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$0.34 reporting in.

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40 cents here!!

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11 cents

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$0.53 around Januaryish

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25 cents.
Lol at nulinkers buying in now.

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50 cents last may

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.60 reporting in

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Around .22 cents frens. Very comfy over here.

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I don't know for sure, but did most of my buying between the .16 and .30 cent range.

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Same as you OP

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The shame of not being an icofag

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0.32 here

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Averages out at .45 at a guess

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Hail the true link marines.

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1.93 all in baby moon lambos bout to bust passed 2 bucks for another breakout

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thank you /biz/

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Based as fuck. I wish I had been in the ICO but I was too busy with shitty exams

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I believe I bought 5k LINK for 3 ETH, so whatever that was. Around 30 cents.

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I've been swinging it so hard I can't keep track.

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Kill yourself

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.00061 eth
i never paid attention to the fiat value and track gains with my purchasing pair, ie eth.
i was a preico buyer and that was .00032 eth
right now i spent 8 eth on 13k link and its worth over 100 eth

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I literally had to bring my shitty laptop to work to prepare for it. I set a timer and everything it was a miracle that I got in.

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im not sure anymore. my first buy was 30k @ .16c off of etherdelta.

bought 9k when i saw the google post earlier. i have 100k+

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Approx $0.25

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150k @ 0.41c

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sorry over 90 eth not 100. looked at overall portfolio

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$0.09 presale bitches. Iron fucking hands

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0.30. When was your first buy? Mine was to buy 1000 when it first dipped below $1 after the 2017 bull run kek

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4600 sats

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0.22 back in 2017

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Thank you biz

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maxed out 4 accounts in the ICO. Been holding since then. My LINK has not moved in like 2 years LMAO. Feelsgoodman.

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Who else seriously was about to quit there Job today?

50k linklet here

I'll never forget this day.

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around 70 cents

I've started lurking /biz/ a few months too late to know about the CL ICO.

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Lmao Why tf would you quit your job? We have around the same amount of linkies. 100kish is nowhere near enough to quit your job unless you live somewhere hella cheap.

Sidenote: where do you live?

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only 21k so not me but in the near future

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Feb 1st 2018. I'm a poorfags student so I had to go into creditcard debt, pay it off and then go into debt again for over 1.5 years. Eventually managed to secure a 20k stack

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Presale chad marine reporting in

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fuck man I'm jealous. I only got in during the ICO, and that was a PITA. good move on you.

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I also have 50K linkies, but I am not thinking to quit my job. People have to be offering me at least 100 per link before I will consider selling any.
This is much more stable for my future too.

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120k @ 0.43

1st buy around .17

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everyone is max 5x that leaves me 95x gainz cool

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varying amounts between .80-1.40. I'm new to crypto missed the early days with you frens but glad I caught it before this pump

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24 cents, bought when I was 18

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$0.34 too. My hands are getting weak though. I could cash out and buy a fucking house.

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16 cents

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Spring of 18 multiple buys probably around 50-75c as I was jumping ship from NEO. Been holding 200k+ Links ever since. Finally got above my ATH from Jan 18 during the mainnet pump and today was on another level. Feels good

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Around 30K Link @0.70 B"H!

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1.20 USD

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I have bought 64000k at 30c, sold all at 60c to buy Bitcoin.

I want to KMS

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bought 500 @ 0.25cents bcz im poor /neet/ so didnt have any more money.

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0.48c - Bought a lot at .18c and .54c

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My first buy was .34 but I bought more since so it's around .80

Want to buy more but don't know when now after this

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I bought my first Chainlinks at $0.94 early 2018. Average buy in is ~35c.

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Bought 40k at $1.20
Thanks for the profit /biz/

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Comfy, but still wishing I wasn't such a pussy and loaded up when it was at $0.17

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22 cents

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Got 50k at .17 and the rest an average of .30

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As an older guy, thought you guys were ricidulous with your memes and shilling of link.

I come offering apologies. Just bought 1k Linkies In it for the long term. Lets do this.

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53 cents

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Anything under $100 is a bargain.

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I’m from the future. $118 average

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average is 50 cents and i'm going to buy more.

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1.10 here fml but better than nothing

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1.70 because im a fucking idiot

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Bought a stack of 300 link a few weeks ago.

Guess that makes me a whale.

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our only regret will be not accumulating more

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8 cents

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25k at $1.18
I got in too late.

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>bought in during ico
>sold late last year at $0.34

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got in a bit later, at 0.56

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0.25 June 2017 still remember it like it was yesterday

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Purely LINK? 0.34
But I have lost a lot on shitcoins and now am allin LINK so it's actually .50

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nice fud thread.

Remember even if you buy now, you still make it at 1000. You still make it at 100. You still make it at 50.

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95 cents i just got in three weeks ago

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Around .2 I think. Not liking the LINK tokenomics so I only got a suicide insurance and being in on the meme-stack.

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0.12 masterrace

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Just after ICO and put straight into a MEW and forgot about it until now gonna cash out and rebuy after the correction if I can find my private key...

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All bought at ICO

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0.40. Got 200k rn

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Check the ICO date at least before posting bullshit

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Is it too late bros?

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$1.97. A-am I going to make it?

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40 cents!

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I bought late into that pump but jesus bro. How much you buy?

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sitting at 1.75

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only about $1k

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.40 for most, but almost doubled my stack a couple weeks ago at .90. Not a single regret.

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Bought in at 87 cents.

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>tips fedora

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57k at .31 maximum comfy. 1k is fud never selling

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0.33 USD

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whatever those presale pools were going for. only regret is selling most of my linkies during the very first pump and dump lol

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Whatever it cost at the ICO.

>> No.14132957

A day I will forever be grateful for. 52 cents.

>> No.14132977

God I almost ejaculated thinking about how rich I'm gonna be a few years from now.

>> No.14132980

1.67, a-am I still going to make it?

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I can't read this thread, too hard. My first link purchase was at $1.20. I did manage to buy a lot cheaper but that still stings and I didn't trade them at all. 40k stack, wish I'd bought more.

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LINK will be at least 100 USD. Do the math.

>> No.14133140


I bought 1000 <$0.30 but then didn't buy any until after it went over a dollar

Feels bad man

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boutta be 1.80-2.00

>> No.14133200

This, think I bought enough also

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about $1000

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>bought a bunch of stinks at $1
>no remorse

I shitposted when Eth was $5 on here and people were cheering like they are now when it pumped to $8. Not making the same mistake again.

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Can you not divide two numbers you brainlet

>> No.14133406

That's rough... But we'll get there!

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would have been $0.25 but I learned my lesson being a retarded swing trader

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I have 1630 link and 3000USD on the way to kraken to buy whatever that will amount to by the time it gets there next week.

Will I make enough to quit working forever within the next few years from chainlink?

>> No.14133693

If you are from burgerland i dont think so. Probably should wait for 5 years at min.

>> No.14133706

not sure how much you gonna be able to make stacking with that

I need link at $200 so i become a neet rich

>> No.14133963

It's not on kraken though?

>> No.14133972

~19 cent
>365K link

>> No.14133975


I've done at least 50 buy ins and I can't remember the price for all of them, some were around 40 cents, 60 cents and $1 as well, making it harder to guess.


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in a greater perspective it won't be too late, this coin isn't even listed on the FIAT coin exchanges. once that happens the price will go up as well with more posts of google and microsoft about development. then just wait about 1 year until it hits mainstream like bitcoin did and it will really moon cause everybody wants in. thats when you cash out, invest your money well and life a nice life. anything beyond is risking it, cause normies will buy out again and it will fall off.

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$0.20 srs.
Sold most during last pump to buy BNB, sold half of the remainder today.

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No shit you buy ETH on kraken and then send it to binance to buy link. You can't deposit FIAT on binance unless you use a CC which has a 3% fee on top of the trading fee binance already has.

>> No.14134407

I just use localbitcoins for that desu, much lower chance of those sellers getting me zogged by reporting my activities to the IRS

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16 cents but i didn't buy enough, still glad i listened to you faggots and bought a suicide stack though

>> No.14134672

I sold my 10k stack at 40 cents feels bad. Though I still have some on metamask from that time maybe around 1k. So it isn't all shitty. Good think I was smart enough to leave a small amount there.

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Divide the total money invested by the total link stack

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i do not own any link

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I can't remember that either anon. I'd have to go through bank statements to figure it out. Been dumping parts of paychecks and savings into this since Sep 2017 semi regularly. Plus I held other shitcoins that went up/down and sold them to get more Link too.

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.40 here

>> No.14136228

>i could have bought at .17
>i could have bought at .30c
>i could have bought at .50c

ahh.. I've missed out on many moon missions but I haven't lost much.

>> No.14136241

.55 average price but I only have 2k linkies... still feels good I've been working my ass off to pay off my house I only owe like 15 grand on to begin with so I'm very close to at least partial neetdom (dirt cheap cost of living)

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bought at 11 12 18 30s 50s

>> No.14136765

Went all in at 19 cents

>> No.14136985

22 cents bucko. Clean YOUR ROOM.

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Eric Holder lied and Paul Walker died.

>> No.14137071

so funny watching you linkies excited about a fucking 5x... I member getting in on DIG at 0.002.... XRB at 0.01 and fucking NEO (ANS) at 0.30...

Whats the next LINK you smart faggots?

>> No.14137078

youre not even fucking close LMAO

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40 cents. lowest 13 cents, highest $1.12 in jan 2017. Sitting on 49k. Comfy.

>> No.14137530

that's not ICO, people ho bought at ICO paid like 50 cents, that's why they were called link marines even in 2017 because they had bags. I got in at 15 cents pretty heavily after it had dropped from 50 cent ICO price, also late 2017 (like octoberish)

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>> No.14138669

Me to

>> No.14138692

10k with a total cost of $7k

>> No.14138766

0.12c here, sitting on around 3mm, /comfy

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