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The term "Proof of Work" or PoW was first coined and formalized in a 1999 paper by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels.


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the same man that co auth CL wp. From cornel u, town crier, that Cl absorbed. Makes you think

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based and redpilled

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>also part of Delphi cult
How come I never see Ari thrown into speculation as being part of the Satoshi entity?

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I heard he grew up in the same neighborhood as Hal Finney lived in. Any truth to this rumor?

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he looks nerdy enough

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has a demiurge laugh, and Sergey has the body language and management skills of a high ranking illuminati member, that's why he presented in front of rothschild bankers wearing the same shirt, didn't even sit with them or shake their hands, because he can.
Chainlink is going to become big, they're using the greed of us redpilled young men to make moloch more powerful, the irony...

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because he covered his tracks well and let some sperg like craig take the fall

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Also got like 100 legit patents and citations, unlike csw

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