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Sign the keys faggot.

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what the fuck lol

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Being this obsessed.

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>Sign the keys faggot.
No! He won't sign until I say so.

t. Jimmy

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the thread that keeps giving*
>aids, mostly

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He has been a naughty boy, so it'll be a while untill I'm done punishing him

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Why do Craig's Cucks deflect so much? Why won't he sign the keys?

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Craig was for Egypt removed from my local library after exposing himself in the children’s book section.

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>Deflects being called out for deflection
I broke the NPC's script library. Classic.

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Id totally french kiss staoshi

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jimmy's husband fucks fake satoshi too...eewwww

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His strategy relies on not signing, even if he could

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Satoshi will make ALL the announcements May 31st. Swimming against this current will be futile.

During the fireside chat with Jimmy, Craig will lay the foundations for all of his extraordinary claims, which will include posting independently-verifiable documents and evidence addressing some of the false allegations that have been leveled, and transferring bitcoin from an early block.

There will be extraordinary proof that can be independently validated regarding the Segwit flaw. Similarly, Craig will also discuss the fundamental flaws with privacy coins, such as Zcash & Monero. This will effectively kill "privacy coins" as Craig will show you that it is basically as private as running through Times Square with your pants around your ankles.

Craig will also expose the pure fraud that is binance. He will discuss how these bucket shop exchanges are all squarely within the realm of US control. To say so is not a mere assertion, ‘.com’ domains have been considered to come under US territory for decades now. It is well tested in law. All major exchanges, including Coinbase, will be immediately forced to remove the bitcoin moniker from BTC/BCH/BTG/BTCP and all the other scam forks that have deviated from the whtiepaper. This will all be legally enforceable by his recent copyright approval.

During a Q&A Dr. Wright will also be asked about the court proceedings vs Kleiman's estate. At this point he will reveal irrefutable proof that the TulipTrust is in fact real and the accurate name that Satoshi gave to his enormous stash of bitcoins. Craig will demonstrate how he will take sole possession of the TulipTrust in 2020 once the contract reaches maturity.

Listen, I genuinely care about Anons well being. Cryptoscammers have been trying their hardest to suppress the coingreek conference bcuz On May 31 there will be a sea of red across the board, with the exception of one coin that will rise from the red ashes like a phoenix. That coin is original bitcoin BSV.

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What a chad

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Yes sirs 25 rupees deposited into your bank sirs

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WHAT strategy? Don't use the flash crash excuse. There will be way more of a flash crash now that everyone thinks he's NOT Satoshi instead of everyone being neutral if he'd just said he's Satoshi and will sign the keys at a certain date to give everyone time to prepare.
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