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It's happening boys. Link and Reserve partnered up.

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Literally who?

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Yes, they literally said it in their whitepaper years ago.

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literally everybody.

regardless, literally whos and everybody will be using Chainlink just as sure as they use the internet.

its kinda fundamentally revolutionary

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I’m convinced that all of these companies are run by biztards. What are the odds?

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Just a wannabe currency that wants to "backed" by a basket of goods. The thing what people don't understand is this makes no sense in a decentralized way. It doesn't stabilize the currency at all, people still have to trust that it is worth that much. There's no central authority giving out exactly what it's backed by so it's all a made up concept. Just like fiat money or Bitcoin for that matter. All the same shit, just rewards holders in different ways (appreciation or inflation)

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anyone got a link to that thread from yesterday?

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>Peter Thiel is a biztard

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this is very old news lol we already knew this

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RSR to 1b cap in 6 months

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Yeah it's not news that a literal scam coin shilled to /biz/ for the past few weeks "partnered" with the most popular project on /biz/ to try to give itself some vague semblance of legitimacy to bizraelis. If bazingacoin was still being auto shilled here like in early 2018 it would "partner" with link too.

Fuck off.

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oh wow. oh happy day. the joy. the surprise. whatever will I do with all the money. how awesome. i never thought we'd see the day.
rsr ftw. i'm quitting my job. don't stop me now.

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You don't understand the whole of crypto and that for deserve to die poor.

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>Wants to be backed by a basket of goods
Funadmentally wrong.

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No it wasn't. Look at any AMA that they did. They weren't "confirmed" to be partnering with Link.

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Explain then, fags

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RSR still ain't pumping but guess what? I have the strongest fucking hands and I am not selling before we 100x.
RSR has literally the best fundamentals in crypto.

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Even in their whitepaper they talk about using chainlink

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These guys know what they are doing... if you're not balls deep in this then you might as well start visiting an actual mongolian fishing net weaving forum.

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the whitepaper said they would "probably" go with chainlink once it was released and proved it was mature, so this is just confirming that. it will probably be a while before the technology is in actual use, since reserve is rolling out basket-based price stabilization in three phases (right now they're just using USD collateralization, like USDC and USDT).

people calling this a scamcoin or literallywho tech are morons. reserve is backed by the who's who of the tech startup / VC world, and directly, not in a 'YC threw money at them' way like REQ/QS. the project itself is super interesting and, if successful, could be a breakthrough in real world cryptocurrency adoption.

imagine dealing with year-over-year 20+% inflation in say, argentina, and being able to confidently move your money into a coin without conventional bank tx fees and which isn't prone to rapidly losing value in the result of an economic recession like USD because it's pegged to real world purchasing power. not really possible in a trustworthy, reliable, meaningfully decentralized way before ChainLink.

this does not mean $1k EOY for LINK but it is pretty much the perfect example of why ChainLink is so well liked on here. it makes entire product categories possible that didn't previously exist, while having pretty strong tokenomics.

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fuck me, it's true

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Thank you anon, you are a wise man, please be a fren just one more time and help me out... Should you sell off some of your LINK stack for RSR?

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they said they are using link in their whitepaper mr.pajeet

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This is all true to my limited knowledge of RSR. Still don’t get why one would hold it? Maybe I’m a brainlet

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RSR will be the governance token for reserve stable coin RSV, Token burn make it attractive to me for the long run. Maker is the light-bearer

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Was thiel an investor in Facebook? How closely would he be acquainted with Zuckerberg and how closely is he involved with Reserve?

I wonder if there is any connection between reserve and Facebook's libra. If there's no connection, then wouldn't that imply one company thiel invested in (reserve) is a direct competitor to another (Facebook) he invested in? Is that common?

Also, am I thinking of the wrong guy? I thought thiel did invest in Facebook.

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No you're right. I was thinking the same thing. They have different goals though. Libra will be big on remitances out of the gate and Reserve is about stabilizing high inflation economies

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High iq post

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How many literal whos until it becomes obvious to you brainlets that LINK has become mandatory for all new shitcoins to function?

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delete this NOW

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"we are partnering with chainlink"
>it's just them using chainlink
every single time

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imagine a company that was going to use paypal to handle payments said "we're partnering with paypal"
these fuckers have no shame

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don't be an autist

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Are you saying Link is Paypal?

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Very likely they are /biz/raelis
I know Pompliano is a /biz/raeli 100%

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Congratulations, the rust is starting to loosen up on your brain.

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>if only they knew

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Bought some at 30 sats. there are only around 500 unique holders of rsr. I bought knowing it’s at least a 1 year hold. It’s called trading on fundamental analysis vs. technical analysis

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They literally say just what I said. They're simply using chainlink the way amazon uses paypal. Maybe you need a good dose of autism to think more logically, dumb normie.

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>linking to an article claiming they are partnered doesn't mean they are partnered!!!!!
you are correct, but you are also an autist.

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He was an investor in Vitalik and gave him $100,000 funding to start Ethereum. You figure it out

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when is paypal going to announce the link partnership

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You know he is. They all surf here and collect info to feel out market sentiment and also because there are gems of information to be found here among the pajeet shitting street threads.

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Link bubble already popped, time to let go.

Just look at the charts.

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>you are correct, but you are also an autist.
you don't need to tell me things I know
I hope you learned that you're a dumb normie today though

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> time to let go
* grip of autism strengthens *

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>s oyboy shitcoin
>muh microsoft
linklets will defend this

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Where can Burger buy RSR

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>Was thiel an investor in Facebook?
He was the FIRST outside investor in Facebook (if you've seen the movie The Social Network, he's the guy who hands over the money). He is also on the Facebook board and has been since the beginning. I'm sure Thiel and Zuckerberg speak regularly.

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This is the scene, Thiel is represented by the guy in the blue shirt

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triple chekked

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Wow, another LITERALLY WHO partnership while FTM continues to increase in price more in the last 2 months than LINK has in the last 2 years...
/biz/coin is now Fantom, bye stinkies :D

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The rust is coming back.

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>We Want a stable coin
>Link is our partner
>People expect link to rise
>Would make it unstable

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>We Want a stable coin
>Link is our partner
>People expect link to rise
I don't give a fuck about price action, but a stablecoin would quote other assets price every few minutes, x2'ing the volume of the Chainlink network.
t. one of the next 18 KYC'ed nodes

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How much work was involved in setting your node up? Is it something a smooth brain might be able to do eventually or should I just look into LP type shit for Americans

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he also is uniroincally a faggot, i.e. homosexual degenerate. most likely he sold his "soul" to the devil and got involved into homosexual sex magick. as reward for his ungodly behaviour he received money, riches and turned into an empty shell. to me it comes to no surprise that he somehow ended up sort of investing in something that is close to a project that named itself after a homosexual fuck technique.
>utterly bullish

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>RSR takes all of link's stability
>allowing link to go to the moon

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still counts

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He's on Facebook's board of directors.

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>Link and Reserve partnered up.

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eh, just got done reading through their whitepaper. Ill throw $100 at reserve. Sounds decent.

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>Ill throw $100 at reserve
>doesn't have a 1 mil stack minimum
>sorry brah, you're not gonna make it

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>Link and Reserve partnered up.

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Just bought 100K reserve currency coins. $10 EOY

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gotta make big money moves homie, it's the only way you're going to make actual money in crypto
have some skin in the game and thank me in a year
but promise to wait until then because there's only 500 unique addresses that hold this right now, you're basically getting it at ICO (IEO)
>will you take the call?

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Forget idex, their volume is like 2 ETH per day. You can buy on Huobi if you follow the steps in pic related.
Hook a brother anon up and use my invite code when you sign up: aydi4

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I get it, its difficult to argue that this is not worth the asymmetric bet, but for me its only worth it for $100.
To each its own.

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This is unrelated but I thought the social network was actually a decent movie. I didn't see it for years because I thought it'd be trash but it was fairly decent

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>but for me its only worth it for $100.
>To each its own.
cheers and chekked

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The "goods" are eth tokens held in contracts. Chainlink oracles will buy and sell these assets as required.

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Why do we care about this coin again? Is it literally because they have Peter Thiel on their site?

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pretty much this. It's a moonshot, pure and simple. It either goes interstellar, or it goes to zero.

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