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kicking the can down the road

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Jews did this

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oh no no no

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should have bought bitcoin

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how do I profit from this?

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Jews did this too

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>keeping your funds in a (((bank)))
>keeping your crypto in an (((exchange)))
With jews you lose, brainletts deserve it tho

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Jews literally stealing gold

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Dumb ass commies can't hold their own private keys lmfao

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This has nothing to do with Jews. Venezuela defaulted.

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Guaido, the speaker of the national parliament, declared himself ‘interim president’ of the state earlier with week in opposition to Maduro. He was subsequently recognized as the “legitimate” leader of Venezuela by the US, Canada, and the majority of South American nations.

By some estimates, Venezuela holds more than $8 billion in foreign reserves. According to earlier reports, the amount of Venezuelan gold kept in the Bank of England doubled in recent months, growing from 14 to 31 tons.

The Bank of England blocked Venezuela’s attempts to retrieve $1.2 billion worth of gold stored as the nation’s foreign reserves in Britain, sources told Bloomberg on Friday.

According to the media outlet, officials in Caracas have for weeks been trying to withdraw the gold, with Calixto Ortega, the head of Venezuela’s central bank, traveling to London in mid-December to seek access to the nation’s assets.

The talks were “unsuccessful,” as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the national security advisor to President Donald Trump, John Bolton, pressured their British counterparts to freeze the Venezuelan assets, Bloomberg reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

step 1 Install new leader of Venezuelan
step 2 have him move all the gold to bank of england
step 3 freeze their accounts
step 4 default and steal all the gold
jewish profiteering 101

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Shut up filthy kike

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Israel has no right to exist

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nobody has any right to exist, you exist because you make yourself exist

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this, what in the fuck

When you give a (((bank))) a few billion in gold, you are literally giving it to them, they don't have to fucking give it back. They can freeze your account for any reason at any time, etc. Same with (((exchanges))) - they can tell you to fuck off and die whenever they want and you will NEVER do anything about it - you literally "gave" it to them

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payback for the oil squeeze in the 70s

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Based kike

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>Anglos + Jews v. Jew
two fags fighting

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Lmao get fucked Venezuela. Have fun with your starving economy.

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>gold and silver fags say Deutsche bank is gonna collapse
>tell everyone to buy gold and silver and say crypto is gay
>Deutsche bank reads pm fag posts and begin stealing hundreds of millions of usd worth of gold

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> The initial deal was set to expire in 2021, but was settled earlier because of missed interest payments
Hurry Kalus, forclose on ze loan!

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Gold is over 9,000!!!!!

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Gold is over 9,000 yuan mother fuckers!!!

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This device must be broken.

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Holy shit. Looks like the DB happening is postponed, for now.

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Fuck. I have puts. They need to collapse so I can make $500

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That was collateral for the money the borrowed.

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Set up a drug trafficking company over there.

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>bubonic plague in LA is still on
We’re getting our fuckin happening this year no matter what

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Deutsche Bank is contained.

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human trafficking is more profitable. So I hear.

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I know some people who would pay big bucks for some young kids...

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>trusting the west
not even once

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Is this the msot clownworld thing, yet and probably the most bullish thing on reasons for blockchanin tech? Imagine venezuela used bitcoin.

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let's all rejoice

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Christ that sounds undervalued with the numbers that fly around these days

750m for 20 tonnes

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>Imagine getting punked this bad as a country and being able to do absolutely nothing about it

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That's why you keep most of your stack in cold storage
>Imagine trusting some ching chong bing bong platform with more than 5% of your shit

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btw this is a MASSIVE buy signal for btc

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should be worth 860 million at current prices

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>Bank demands gold as collatoral for loan
Oh the irony. Sweet, sweet irony.

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>steal all the money from a nations coffer because they won't dance to uncle Sam's tune
It's like when the eternal Anglo overthrew the secular, beloved shah of Iran and installed a fundamentalist Islamist instead, all so they could invade later for muh oils, leading to terrorism and mass migrant waves the rest of the world has to deal with.
Truly, the anglosphere is behind all suffering of the world.

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Imagine if people came calling for burger debts and froze their holdings.
Anglos would nuke the planet out of spite.

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That's totally fucked up regardless of politics. How do you preach being civilized on one hand and then on the other, pull shekelberg shit like this?

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Nah, you get a bulk discount

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>20t gold
>750m of worth
>this somehow matters

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The US promoted the Shah and Khomeini made opposition to American degeneracy the focus of his movement... you have it completely backwards

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Do you think $750 million would save that Bank? LOL

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70 trillion is this bank ! No way, unless the central bankers, print money will fix this

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my blood is boiling and i'm not even from venezuela. this truely is injustice in so many ways.

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All banking should be under direct government control.
Anything else means you get ruled by Jews.

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There's no justification for denying Venezuela their gold, but their current situation has nothing to do with us. Venezuela was on the decline the moment that retard Chavez took power and petroleum prices plummeted during the last crisis.

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Almost as if the banks know that gold is real money and don't want the plebs to have any for themselves so we have to use their shitcoin currencies that they back by nothing. Really activates the old almond it does.

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DB has 100s of billions of dollars under their ridiculous management. Recovering a portion of a bad $750 mil deal means literally nothing. They are cratering.

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It's almost as if kikes are attracted to shiny things instead of virtual money

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they are in a mess
the confiscation of Venezuelan Gold will not save Deutsche Bank !!! they are really messed up!!!!

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>There's no justification for denying Venezuela their gold
>Venezuela received a cash loan from Deutsche Bank and put up 20 tons of gold as collateral
>Caracas defaulted on a gold swap agreement valued at US$750 million

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