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1. Validation is active in seconds after manual drag n drop/automated API, verifying takes 5 seconds.
2. Other solutions only work as long as you pay yearly, V-ID validation requires a payment just once to work forever. Volume discounts and batching reduce price further. Verifying always free.
3. Transactions anchored in public blockchains could be checked with existing open source software, even if V-ID would cease to exist (not gonna happen )
4. Verifying works on any device with a browser, mobile as well, no authorisation, plugin or other software required. Optional QR feature enables verification of physical printed copy
5. Works with any digital file (photos, video, tracking data, audit trails, databases)
6. No need to make any change to original file
7. Validation can be done retroactively, so even years after a file was published / distributed.
8. Blockchain is the most secure way to record data (Certificates can be hacked, certificate authorities can be hacked, which happened many times before, invalidating all files issued)

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Currently only on IDEX and hotbit. A tier 1 exchange listing is confirmed for Q3, and the team have applied for Binance DEX.

All validation fees (on all blockchains we support) are paid for in VIDT. Clients can choose between a fixed € / $ fee (dynamic VIDT fee) or real-time market price (minimum VIDT fee). 10% of VIDT spent on validations is bought back at exchanges in unequal parts, at random moments. These tokens will be burned each month. Another 10% of VIDT spent on validations is taken from the Validation Wallet and burned as well.

**monthly buybacks and burns starting July '19**

Several major clients including Airbus and Amspec. Amspec, a $500m revenue company have integrated the V-ID verification terminal into their website. There is a direct link from the main navigation bar on their website. http://www.amspecllc.com/verify/
They put an original rembrandt painting onto the blockchain and validated its authenticity: https://youtu.be/Zs17a4cDcU4 [Embed] [Embed]

V-ID is a working product with numerous major clients currently using it, and here's the proof.
Look at this: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/rankings
V-ID has already made it into the TOP 50 (!!) of the most used ETH projects. Currently rank 49. It sits among projects like enigma, aelf, golem, decentraland, polymath. Check the marketcap of these projects, then look at V-ID's.

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- Expansion to the consumer market, B2C beta application coming in August.
- Listing on a top exchange in Q3 (Possibly Huobi)
- Next week announcement of Amspec as partner (Company with annual revenue of 500M, verification is the integral part of its whole business)
- Disruptive V-ID powered KYC process in October.
- API V3—able to power automated validation and verification.
- A V-ID powered Internet of Environments platform.
- End-to-end V-ID validation/verification solution for data sharing—able to solve the fake invoice problem.
- A plug-and-play, fully GDPR compliant EU blockchain framework in partnership with LTO and CMS
- The option to convert VIDT to company shares in 2020.

Keep at least a few k VIDT to prevent suicide.

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Interesting concept.
What's your relationship with the company?

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>The year is 2029, you walk on the streets of Mumbai
>you see a lonely Indian boy crying in the designated defecation district
>shits covering its sad face
>he has all kind of diseases all over his body
>you take him to the nearest "hospital"
>they check the boys ID with their V-ID scanner
>the boys ID is not verified, his family couldn't afford it
>they will make the boy leave if you don't pay for the verification yourself, which will cost you 18 VIDT tokens (5000 USD)
>you pay for it because you can afford it
>you are one of the richest men in Mumbai, you bought a shitload of VIDT for the low price of 10 USD / token in August of 2019
>the boy turns towards you, thanking you
>little Rajesh just became the first verified kid in Mumbai thanks to you
>pajeetas flock to you thanks to your humble action (and realizing your net-worth)
>next morning you wake up, surrounded by 8 Indian 18 years olds sucking your dick, licking your chest, doing anything you want
>in that moment you realize that you have made it in life, thanks to your purchase 10 years ago

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>What's your relationship with the company?
Just a regular investor from /biz/

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>- Next week announcement of Amspec
next day*

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>can only transfer so much every day from coinbase to buy VIDT
comfiest under the radar coin literally of all time

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No worries.
Do you have a source for this claim?
>V-ID has already made it into the TOP 50 (!!) of the most used ETH projects
I mean is there a list of the top 50? I wouldn't mind looking at that list

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Looking desperate guys. As soon as this starts going back up, you’re getting dumped on

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Already active

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Yes, but they will officially anounnce it tomorrow, also there will be some news on top of that in regards of their partnership with digibyte

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we're ranked 38 atm,

> Currently rank 49
this is old news

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1$ EOM

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>$5 2020

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Can't wait for it. Not that i need money, i just want to rub it in the faces of fudders

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if what I'm thinking is right this company will eventually be ridiculously, ridiculously valuable.

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How do i restrain myself from chart-checking degeneracy for the next few days?

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vidpilled. With their system including supply, buy backs, etc. the only way is up for the future...biz will sleep on it, well some of them.

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Yes, and obviously I can't predict the future but I think there is one crucial, crucial aspect to what they've done so far that nobody has realized yet, or at least I haven't seen anyone throw out there

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nah im still way up, pretty excited for eoy and 2021 to be honest.

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>24 hr: -30%


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Care to share

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Reminds me of the vechink/bitcone private/THE WHALES/muh fundamentals mantra
>no im still up!
>buying opp guys!

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I don't want this coin to move too high too fast, I'm so young and this could be my early shot. DFA

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Brainlet. This is a chad Dutch team, quite the opposite of a chink scam.
Fundamentals? Maybe let Airbus and Amspec know they are being scammed hahahaha.
Yea I am up actually. Pajeets will scrape for some sheckles anywhere. Grow some balls and hold shit like this and yea it will have a vechain like run most definitely... without the chinkscam part. I digress, rakeesh.

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go to the gym, play vidya whatever keeps you busy my dude

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what chad dutch have you looked at the team faggot? "chad' KEK

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Just finished downloading 1st episode of Chernobyl, let's see if it's really as good as people say it is

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Ohh please anon please tell me the crucial aspect, I wanna knowww

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>24 hr : -35%

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maybe have a bit patience and dont look at the chart every 5 minutes

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I only have 6K I need to buy more

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you have your chance now

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can't blow the lid off this bitch just yet but I have complete confidence in the long long term

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Getting paid 2nite just gotta hope it doesn't moon to quick

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Gotta love the volatility on these small mcaps. People freak out or -20% but a whale only has to sneeze at this to make it go 3x over.

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the volatility is great. This is what crypto is about. 52k stack and counting. Aiming for 100k

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maybe enough time to get moar before the announcement
i wish u luck fren

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once this gets on a new exchange it's gonna go straight to 1$

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it is

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You're right my man, seems like a great show. But i still couldn't resist altabing to idex every 10 minutes while i was watching it

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Vidlets are literally the most pathetic omega cucks on this board. 40 threads a day and they still get dumped on.

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vidlets are the ones who have no VIDT

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This will be a top 100 project in 1 year

Do the math, literally free money

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almost all of us are still up at least 50%

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$10 2020

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t. the stinkiest fucking linky

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