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At what age are you fucked if you haven't started making good money?

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>how ever old you are minus 30 seconds.

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any age is good to make money. Buy ETC

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Depends. If you're in good shape and your knees are alright you can do it until you retire.

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Age doesn't matter as long you scale your life style expenditure sensibly with regards to cash flow.

I'd say up until your 30s is when you should be willing to accept being pretty poor and taking risks to hit that one gold seam. It helps if your parents aren't complete cunts and willing to somewhat pick up the pieces if you need to move back in while preparing for your next venture.

The biggest issue is realising that there is plenty of time to be successful. A lot of people feel in a massive rush to do things and then lose motivation when it doesn't happen in a realistic time frame.

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This made me kek, underrated

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