k is just opium for poor anons

>> No.14291819

Dude I failed every class

>> No.14291828

AB came after and he predicted 70 dollars in the first peak followed by triple digits after full adoption. He was full of shit though.

10k has always been the number.

>> No.14291889

>tfw 2019 and still suicidal

>> No.14291911

PI Network code: LazyTheKid

>> No.14291913
File: 2.83 MB, 1280x720, rentfree.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14291960

makes me feel good
I thought most people here had 20k -100k stacks

I don't have much link, I just hope it gets to 3 digits one day

>> No.14292009

yeah, he'd be pretty surprised if it was under $6 by May (of fcking last year too).

>> No.14292011




Only gonna happen after a decade when link wins the decentralized oracle market.

You probably another address with your 25k link stack anyway

>> No.14292036

And at xrp's ATH mcap (literal shitcoin) of $140 billion link would be $400 a token

>> No.14292088

>You probably another address with your 25k link stack anyway

i wish...

but oh well doesn’t matter 1k eoy!!!!
Right?!?! :)

>> No.14292091

third worlder here too
got 26k in a cold wallet
feels comfy af

>> No.14292130

The tweet is real. I dunno whether Sergey agreed though. Don't think so

>> No.14292225

Here is the tweet by CloudExpo... https://twitter.com/CloudExpo/status/1135246363896295424

>> No.14292560

buy kneepads

>> No.14292657


Thanks. I will keep researching. Been accumulating since mid-2018 so happy with results so far, but passive accumulation is optimal.

>> No.14293540

10k eoy

>> No.14293664

I remember this and I remember when jnt and link dumped but jnt dumped lower and link recovered way faster, that was back when link fell to around 25-30c in Q1 2018. I was so fucking close to selling jnt to buy link, I can't remember why I didn't, looking back link had more potential than jnt by far especially since jnt's sole use case failed and the fundamentals changed. Knowing that the fiat I put in could have gotten me anywhere from 10k to 20k link really tears me up, I was fucking retarded.

>> No.14293776
File: 189 KB, 858x569, 9741A404-20D7-4003-AE27-64C290887A76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are we being infested with newfags or is everyone larping being a poorfag under a 10k link wallet to encourage new tourist fags to buy their bags?.

>> No.14293946

Kek'd out loud at this

>> No.14293962

lmao I lost $2,500 on jnt at 60¢
Thankfully I have a dickload of link so it's nbd

>> No.14294064

BTC popping off probably attracts newfags, that's my case at least.

>> No.14294095

Huh, that's strange, 2018 was also a bad year for me, and crypto had nothing to do with it

>> No.14294110

Post w/timestamp. I want an asshole pic.

>> No.14294152

I have 3500 LINK and I'm DCAing 250$ a week until it hits 2.00 USD. Any chance I get to 5k LINK before 2.00 USD?

>> No.14294171

If you have a 10k link stack there is only 4000 people (actually wallets, but let's say people) that have an equal or bigger stack than you. That's 0.000001% of the population.

>> No.14294175 [DELETED] 
File: 126 KB, 739x1600, IMG-20190621-WA0027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

126 KB JPG
Yo guys,

There is a new crypto that you can mine. Search pi2 in the playstore download it and start mining today!

Use my code: Tayga
For a extra bonus this is no joke get it before its too late. Its going be like chainlink 2020


>> No.14294191

Anon all in on link
>You will make it
It’s just how high in the sky you are willing to go

>> No.14294200

2 years. 0 real users. fake partnerships not actually using it. No thanks

>> No.14294222

Run a node and accept a collateral of 50k LINK. I wouldn't expect a payment less than 2-3k Link at least

>> No.14294248


>> No.14294267
File: 325 KB, 904x583, 1551152942364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The LINKies are DESPERATE to drum up enthusiasm for this SCAM product whose mainnet was DOA.

LINK is over. It's already had its final pump. After the mainnet failed to arrive, the founders took their ccash from the ICO plus a little borrowed money and used it for the final pump to $2.

There is no product and no other pump coming after this. It's over. Get out while you can.

>> No.14294305

All of fiat anon is worth 80-100trillion anon
Smartmoney SmartContracts provided by ChainLink is literally going from 2D to 4D Chess, ie the human concept of value and time Electric Boogaloo2

>> No.14294307
File: 165 KB, 1200x1000, katz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Go to coinbase
>Buy 1 ETH
>See this thread
>Thinking of using the 1 ETH and exchange it for LINK via Exodus

Is this a bad move? ETH is at 309 now, should I wait and see if it gets higher?

>> No.14294327

Ask yourself this dumbo
What is more likely, ethereum hitting 1500$ this year or chainlink hitting 10++$? 1 ETH will do nothing for you

>> No.14294328

Last swift article
14 September

>> No.14294392

Oldfags are either twitter fagging or doing tranny things on the discord

>> No.14294480

Die in a fire faggot

>> No.14294500

5.2k Anon here... took me so long to get this stack.

>> No.14294696

Awesome, throughout the entirety of 2018 people that got in around January were told we were the dumbest fucks on the block. Now it’s 2019 and I get it, you guys are so fucked thinking you’ll make it with stacks like this. Sub 2k linkers will have to wait 2-3x as long as 10k linkers and that’s not counting how long we have to wait compared to 100k. You can’t even run a node with such shitty link. Best of luck nu-marines, we’ll all hold together.

>> No.14295105

You can operate a note with 500 link or less

>> No.14295169

This is some embarrassing 2016 bullshit.

>> No.14295178


Lul you dont need the token to set up a node at all.

Any fucking tyrone and pajeets can set up a node and earn LINK.

Imagine not staking anything and earning 1 LINK at $1k

Suddenly this shitcoin sounds like a scam because it is.

>> No.14295274
File: 153 KB, 625x838, 1561222325934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>or is it all larp?
you tell me

>> No.14295300
File: 1.61 MB, 1765x966, ngijfdhisfdhgidsfn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go with the golden trinity spread
easy to remember
even easier to count your gains
inject more fiat to bring your holdings in line
don't sell your link for btc or eth

>> No.14295348
File: 931 KB, 4096x3413, rank.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

official list

>> No.14295371
File: 463 KB, 2751x1587, trippin in japan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14295562

Motorcycle anon here... took out a $40K loan and spent $10K on JNT to get 30K jibbies right when it was the same price as Link. Those 30K jibs are now worth $1100. I just thank allah that i was able to realize link's value in time to grab 12K in march at 38c. Once my case settles I'll have $400K and will very likely put $100K into Chainlink. I have no clue if that will get me to 50K stinkies or 5K... kinda hoping we bleed back to $1. This past month has been full of mixed emotions i love seeing link pump but hate realizing i could have easily bought 100K if the case had settled in April instead of August...

Anyways fuck Tal and Yaz those fuckers better give early investors some equity or buy back the tokens

>> No.14295607

we got camel fucked

>> No.14295635


>> No.14295668

Hell yeh ryan celsius

>> No.14295900
File: 2.59 MB, 800x450, 1561002413516.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14295975

Based digits

>> No.14295987

Will I make it with 10k anons

>> No.14296034

I like to think of it this way, Would you risk 1000-1500$ to get the chance of becoming a millionaire. You only get one opportunity, Same thing happened with ETH it was at 1$ at one time and now that time has passed.

>> No.14296044

>even if link goes to 10 dollars its nothing
120k is way more than most people have. And all you had to do was click some buttons and sit on your ass.

>> No.14296076
File: 76 KB, 500x491, SALLLLUTE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Corporal reporting in for duty, Sir.

>> No.14296090
File: 66 KB, 421x1258, 1560638219351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>teach me your magic math ?

>> No.14296192

>teach me magic math
>gets heil hitler digits 1488

you should be the one teaching us a thing or two

>> No.14296214

>All these autists
>all these virgiin faggots

dude stop reminding me ;_;

>> No.14296298

Mostly redditors and normie cucks, so nothing of value was lost.

>> No.14296364

All in Link. Your young 20s are the only time you have to risk everything and if you lose still have plenty of time to rebuild. Except you won’t lose cause
>you just win

>> No.14296400

god I am so excited
t. 22 with 28k link and 18 eth

>> No.14296406

what exchange are we using now that binance is b& US..and where do I put my binance linkies?

>> No.14296421

I'm similar, I have 40 ETH but only 3000 LINK, I got in at 50 cents tho

>> No.14296429

etherdelta/forkdelta. No chance of getting cucked by laws because they're DEX's. Hardware wallet to store linkies.

>> No.14296481

Congrats brother. If you dont mind me asking, how did you get into all this? I don't know anyone else around our age who is in it like I am

>> No.14296491
File: 109 KB, 769x697, 1522858140743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Army bro? 22yo 5k linklet here, nice to see you again. Still wishing I bought more but it is what it is.

>> No.14296503

I was in a motorcycle accident when I was 18 and I got a settlement for 30K, I invested 10K into ETH when it was at 80$ and I didn't jump into link until .50 and I only bought a little.

>> No.14296565

wow. sup man? I remember roasting you a while ago. But I was just being a dick we are all gonna make it

>> No.14296570

Though I got into crypto just by viewing biz, It amazes me that when I talk to people about crypto and stocks IRL they don't know anything or have any interest in it. I plan to not have to work much longer.

>> No.14296632

any alternative to hardware wallet in the mean time. I dont want to keep it on etherdelta or binance long

>> No.14296640

I was wondering what happened to you
good thing you went in on link eventually

>> No.14296645

Just use MEW.

>> No.14296738

oh. well ETH at $80 is still pretty goddamn solid. Are you feeling ok after the accident? That is scary stuff

>> No.14296901
File: 103 KB, 378x484, 1561230233342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No worries just fun and games. Price was only like $0.80 back then. It all happened so fast. Actually pretty damn comfy seeing my portfolio hit 5 figures for the first time. We're all going to make it brah!

>> No.14297138

This would be so good without the ESL English

>> No.14297232
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>29k linkies
I hope I make it frens

>> No.14297292

I like this fucking guy

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