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how do I cope and learn from my mistakes. Sold at 11800sats and just bought back.
Still have more than 10k stinkies

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this shit is going to 80c conservatively

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How do you guys even know how something is going to swing long term, 200DMA?

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We all lose money sometimes, though I agree that you're an idiot.

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This shit is going to 80$ conservatively and 1k EOY fundamentally.

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based on what, the network has decent traffic and there is more to come

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i used to have 400 k links, and now i have 250 k.

How do you think i feel?

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these types of threads make me feel weird. i have 113 link because i'm poor and i'm holding until it gets to a point like eth and i can make some decent (for my standards) money. swinging seems way too risky in the world of bots

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I will learn from my mistake I promise

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Haven't swung a link yet but I just don't know who to trust anymore. I get this is a long term hold but just how fucking long is this going to take?

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Damn how did you get up to that number, I know some people went balls deep in early eth but 250k link seems like making it within a year

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He probably went all in at ICO or something or is a richfag that was around when it was under .30. I'm jealous, I thought it was all a meme until a couple months ago. Just got into crypto and I lose all of the gains I made from FOMO

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Network isnt more cost efficient than other current alternatives. Threshold signatures may solve that, but they still need to be audited, which may take months. The only salvation LINK has to avoid a dump to 50c is a blackswan event like Windows/Salesforce/Swift/SAP partnership, but looking at the current state of the network and its capabilities, I dont think its gonna happen. Remember the twitt from feb/march that said that true OG link have left 4chan? proof of that its the bad larpers lately. Whalekiller was just manipulating us to don't sell like good sheeps. Sell now faggots and buy back when this shit stabilizes.

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reverse fudding

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How are we supposed to know that isn't fud? I already don't trust whalekiller or any of you fuckers for that matter but it looks like everyone who was going to sell has. What's this link discord I keep hearing about? Nobody ever responds to my questions I'm starting to think most of this fucking board is discord trannies

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No, no. They need to hold. It's recovering right now.

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Don't listen to this retard. Hold your stinkies or you will get JUSTed like OP.

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Its gonna keep dumping, only bounced cause new daily candle and bots behave like that. 6h until new megadump

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extremely bullish, just bought $100k more

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They need you to sell the lower ranges now so they can buy it up.

Why does anon always sell into weakness and buy into strength? You're supposed to do the opposite.

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Fucking ETH shills convinced me to sell LINK when it was .40 cents. They said ETH would be $5000 easily one day.

I ended up buying back in at 49 cents

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dude its just facts and basic ta. Why anybody would buy LINK now? buy the dip? it was already dumping before mainnet announcement.

Its as simple as this

>event scheduled
>LINK underperforms at the event based on market expectatives
>price reflects that feeling

We will bounce at the end of june with the oracle conference if its something great

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>how do I cope and learn from my mistakes.

Keep trading. You'll get better at it. Thanks in advance.

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What's a good source to learn basic TA? I keep hearing everyone talk about how much of a meme TA is but realistically is it any better than holding at the end of the day?

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No, it is recovering right now. Everyone needs to hold.

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if you dont know what youre doing, dont try to swing

if you know what you're doing, go for it but also be mildly conservative as link has a history of fucking over swing traders (but people who know what they're doing would know this)

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Try 65c

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You have the patience of a monkey.

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They don't. The lucky ones will find a reason and the unlucky ones you will never hear from.

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its bleeding. It dropped 3k sats today total - still down 2k. How is that recovering lol.

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I'm in an abusive relationship with LINK. How many more times will it hurt me?

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I had a dream last night that we went to 0.17. I wish I was joking

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>You have the patience of a monkey.
Nah, he's fine. He'll be a good trader if he keeps it up. Just has to pay his dues.

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This will be the 3rd time. I don't find it hard to believe.

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All you needed to do was open a buy order at 11.7k sats, wait a day or two and even make a small profit on the trade.
There is no way Link pumps back to >13k in the near future.

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guys guys, its time to freak out and sell the lows!!

Listen to anon and sell the low as fast and as emotionally as you can.

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Most people that bought link can sell the literal current bottom and still x5 you dumbass

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2023 and beyond

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>10% of my money doesn't matter

every post youve made in this thread has been mindboggling retarded and worthy of /biz/

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>he thinks this board has real people posting
>he fell for the crypto meme

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Nigger I got out just like everyone else that got this shit under 30c

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I thought we agreed you wouldn't swing again or meme in /biz/ threads Mr.sonic.

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