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is /biz/ an expert on credit cards?
apparently I made a bunch points on my credit card and the man on the phone from the credit card said I could go on a vacation
but I asked the man on the phone where do I go on vacation and I dont think he knew.
where do I go on vacation? who assigns me my vacation? if I dont go on vacation with the credit card people take my credit card away? do I tell the vacation people Im there because of my credit card? will I get kicked out of vacation if I use all the points while Im at the vacation? do I show the plane people my credit card so they know Im allowed to get on the plane?

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you are a retard

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I know having a credit card is a bad idea but I pay it off in full every time so its not like I have to pay extra money
its nice to have money to buy things in advance

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well you better have enough points to get TO vacations AND back. my great aunt didnt have enough to get back because of miscalculation of point total. She ended up having to work at vacation until she could get enough points to fly back home. she got fired from job because she was on vacation to long. she tried to explain how she was actually stuck there but boss didnt care and neither did credit card

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vacations seem dangerous

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no, its actually not a bad idea having a credit card, search "credit card churming" and read, good luck.

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they are. I do what's known in the States as a "staycation" it's where I stay where I live but try new restaurants out and go to a matinee. Sometimes rent a hotel. would you like my phone number to come to with me on my next one?

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we could go to baskin Robin's and get a meal

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how do you get to keep your credit card if you dont go to vacation?

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you tell them vacation soon saving points for big vacation. they dont bother for a year. next year same thing. I have enough points for many many week vacation. but dont and tell them "next year big big big vacation"

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I don't know man. apparently I have these "air miles" points and I can take a vacation but I don't know

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that makes sense

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I’ve never done a vacation I’d like to get a credit card but I don’t know what they are

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I go to the store to buy things and the checkout person says he will take some money off if I buy a credit card
I write my name and birthday down and then a week later I get a credit card in the mail
I use it to buy things instead of my paper money
yesterday I called the number on the back of the credit card to ask for a new one because it is bending
the man on the phone said I have a lot of points
I asked what the points were for and he said I could go on vacation

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If you card doesn't offer cash back you are getting scammed

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I dont think it does no one has ever offered me money for showing them my credit card

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sorry I don't understand you, I will go to my bank tomorrow and ask them about SKYMILE and my points

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Wtf am i reading

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are you unironically autistic

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if you ask they put you on a list for miles even if you dont want them. so you better have a vacation planned IN ADVANCE before going to get card. look what situation OP got himself into by being niave about vacations and card cashback

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you only get cashback if your on vacation or buying groceries

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i got a vacation from my points at the credit card.

I went to the airport and told showed them my card and they helped me onto a flight. make sure you don't pack too many because they can use your points on too much luggages.

when i arrive the man picked me up with the sign and showed him credit card, took me to hotel. showed them card.

the credit card will call you if points get low and have to go home

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Me neither. I think this board is full of trolls. I wish I understood how to vacation with my credit card too. I always thought going on a vacation boat with other vacationers would be so much fun. I could do tango lessons in the morning and chat with other vacationers over lunch of chicken tendies and fun drinks with silly straws.

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thanks for the info

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fucking retards a real thread died for this tom foolery

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I am confused. Does the card have a gps beacon that activates on vacation automatically that starts the cashback program? Does someone need to call credit card people on phone to tell them vacation is starting?

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plantunmum cards have GPS chips. normal cards dont (hence no precious metals) but if you dont report your vacation they can take away points. so call and talk to card. better safe than sorry. my great uncle one time called card and explained about fly. and he had fun

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>at the credit card
I lost it

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but what if you tell them big vacation next year but you dont ever get the cash from showing people your credit card because you never went to the big vacation?

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good question. I'll think about it.
sometimes I think no one else thinks deeply about these types of things. I think other people think deeply about them sometimes too though

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Thanks fren. I just have a cheap gold card so I guess I need to call customer support when I begin my vacation!

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Surely they track these types of situations with their databases. These are big companies and I am sure there are smart people who's job it is to make sure everyone's points are safe from loss. Good discussion here.

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is it really that easy

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They will send you a string with clips to wear it around your neck, the welcome box will include a few instructions on your itinerary, but you wont really know for sure until the crab people examine your card at the gates

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you are on the right track! sorry I lost my temper I thought you were trolling me earlier.
yes these big companies tract this sort of stuff but as long as you dont get flagged in their system you should go unnoticed. (you get flagged for going over 100,000 unspent points, I have a uncle friend who works at a card)

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this is serious business fren

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these are the fellas you get your financial advice from

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DONT DO IT. I am on a point vacation from the card. I flew very far but wasnt too worried because the card man on the phone said I'd be ok. I originally was just going to use card to buy vacation things and make enough points to fly back home but no stores at the vacation have chip readers so now I cant use my card to make more points and I am trapped and now I am scared that the card man from the phone will get angry with me for making my vacation too long.

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stay safe fren I will send you points
is your credit card VISA?

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yes it is thank you so much. how long does it take for the points to come in the mail? Do I need to call the card to get my vacation address?

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>Do I need to call the card to get my vacation address?
This is what OP wanted to know but we can't figure it out :(
If point assignment people see this pls help us

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