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The rocket is leaving soon, price discovery is in sight.
Upcoming next week:
- Amspec partnership (june 19th), team leaked this news deliberate, because there is something bigger going on. There are hints of another big announcement next week.
- Binance DEX listing (next week prolly).

We will at least make a 2x from now on next week.

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Legit the most solid small cap. This is a future mid cap that most will miss.

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If people were smart they would be rumping all their big cap alts and puttung it all into VIDT and western exchange tokens. In a sea of red tbese will be your most profitable safe havens.

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How much does one need to make it frens

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100k fren, 50k is not bad nowadays tho

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If you actually invest in it and hold 25k is plenty. This will shoot to a huge cap sooner than later.

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I don't have $17K to invest wtf, just go on without me

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i'm locked in at rsr sorry

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thank god i got out at 35sat, i don't know what would i do if i missed this moon mission. Good luck to you buddy, i hope you're not going to kill yourself in near future

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About to hop out of ONE and go into this, only have a measly ass stack of 10k. Plus I bought ONE at 246 sats so I’m barely in the negative, I thought for sure it would pump back up but I’m starting to lose hope. Should’ve thrown that money and another couple gs into this shit

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what was the ieo price? i think despite the recent dump it's still traded at around 5-8x, in that case getting out of it isn't a bad idea for sure

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and despite all of that it’s still undervalued at sub-5MM mcap. plus the ICO format/distribution is one of highest rated in ICO history

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Everyone should buy a small 10k suicide stack for when VIDT hits $50

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He's talking about Harmony (ONE) on Binance. But yes VIDT is crazy undervalued at under 5 mil cap

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VIDT is X10000 the project Harmony One is. No contest....and so much cheaper priced.

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This rocket ship has no brakes
$10 by mid 2020?

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Seems like the free money train is about to stop though. Did you buy the top?

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Dude....lmao....the circ supply is only 26 million...this isnt some hufe supply fantom or garmony one type nullshit...this thing can and will shoot up in dollar value FAST. $10 this year and soon.

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Yeah what first caught my eye a few weeks back was the low supply and market cap. This was one of those things biz was sort of "low key" shilling. One of those biz gems amid all the bullshit.

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Yes, a complete no brainer.

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Can't believe people were selling this at 7-9 cents last week and then bragging about it on biz.

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There was a ton of fud on Vidt because some anons were accumulation. Literally stupid fud like "token not needed" meanwhile vidt is one of the most necessary tokens for their individual ecosystems in crypto lol

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Moon mission see u at 1$ faggits

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arent i just buying the top if I buy now?

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Yeah I'm baffled by the low price predictions desu. It's a legit project and has a low circulating supply. $10 is easily achievable, especially if the bull starts to ramp up even more

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Posting this from another thread earlier today

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Where buy?

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have $200 worth of eth on idex....add to my small vidt stack I got about 5 weeks ago (3500), my holo bag (2.7 million) or get some idex since more people will be using idex since binance shitcanned Americans?

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Not sure if I want this or LIT. Both are likely to moon. Wat do?

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Also Airbus and Khrone

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Idex recommended

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About to hit 5 mio mkt cap BOYOS . GTFIH before its too late . what will u tell ur grandchildren when they ask why they have no inheritance.

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where is the sauce on this getting listed on binance?

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18 cents when? That’s the hardest resistance we’re hitting, seems like once we get past that we’ll shoot up. Same thing happened the other night with like a 12 or 13 cent ceiling and then we blasted a couple cents through that

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I didn’t even notice the volume has almost doubled from 2 days ago. Plus reddit is starting to become aware of it, it’s been shilled in the daily threads for the past couple of days. The real question is, will this dump when it hits an exchange? The reason for the price crash was someone dumping 30 ETH worth and taking profits, although it surged back up to new ATH since then.

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i have 111 VIDT when will this make me shits of money

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Best alt to be holding right now by far imo.

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4 real

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Just bought 8k bag hope you won't fail me /biz/.

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Not by me but this just popped up on my Reddit feed

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>buying it before listing
you know there's a massive dump right after something is listed, right?

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Not always though..

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about 75% of the time there is

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with a coin at <10MM mcap? (let’s assume it 2x between now and announcement)
and even then, this still has almost no publicity. there’s been a couple sell offs which caused a flash crash but it quickly rose back up to a new ATH each time. with big mcap coins getting listed it’s more understandable that they dump seeing that the majority of them have whales taking profits + almost all of the time it’s a vaporware shitcoin

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Probably will dump a little, people happy with a measly 2x these days.

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I'll keep this in mind.

A 2x in a short time-frame. This is important if you're looking to organising your trades.

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What are you talking about? Binance hasn't been confirmed yet. Once we got official news we will do 2x immidiately like every other coin did when it was announced it's getting listed on binance

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Upvote at least, or even better, give constructive positive comments about the uoside of the project, thanks

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16m marketcap and only 7% tokens circulating. lmao?

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>circ supply is only 26 million
And there will be monthly burns and buybacks.

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/biz/ alone probably holds around 10% of all circ supply lmao

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get in there are upvote

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Guys, please enlighten me - why circulating supply matters?
Low circ supply is often mentioned as a huge positive
What is the difference:
a - project has 5 million marketcap, token costs 5 cents and there are 100 million tokens
b - same project, 5 million marketcap, but token costs 5 usd and there are a million tokens
if tokens are divisible, whats the difference?

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>whats the difference?
biz is just retarded as well as the rest of crypto community

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this was being shitted on when it was at 28k on IDEX now its over 60k its being shilled heavy...Careful out there anons

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You act if VIDT is a meme coin with "pilot" programms and big "partners"

It actually is a revenue bringing business with the token usage having a direct impact on price - token burns/buybacks

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I get the concern but the value has grown a lot more since then. tier 1 exchange around the corner, new clients, mystery announcement soon, token buybacks and burns starting next month.

marketcap is still tiny at under 5m. QNT 5x'd from 2m to 10m, i saw posts like yours, then it went 4.5x from there to 45m and it still looks enticing to many anons.

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More adoption (most shitcoins will not get adoption at all though) with lower circulating supply = higher demand and upward price spikes.

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They are developing a B2C portal also.

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Found an answer.
Circ supply is useless meteric if:
Marketcaps are similar
circ supply/total supply ratio is similar

if these factors are the same, then it doesnt matter whther token costs a million with small circ supply or it costs a cent with massive circ supply

since its all divisible

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Oh wow, you really figured it out, didn't you?

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Dont get me wrong I think its a very legit project and will do well in the long term just think there's a better entry with some patience

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Dude, the tokenomics on that are absolute ass. Once they get everything up and running, they anticipate a 2-5% token burn per year. Which is nothing given there's 100 billion tokens and less than 10% of the supply unlocked. Plus the mechanisms for token burns don't even exist. The main token burner is transactions on the stable coin, which hasn't been rolled out, and appreciation on the tokenized assets, which don't exist. The rest of the economic incentive for holding RSR is arbitration on those assets, which is basically nothing cause I'm not gonna fuck around for pennys trying to make a buck.

You're gonna go broke holding that coin.

Also VIDT token not needed.

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Upvote for visibility

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RSR is such ass. Crypto Twitter got a easy 2x while they dumped on noobs

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Keep that shitcoin out of this thread please

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5,1k enough frens?

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enough to prevent suicide, but i doubt you're gonna make it with this amount of VIDT

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That will likely be 5.1k soonish, so not bad

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is started with ~250$ and i know i wont make it with this but 5,1k dollar sounds nice though

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