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is this done? i dont know if i should hold my few bombs or sell and forget them...

>> No.14124278

shameless bump

>> No.14124353

can you imagine having this little shit try to arrest you?

>> No.14124363

yes it's done, it's both a pajeet scam coin and barely a meme

>> No.14124371

Yeah same but I also feel this can go to 20$

>> No.14124388

yes it is too late to get into BOMB. there is a copycat project however, Ethplode.

Join with my ref link dear sirs t.me/ETHplodeBot?start=108354564

>> No.14124424

i sold this moment, whatever was not much
im already in the NUKE airdrop and ETHplode airdrop
easy money i hope

>> No.14124873

Is there a apu/pepe version of him?

>> No.14125858

Pumping for pepe version

>> No.14126274

sell BOMBS

get into NUKE

>> No.14126356

im already in nuke as i said before and i sold my bomb >>14124424

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