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Bill Gates out here waiting in line for a burger...

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Is it a good burger place?

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That's honestly based af

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does he tip?

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WOW hes just so COOL and LIKE US

Also dont you guys hate those god damn BILLIONAIRES? Fuck the 1% right?

I LOVE bill gates!

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I will send you 100k RSR if you record yourself shilling RSR to him.

Or tell him to buy Chainlink.

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Must be feeling lonely this Friday night.

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He's getting some for Sergey as part of their partnership agreement.

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nice tits bill

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Yeah and Jeff Bezos is so cool too, he even drove a honda civic even after he became a billionaire, he's so DOWN-TO-EARTH!

What? Yes I'm voting for Bernie. Fuck CAPITALISM guys.

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Bill, why are you trying to exterminate Africans?

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How can one man look so Chad

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Math and science are racist

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Has /biz/ really stooped so low as to regurgitate LinkedIn memes from months ago?

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because hes based and redpilled

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fuck those billionaire tech jews that control the internet and banks we have to bring em down

also we need to cut taxes for the top 1% we would all be poor and unemployed without them

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I LOOOOVE ELON MUSK! SPACE IS SOOOOOOOO COOL LOOK HE SENT A CAR INTO SPACE! He even made a not a flame thrower (but it actually IS a flame thrower LOL HAHA) and I want one SO bad!

All those rich billionaire CEOs just sit around on yachts all day while POOR PEOPLE are STARVING. Tax them like HELL. That way WE have it all.

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>fuck those billionaire tech jews that control the internet and banks we have to bring em down
Strawman, never said that
>also we need to cut taxes for the top 1% we would all be poor and unemployed without them
We would so

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Actually worse, anyone living in a city would probably starve to death.

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fucking Jew leeches in wall street siphon all the money from the average white joe with them fake stock pumps and jew tricks

also we need more wall street deregulations otherwise the stock market wont go up

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Bill Gates has asked repeatedly for his taxes to be raised unironically, Warren Buffet too.
Warren Buffet challenged anyone CEO on Wall Street to prove they pay more in taxes than their Secretary for 500,000.. not one CEO could prove it.

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Go up to him and shove your $350 Walmart laptop in his face and say

>hIY bEll cna you helP me i havea pro blem with kompoyoutah y is it slow

Make sure to drool a little too.

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>steals political meme
>is liberal
every time

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>steals meme
back to 9fag retard

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>OMG you can't use that meme!! me and my pals invented it!!

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Hey useful idiot/brainlet.
The entire reason they get so much money from the stock market in the first place IS the fucking regulation.

Leftists like yourself support the federal reserve which pumps billions and even trillions of dollars into the stock market. This means that companies make more money investing in stocks than in actual economic production that will benefit the working class.

Leftists need helicopter rides, they're ironically the biggest corporate whores.

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Bill gettin a bag of Dick's. Pimpin

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>if I rotate the meme over and over, itll be original every time

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I think so, it's dick's burgers.

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The funny thing about this is Bill Gates has probably done more harm to the world than hitler and stalin combined we just have yet to see the results. He's the one responsible for the overpopulation of starving niggers with AIDS in Africa. When the world economy collapses what do you think will happen to those people. They'll all probably die horrible slow deaths. Also fuck niggers.

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>OMG guys stop stealing my memes!! we invented them!!!

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yeah that's the Dick's in the U district...dank ass burgers.

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Nah Christcucks are responsible for that

Christcuck missionaries went to Africa and gave them free food in exchange for conversion. Then taught them that using condoms is evil and they will go to hell if they do. Few decades later you have 1 billion niggers, but thats ok because they are christian

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What an exhausting thread. How long until the machines start harvesting our organs?

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His bro Paul Allen used to love Dicks, probably getting a dicks deluxe and chocolate shake for his fallen buddy

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>tfw you're a titlet
S-should I install Windows..?

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Well that sucks as well. I know the bill and melinda gates foundation mostly give money to africa though. Either way it should be nuked.

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>underarmour pants
>nike shoes


bill stylin' on these zoomers

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holy fuck the chad boomer generations of reading a newspaper posture versus the virgin zoomers childhood of staring down at a phone posture

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maybe they serve baby burgers

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lol, i always thought thats the car i would drive even if i was rich. why not, its a reliable car. the #1 most reliable car actually in the world. even rich people dont want their car breaking down.

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>burgers loves dick
Figures from their posts.

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u mad?

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he's just a retired boomer

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back to english class, rajesh.

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Cheer up mate, you can always eat dick to feel better about your losses

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literally not 1 coherant argument against this from any of the poltards in this thread

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Omg how DARE he enjoy a decent burger like us working class folks!? Send him to his posh mansion, only WE get to eat burgers!

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>It’s a libertardian
You’re so close to the truth. Keep researching anon.

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Bill Gates is a depopulationist psycho, a massive nuclear shill and uses his charity foundation for tax evasion on a scale never before seen.

Also his mother was an IBM executive and that's how he got his hands on DOS, because IBM couldn't sell it themselves.

The only thing he was ever "good" at was poker and again that was thanks to his depopulationist granpa's bankroll.

He also has the most massive shill army on the planet, which is where his "charity" contributions go. Paying cockroaches to shill his shit

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Actually, I'm a free market white nationalist.

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you're obviously an autist.
His Charity Foundation is backed by many multi-billionaires who attend week long getaway to discuss impact investments on a global scale. He's not a super villain, he just wants clean drinking water, and sanitary solutions for second and third world nations. He's also a big believer in cryptocurrencies, and has donated millions of dollars to developing countries to use computers & internet to access cryptographic assets and contribute to the blockchain mass adoption. He's literally uplifting hundreds of thousands of people from poverty, while you're talking shit on a humble man. I've met him face to face and exchanged words with him, he's pretty fucking chill bro.

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>free market
And what if that free market wants to expand beyond your nation?

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>He's not a super villain, he just wants clean drinking water, and sanitary solutions for second and third world nations.
Which is a terrible idea, they need to industrialize first before they do this shit.

They also need to cut their birthrates.

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>.. hurr durr depopulation
>.. who's john bolton?
>.. who is dick cheney?

you should really find out who the real villains are..

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>And what if that free market wants to expand beyond your nation?
Fine by me.
I only want to restrict the movement of people, not capital.

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You're absolutely retarded if you think a nation can simply "cut their birthrates".
Socialist China tried doing this, and it didn't work. they trashed the 1 child policy, and before they did that they still had a larger population than the U.S.A by several hundred million.

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So you're fine with the free market importing cultural influences from abroad, from movies, art, music to business theories and corporate cultures?

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>You're absolutely retarded if you think a nation can simply "cut their birthrates".
It fucking happens naturally when nations industrialize.

>So you're fine with the free market importing cultural influences from abroad, from movies, art, music to business theories and corporate cultures?
Japan does this and they are based and redpilled desu.

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>I want unlimited free market!!
>I want to restrict companies from importing cheap labour
imagine being this dumb

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> Hurr durr it happens naturally when nations industrialize

Yeah, you're ill-informed. China is an Industrialized powerhouse, America shipped manufacturing jobs to Asia and the birth rates increased as did their standards of living.

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I dunno, nationalists in Japan absolutely hate the burger influence and what they consider the degeneration of Japanese values, such as women joining the workforce, marries late, if at all and won't have children.
Could happen to you too with unrestricted trade. Gods knows China is strongarming their values and ideals by exports.

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>>I want unlimited free market!!
I never said that.
Please just kill yourself immediately for having this low of reading comprehension skills.

>> Hurr durr it happens naturally when nations industrialize
But it unironically does. This has been true in every single nation that industrialized.
From white countries to asian countries etc.

>China is an Industrialized powerhouse
When I say industrialized I mean industrialized enough to where living standards are near 1st world standard.
China isn't even close yet.
Japan and South Korea are though.

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>I am ancap
>but I don't want unlimited free market
lmao. ancaps really are the dumbest people on earth

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>nationalists in Japan
I'm not talking about those extremist autists.
I'm talking about the country in general and their "extreme" immigration policy.

Japan is very close to the ideal society in terms of government policy.
Free and open markets with restricted immigration policy to preserve the race/culture.

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epic troll dude

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hahaah now I get it you were merely pretending to be retarded thanks for clarifying that dude

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epic troll dude

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dude you are absolutely dense. China has had the most industrial growth out of any Nation on the planet in this decade. China has a flourishing middle class as well, unlike America, South Korea and Japan all of which are countries plagued with debt and inflation.

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But they haven't preserved their culture though. It's thoroughly washed with anglo culture, which in turn led to the empowerment of women and increasing liberalism. It's not as heavy as in the West, but it gets closer each decade due to foreign films, books and such influencing them.

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Are you actually comparing living standards for the average chinese person to the average Japanese people.
The average Japanese person is a god compared to the average Chink.
China is still loaded with poverty even though they have lifted some of their people out of poverty.

You lost, it's common sense that as living standards rise the birthrate goes down.
Stop being so mad that you're wrong.

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What exactly is the benefit of raising taxes, and why do people want them raised? You actually enjoy paying the pensions of commie teachers and bureaucrats? How fucking stupid are you people?

We are already 22 trillion in debt and you fucking idiots want to give more money to a bunch of faggot politicians?

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>But they haven't preserved their culture though.
They did.
They're preserved their culture so much that they export it all over the world.
You're an idiot.

>which in turn led to the empowerment of women and increasing liberalism
It only minorly effected Japan, and this isn't "anglo culture", anglos didn't used to act like this.

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>you lost
yeah, we got an autist here folks. Code Red, stop reading unless you'd like to loose braincells.

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>anime and sushi is their culture
LMAO, figures you're a delusional weeb.
But hey, the good thing with their traditional culture being eroded means that their women might start marrying outside their race without parents objecting. So that'll increase your chances to get a kawaii nippon wife (who won't be traditional) by a single sat.

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>literally posting the leftist shill images from /tv/
>BAWWWW anyone that disagrees with me is a trump supporter
You have to go back redditor.

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>>anime and sushi is their culture
It actually is a big part of their culture.
Why do these facts upset you so much?

>women might start marrying outside their race without parents objecting
This is already frond upon there and hasn't changed.

Why do you think just because people in a country are allowed access to bad cultures that they will automatically embrace them?
Are you this dumb?

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Hope you are baiting

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Funny, innit? Their anime stems back to the old American cartoons, so it's not even an original cultural concept.

>> No.13824969

Who gives a shit? It's still their own thing even though they're slightly influenced by other cultures.
Should we all stop using gunpowder because it was developed in China?

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Dis nigga ignorant of the nation he worships and is proud of it.

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He wrote an interesting academic paper on flapjack sort, trying to optimize it. Iirc he didn't succeed, but he came close. He was a pretty good programmer, even if the things he did to acquire his primary business assets are shady.

>> No.13825031

>ignorant of
Alright so what exactly do you think defines Japanese culture?
Japans main cultural exports are anime and sushi so I don't know what other "main" parts of their culture you're talking about?

>> No.13825052

Microsoft will mine bsv

screencap this

>> No.13825070

wow.....very powerful image.....thnx for sharing..........

>> No.13825540

Yes, their main cultural exports are things traditional Japanese hate for destroying their culture. Anime is a slight variation of American cartoons and the mass-produced sushi go against the Japanese tradition of learning an art for 10000 hours before really putting it into action

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The joke is that we want Dick's in our mouth or Dick's inside us. Get it right.

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Do you have autism or something?

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>He's also a big believer in cryptocurrencies
is this the same bill gates that was interviewed with Warren buffet talking about how dumb bitcoin is that he only has some because someone gave it to him as a gag gift and how he would short it if he could.

>> No.13825721

He's definitely on a business meeting with Sergey. This is bullish for link!

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Based Pradeep

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desu, boomercoin is pretty stupid compared to a lot of the newer DLTs

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What did hitler do wrong.

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kek my face when linkedin and cheddar are the new 4chan

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>implying he gave an argument to begin with

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looks like all them music videos

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