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check the 1h chart. link does this all the time. then it dumps back to where it started

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this tether?

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How is it you faggots think posting some random screenshot of a chart with no context, no identifiers and asking wtf is happening makes sense to you?

The simple answer to your question is, it is pumping for some reason..whatever the fuck that is and for whatever the fuck that chart is for. Which no one but you knows.

How can you be such a faggot?

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Every announcement ends an nda, then the team that announces is then allowed to buy from market

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There's even some volume. Wtf?

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it's LINK and it's pumping because of a matic partnership

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Matic signed an agreement with Serguei.

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>then the team that announces is then allowed to buy from market

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Its happening tonight

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Nice piece of info

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>He doesn't know all the charts on every timeframe

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this is so tiresome, last pump we went to $1.47

i felt nothing because i knew the bleed will be just as big.

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it's partnership fatigue
link is basically vechain at this point
none of these pajeet coins will sustain a pump from link because nobody is using the fucking network

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Soon, there will be a pump that keeps going... and going.... and then there will be a very small retracing and then it will go up and up and up and up and it wont stop... Keep your head up fren.

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It does this a lot lately. It is an obvious sign of large accumulation. Someone with a ton of money is buying up an insane amount of LINK. Take that for what you will.

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Smart rich people put in large intermittent market buy orders
Never stop being braindead fucking retarded biz

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Except Vechain has almost zero grassroots partners.
They're all about the big half-fake partnerships.

But I guess you fudders gotta fud.

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I'm poor but I do this too. And so far so good.

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I already have an 80k link stack, what do you anons think of QNT? It also seems like a good project that is under the radar

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bots keep undercutting and when it's low enough they buy back in

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Yeah...I’m thinking we’re back

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Holy shit, grassroots partners! LOL! You guys kill me sometimes with your twisting and turning to suit whatever your agenda might be. Grassroots partners! HAHAHAHA

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this is what people have been saying since mid 2017

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Mexico attracting more refugees going long obviously.

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stay crying

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see >>14111591

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the biggest project of fourth industrial revolution is unfolding in front of ur eyes, milestone by milestone still being heavily undervalued and you ask if u should buy some noname QNT token? fucking retard

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Checked, this-ed, and saved.

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see >>14111644

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>g-guys, we'll reach the m-moon soon
>other coins 3x
>LINK goes down 40%
>don't worry, hodl!

get out of this toxic mindset

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it's all fun and games
anyone know how long you can't write into bitmex trollbox? i'm very new to shorting btc.

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>this is what people have been saying since mid 2017
Late 2017 actually.

And look what happened: Chainlink outperformed literally all of crypto during the bear market.

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Who pays you to post against Link? If nobody, why would you think this way and project these hurt feelings?

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Because it's link. If you can't recognize this then you are truly lost because you didn't invest enough of your net worth

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see >>14111811

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where nothing is, there is nothing to lose dipshit

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>accumulate quietly via limit buy orders until sell pressure is exhausted
>place modest market buy, which explodes through remaining sell orders, causing price to mini-moon
>sell into mini-moon
>wait for bleed downward
>start process over at new price equilibrium

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I do it on my own free time.

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Cope harder buddy, its clear your small investment in link will soon be worthless once professionals try to tackle the oracle problem, sergey is just riding the hype of first mover and paying off for partnerships with his allocation of tokens.

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Are you a Dash holder? If not, what is your main holding, or are you just "thinking about dipping your toes in?"

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I hold my 5K suicide insurance until 2025 Anon. Thank you very much. Not a main concern of mine. It is though a very interesting investment..

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>people hodl so it's only 2x really

it's all well and good to take the worst and compare it to the best, reality is that people who held since 2017 made little

I've been in LINK since pretty much the beginning. Problem is, that the mindset of 'just a bit more' has prevented me from getting gains. It's corrosive.

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>reality is that people who held since 2017 made little
If by "little" you mean x10, then sure lmao.
Again: Link outperformed all of crypto during the bear market.

No way to squirm around this simple fact.

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i was just memeing fren, you need more LINK

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chart says USD, you may want to change that

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>1 minute candles

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If you bought June 27th last year you are at 1063% gain

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When the bullrun starts in Link you will feel like BTC or ETH all over again, however, this will be larger. Some don't believe that Link can be larger market cap than BTC or ETH and this is laughable KEK

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they are hourly fgt

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I know. I am pooranon. I have iron hands though and will hold Link for a long time.

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chainlink will overcome ETH just as snapchat/ig/facebook/microsoft are bigger than Intel in market cap, and this is more obvious for LINK because it partners with > other network protocols< making chainlinks network effect and value scale better with n protocols each having their own m[n] users instead of just having LINK protocol users

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Shut up faggot

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my post did not age well

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Quads. 2500 eoy 2020

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It'll just go down again.

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Eric Holder had Paul Walker assassinated to cover up his illegal gun smuggling operation in Mexico known as Fast and Furious.

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It's a matter of seizing as much as you can for as low as a price as you can, which means waiting for liquidity to pop up. Someone just market bought ~500k LINK for all under $1.18.

If you bought the same amount right now you'd see a price of over $2, you'd pay almost double.

Get it now?

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Its steady making gains because of a thing often referred to as "confidence".


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Man, I have not seen this maymay in a while

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>chooses dildo over girl
>not a faggot

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That's just because grampa BTC's viagra kicked just in the middle of Chainlink's pump.

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BTC ruined LINK pumps every time, like clockwork. If LINK gets a green dildo, you can be sure BTC is either about to pump or dump 5%+

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>previous steady downwards trajectory
>its /biz/
its always LINK

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If only exchanges had a way of setting an order for a fixed amount and price...

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Nice thread fag, it’s dumping

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>exhaust sell pressure
>exert more sell pressure
Genius profitz brah

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You are missing the point. Everyone and their mother now wants to partner with LINK and Sergey is the one who gets to pick his knee benders. To the point where LINK doesn't even bother announcing, they just retweet the announcement when they feel like it.

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learn English

grass·roots (grăsro͞ots, -ro͝ots)
pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
1. People at a local or low level rather than at the center or upper levels of an organization or movement. Often used with the.
2. The lowest or most basic level of an organization or movement: a campaign that started at the grassroots.

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