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A lotta newfags lurking LINK threads. We've been in this for a long time. Probably the most important talk Sergey gave, way better than any other talk after that, maybe the fireside chat is on par. Also by far the most bullish, once you understand everything he's saying here 1000$ isn't a meme anymore to you.


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Eric Holder had Paul Walker assassinated to cover up his illegal gun smuggling operation in Mexico known as Fast and Furious.

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>most important talk
Not wearing the shirt. kys.

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But he was just an actor in a movie with the same name that came out like a decade before he was killed.

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I don't get this meme at all

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been holding since sibos. did we ever figure out why he calls him alekzy ?

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>counting your chickens before they hatch
not gonna make it op

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For a brainlet like me, why is this video so bullish? It sounds more like the same...

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Google "Lavon Affair" to understand

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>Lavon Affair
ok so what does that have to do with LINK

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this guy knows

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he seems more confident when he was skinnier

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Jason parser
The legend of zelda
God protocol DYOR

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Was all this thread just for Aleksey Klintsevich?
You fucking faggot.

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It’ll be part of the plot of John Wick 4.

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Oh yeh the talk that made me not invest in this shitcoin
>watch from 1:12:28
>incentives for consensus
>time for me to go wherever and hoping for the best
>literally fuds the idea of chainlink a year before ico
this is all the fud you need

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thank you fren

i wish you linked this when link was .20

i would have 20k instead of 4k

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Do tell anons.

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please explain this. i see it posted but i am trying to figure out what pual walker had to do with (obama's) F&F. also what does this >>13820805
anon mean?

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bump god damnit

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>muh secret code
will you schizos stop posting these in every fucking thread. those that know, already know. those that don't, do not matter.

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