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get in now if you missed out on P3D

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The logo looks like it don't feel so good, mr Stark.

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we still working n design and all that stuff

however contract is live and working- feel free to check it

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is this coin still alive? listed on exchange?
i have a heavy bag i want to dump, bought on Tradesatoshi before they delisted

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You best be joking goy, I'm not touching that shit

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is this decentralised like p3d or is all my money going to be stolen?

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based, ground floor this time

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It's been dead anon..

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yes, its basically the same code of P3D
absolutly safe

get in here

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get in bitconnect 2 if you want to make some money back

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no KYS or any of that bullshit

just buy in, nothing else needed

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just put in .5 eth dont fuck me here boys

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do i just send eth to the contract address to buy it?

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use the interface to buy it

it wrks with metamask and trust wallet

dont send from an exchange directly

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the metamask section doesn't load for me, it works on other sites but it just tells me to install metamask

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use trust wallet

metamask might not work if you have other wallets installed like saturn wallet

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you could aslo directly interact with the contract

using metamask and myetherwallet

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im interested but how do i get my tokens after sending eth and how do i sell? im not just blindly sending eth to an address with no way to withdraw. fix metamask button

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>no KYS or any of that bullshit
lmaooo, hate when exchange make me KYS

Also, I can't buy, using Brave browser with Metamask.

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>To buy BC2, simply click the "Buy Tokens" button and enter the amount of Ether you want to convert to BC2
I can't find this

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