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New staking platform.


>strap in

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>someone on discord who also happens to be a founder of a company that was created literally today says their company is talking with a large bank!

fuck off already

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I dunno, I'd rather not support my fellow countrymen in any of their endeavors. Unless they are taking an extremely small fee for their staking, I'd prefer to use literally anyone else.

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Even every civilization in Andromeda is using LINK, still $1.10

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Agree, as an ausfag, they can get fucked. I'm not retarded so I'm running my own node. 140k link. Suck my nuts faggots

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Obvious shill, nobody gave a fuck. It's gonna be worse than CLC outcome.

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Yeah we already knew that. That's indeed bullish for eth but has nothing to do with link. Sorry Linkies

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Always remember lads.


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Fuck off cunts

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Get nuked.

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Unironically delete this

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Based. Brislinkies where we at?

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And how is this new staking platform related to Commbank?

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Brislinkie meetup when?

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fake as shit.

just whales trying to create misplaced hopes so that it dumps hard

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just moved to bris (caboolture, still alive have not been shanked yet 8/10) from Mildura and before that adelaides. a meetup would be sick but bros, I am ashamed to admit. I sold my links for RSR's and have too much pride to now sell the RSR's for more links. :(

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Let's get some beers on May 31st
jk i don't wanna get tortured for my linkies
Mayn a meetup would be so fun

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Based and whalepilled

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Seriously. Every aussie crypto project has been a huge scam. Will be vee wary of this.

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I didn't know there were others aside from PowerLedger. Was that a scam.


I'm actually from NSW, and having to fucking live here is why I think Sydney deserves the nuke the most. I've got a friend moving up to Queensland soon, he said he's thinking of Cairns or something. I'd rather just move overseas though once Link takes off.

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>tfw when you realised you went to school with this fuckn unit 5 years too late

hold me

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we all drank our urine for 9 months straight, in the womb. Amniotic fluid is urine. For the first 3 months it’s mainly your mom’s pee. And for the remaining 6 months it’s mainly yours. There’s no umbilical cord attached to your genitals. The umbilical cord is attached to your intestines. And that should be another proof to people that urine is not a waste product, waste goes through your intestines. That’s what that excretory channel is for. If urine were a waste product, how is it possible that from day one, just about, the human fetus, the zygote, the embryo, is floating in urine? Urine is actually the ultimate, perfect, water, liquid. It’s what we grow in. And we would not have grown without it. And when you’re in the womb, if you remember, you breathe like a fish. You actually are continually sucking your own urine down your mouth. And that is more proof that it’s not a waste product.[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by Chrissy McMahon

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Iirc CanYa was Australian. There was another one too that escapes me atm.

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I went to UWS with him, u mad? Business and commerce degree.

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Based and Aussie pilled.
I need to know the resources you used to get your head around running a node. Granted I have a 4k stack but i would prefer to get it up and running prior to mainnet.

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yes ]: was this before he got the fake teeth and tren 500mg/day?

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