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We will very soon have a proper fiat on ramp for chainlink, on a regulated exchange based in Europe. Coinmetro CEO just confirmed it on telegram. No more wonky Chinese business. Imagine buying Chainlink directly with a credit card, in a process that's even simpler and easier than on Coinbase.

Make an account if you haven't already, if you use my link you'll also get the chance to win some free XCM tokens (the next BNB): https://pastebin.com/dpyW1RFx

Link to announcement from the CM CEO is also in the pastebin.

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this will be the only thing that CM has going for it

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Fuck off you sub 4 figure crypto stack telegram nigger.
anons this faggot is shilling you a fantastic exchange token but his referral link will make you pay extra fees. Sage

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why would you want to buy a coin with your credit card when it's going to dump 90% after the mainnet?

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It’s enough

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it's in the pastebin, link to the telegram channel. i couldnt post in plaintext, 4chan complained about spam

this guy is lying and want you to stay poor forever. there are no negatives to sign up using a refcode, only benefits. if you sign up with it right now you will enter a raffle to win free exchange tokens worth about 500 usd. and the ceo has said that there will be more and more benefits to come from signing up with a ref link

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daily reminder that assblaster only ever recommended two coins, LINK and XCM

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if AB was right about this, he was right about other stuff too probably. We're rich baby!

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He called REQ a bluechip crypto. He only shilled Link to the masses and XCM to those who dug deeper. I wonder did at least one dumbfuck buy into Tokia thinking it was the exchange he was talking about?

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>it's in the pastebin, link to the telegram channel. i couldnt post in plaintext, 4chan complained about spam
Fuck you, I'm not clicking your link. Make a fucking screenshot and post that.

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Fuck it i'm signing up. Don't trust that chink CZ anymore

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its @coinmetroupdates on telegram

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when did assblaster ever recommend XCM?

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based and redpilled

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>If you have I am more fucked. I have 30% of all my crypto in it, but honestly spend a day in telegram listening to the CEOs voice messages, and you should feel comfy. But I don't think it will moon as hard as BNB or KCS, because the market is changing, I do think we will profit though.

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>"hodl" reference on front page
I don't like it

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theyre going for the trader market AND the retard market, thats why there is an easy interface and a more traditional trading interface

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So it's bullshit.
Got it.

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the fuck is your problem, it's the channel on Telegram where they post updates.

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we've been waiting for bank approval for the last 8 weeks

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Hail assblaster

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I'm not going anywhere.
At the absolute very least post screenshots (which are pretty meaningless by themselves to be honest) or fuck off.

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what a shitty larp

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Getting ready to buy! LINKKKK

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It's a video message you faggot. How do we screenshot that?

On seconds thoughts, probably best you avoid this one, we don't want to be burdened by retards like you.

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It's a video message tho, not text

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Bullshit confirmed.

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any other evidence it alluded to XCM? ico date does seem to check out.

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>50% of an old phone company's name
>MetroPCS is a phone company

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whatever, Rajeesh

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Ok fuck off then you pleb

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It's a video. I don't know how to make a webm of a telegram video message, and I don't think /biz/ allows webms with sound anyway.

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I already linked the threaf. read every post through this whole thread. How much more spoonfeeding do you need

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It was Tokia

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nice digits, and i have a life to live, and already have everything in [redacted] so fuck you, what makes you think XCM is going to moon, he was wrong about LINK price predictions, what makes you so sure XCM is going to be so damn great?

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Dont you guys know how big this is?

Crypto only becomes taxable when traded for another crypto. Buying LINK directly means it would be tax free when you cash out.

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The "okia" part would be 80%, kek

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Did he finally shave it off? Or is the hair in the back clinging for dear life

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Haha, dead shitcoin. Hopefully nobody bought that.

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Thats not how it works retard

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Fiat access to Link, it true

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Yes it is.

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Lol XCM just started mooning

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>doesn't understand how CGT works
this nigga finna bouta get dabbed on by the IRS

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No it isn't. What about CGT?

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It was hilarious watching people claim assblaster shilled Tokia just because it sounded like a phone company. It was Febuary 2018 and people were still massively up from the bull market I guarantee a few anons threw a couple of ETH at it "just in case"

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>5k$ volume

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You dumb nigger if you sell for a profit regardless if its BTC or USD you owe taxes on said profit.

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CGT only applies when exchanging like-to-like or exchanging for goods and services. Buying crypto is not a taxable event.

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Gutted for them. Just had a quick look at there announcements channel (telegram) and it had warnings of the owner going AFK for over 5 months.

They must have fucked off.

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Look at the last 8 days LMAO 100K volume

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Ok, you tell that to the taxman you grunge dweller.

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Quick question, what country you in?

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This is absolutely not wrong in the UK / USA.

Germany has allowances for holds over a certain period.

Where are you from you silly cunt?

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was only 4k a couple of months ago, coinmetro is growing and its growing quick

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Stop coping m8. Lol

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not in my countrystan

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>This is absolutely not wrong in the UK / USA.
It absolutely is. In the UK you pay no tax while holding crypto but pay CGT when you cash out.

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>tfw crypto isn't taxed in barbados
Feels good man
0 capital gains tax

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he recommended LINK & XMR

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not gonna make it

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Screenshot of confirmation on Telegram

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It was a video message. Search @coinmetroupdates on telegram

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Yeah, that wasn't the point though was it?

".. sell for a profit regardless if .."

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does not mention chainlink even once. fuck all of you

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It's been confirmed already several times that Chainlink is one of the three. As for the other two, we don't know. We'll get to know though in the AMA tomorrow so just wait for that if you don't believe me I guess

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>XCM required for the fee will automatically be market bought
god, don't be stupid and sign up now & get free shit, too https://pastebin.com/1DexsFT0

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The one and only AssBlaster portfolio

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we already know it's about chainlink since before, you can tag the CEO on telegram directly and ask him

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Nice! Finally!

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see >>13799989

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why i can't find XCM on coimarketcap?

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Because you are early for once.

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These dudes LOVE to talk shit on here about the CEOs/creators of these cryptos
Now we have one who literally will answer anyone directly on telegram via voice message. One who doesn't only take softball questions but also addresses the angriest fud-filled posts and troll-type fud posts (I've listened to dozens of Kevin's VMs so I know that firsthand)
Any anon here can join the TG right now, tag Kevin and ask him the hardest fud questions about the exchange. He'll answer, and you can even post it on here since the TG is aware of /biz/ and has linked active threads there
Kevin was responding to people earlier this morning; he's frequently on the TG

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like anon say, you are very early

but they have finalized everything with coinmarketcap, signed the contracts and everything. now they just have to actually list it

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Listing soon, it's already been requested and discussed with CMC.

You can be early for once Anon. Get in on that 100x action instead of settling for scraps again.

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we already have a chainlink-fiat pair on a european exchange, it's called bitpanda.

>> No.13801133

Bitpanda is limited to EU only, CM is open to the world and doesn't hide it's fees

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jesus this is some delusional assblaster revisionism. get a grip faggot

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I am too jaded by the bear market to believe such gains are possible anymore.
I will name my firstborn Kevin if it does.

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can you even trade properly on there? isnt it like just buying and selling from bitpanda itself, no other traders

>> No.13801175

read his posts in these two threads and see for yourself

>> No.13801176

Show the url i bet thats on open

>> No.13801178

>12 posts by this ID

>> No.13801181

yes, it's like coinbase

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Check the order book

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Lmao based you're going to be a millionaire

>> No.13801282

assblaster was also a confirmed larper

>> No.13801309

bitpanda's fees are through the roof. i had been using it until coinmetro came online, haven't been back there since

>> No.13801315

multimillionaire hopefully

>> No.13801332

Absolutely based, marine

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...Anonymous (ID: 5sUqk4GJ)
Chainlink evidence
05/23/19(Thu)12:12:00 No.13799461
1 KB
we all drank our urine for 9 months straight, in the womb. Amniotic fluid is urine. For the first 3 months it’s mainly your mom’s pee. And for the remaining 6 months it’s mainly yours. There’s no umbilical cord attached to your genitals. The umbilical cord is attached to your intestines. And that should be another proof to people that urine is not a waste product, waste goes through your intestines. That’s what that excretory channel is for. If urine were a waste product, how is it possible that from day one, just about, the human fetus, the zygote, the embryo, is floating in urine? Urine is actually the ultimate, perfect, water, liquid. It’s what we grow in. And we would not have grown without it. And when you’re in the womb, if you remember, you breathe like a fish. You actually are continually sucking your own urine down your mouth. And that is more proof that it’s not a waste product.[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by Chrissy McMahon

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Is this exchange safe?

>> No.13801467

It is the first regulatory compliant and most transparent exchange. Their CEO is working so close to the regulator he helped rewrite Estonian crypto regulations. Estonia is the European capital of finance and Coinbase is based there.
To answer your question its probably one of the safest small exchanges .

>> No.13801482

it's the safest exchange, the ceo is literally travelling around europe meeting with regulators and other government representatives from a dozen different countries

>> No.13801492

was assblaster right in sort of general terms (missing tons of specifics) or was it just a coincidence link turned out to be a seriously legit project flying under the radar that also seriously outperformed the entire market since the crash?

>> No.13801515

As much as I love Coinmetro "seriously outperformed" is a long stretch, its still at 1/5 of the ICO price

>> No.13801533

i'm talking about link you goofus

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literally OP

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I am starting a cult for May 26th for when that asteroid passes by earth. I'm enlisting any distressed marines who want to leave this earth and leave on the asteroid like the HALE-BOPP comet people did. Any virgin marines interested but don't want to leave earth a virgin don't worry we will get hookers on the 24th

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American here, does this mean I might have to actually pay taxes on this shit? Thinking about putting 100 bucks on XCM for fun

>> No.13801568

There is no conclusive evidence either way. It is a fact that the vast majority of Link available to the public has been in cold storage since ICO and that does give weight to the idea that it was supposed to be an under the radar project,

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Nothing is stopping you from buying, withdrawing and selling on IDEX. They have said they would keep records but only provide them if an individual is externally audited (which you won't be for a hundred dollers) iirc.

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Im on a date drinking and having dinner at this hugely popular salon steakhouse right now and I went to the bathroom and while I was at the urinal I cupped my hands mid stream piss and brought it up to my mouth and started drinking it. And Im at the table pretending I'm texting while my date is sipping on her drink, and I'm typing this out to you guys

>> No.13801622

lol not me. if you werent a brainlet you would realize my alias is literally in the reflink

>> No.13801634

The absolute state of Hamish

>> No.13801638

why is his head shaped weird

>> No.13801645

coinbase was ordered to hand over their info to the IRS werent they? i think taxes will become more invetitable as the industry gets more regulated, only way to trade under the table will be on suspicious chinese exchanges and illegal DEXes

>> No.13801646

To contain all his IQ

>> No.13801647

too many big macs

>> No.13801661

>make account
>It doesn't work

Is this a scam?

>> No.13801676

nope, just buggy
they got a lot of work to do

>> No.13801685

big brained ceo

>> No.13801694

try messaging support on the site, its 24/7 live chat, will reply within a minute, maybe they can sort it out

>> No.13801696

So the expect us to take it seriously when the website doesn't even work properly lmao.

>> No.13801698

hit their online support on their homepage (usually very fast) or their telegram channel (normally instantly)

>> No.13801700

Am I bisexual?
>22 y/o M

I remember being attracted to another male at age 12, he had long shaggy black hair and soft features. I have been briefly attracted to the singers of MGMT and Avenged Sevenfold. No homo. Lol. Mainly guys I've been attracted to are androgynous and effeminate or conventionally pretty boy handsome. Never been attracted to rugged or masculine and also I am not attracted to guys who I know are heterosexual. I was honestly actually attracted to a gay guy who I worked with for a little bit. He was handsome and friendly and complimented my appearance multiple times. I would probably fuck him, would definitely kiss/cuddle and maybe date him. But im still not sure about bisexuality. If i am.

I would also be apprehensive towards gay sex, i would never bottom because of sexual abuse ive suffered in childhood at the hands of a sick fuck. But id be open to cuddle or kiss moreso. Also these feelings kind of come and go.

>> No.13801703

No mention of ChainLink.

>> No.13801711

so, remember, you are early

>> No.13801714

I need an account then when I verified my email address my login doesn't work and I can't reset my password because it doesn't recognise my email what a load of absolute shit this site is.

>> No.13801715

No more fiat to invest.
Looking to sell $1000 worth of LINK and buying XCM. Is this a good plan?

>> No.13801723

youre welcome to get on the telegram channel and ask the staff directly, you can even tag the CEO @coinmetro_kevin

>> No.13801733

very strange, but i believe support can sort it out. very quick response time unlike other exchanges, theyll have it sorted out in no time

>> No.13801738

There was nothing in the constitution to prevent secession, the union was voluntary so no treason existed. The south wanted to secede because the North was charging high tariffs and yet the south was not fairly represented. Lincoln was a Whig who wanted a all powerful federal government. He barricaded Charleston’s harbor which caused the south to retaliate. He locked up everyone up north who disagreed with him from congressmen to newspaper owners etc. he destroyed the constitution and usurped states rights. The globalist completed the overthrow with e creation of the privately owned federal reserve and the creation of income tax, thus no longer being dependent on states. Now that was all treason, starting with Lincoln. But of course you Yankees don’t know that because winners writer history and you’ve been deceived.

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diversifying is good

>> No.13801749

Fuck off glownigger

>> No.13801752

How are we going to mitigate the effects of PTSD that all marines get? We've been fighting this war for over a year now with our brains psychologically altered beyond repair from being on this board. One day soon when the singularity hits we will instantly be rich and the war will be over. The effects of this probably won't be much different than a solider in Fallujah scraping the scalp off the ground of some Muslim suicide bomber before a tour ends and 12 hours later you are sitting on the couch with your kids watching Ellen Degeneres.

PTSD among American marines wasn't as prevalent back in the day as it is today because they got to come home on a ship with their mates and had 30 days or so to decompress.

I'm afraid the singularity will hit and I'll be rich and 2 days later I'll be walking into a Walmart to buy a CHIA pet and all of a sudden I'll start getting anxiety and hit the deck when I hear someone say something in passing that I might misconstrue as LINK FUD even though I’ve already made it

What if I'm driving with my nephews and nieces taking them to the park and I see a Mobil gas station and my brain starts envisioning Möbius FUD and I run the car off the road and kill us by wrapping my car around a tree?

I almost want to stay in this prison at /biz/. The larpers and shit posters almost give me a sense of security that I know I won't have once we have made it, and you are all off making mixed raced babies with nasty Indian who have left their pajeet husbands.

>> No.13801762

not sure what youre doing but thanks for bumping my thread anyways kek

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Theorethically speaking, in the very possible scenario where link is going to be 100dollars per coin, could worlds economy support so much new millionaires and billionaires? What would happen in this scenario? Should we all gather together and buy an island, and call it Linktown, so we can all live in piece with no goverments and rules?

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1000$ = 34387 XCM
XCM @ 0.10 $ = 3438 $
XCM @ 0.50 $ = 17193 $
XCM @ 5 $ = 171935 $
XCM @ 10$ = 343870 $

1000$ = 770 Link
Link @ 2.5 $ = 2000 $
Link @ 50 $ = 38500 $

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yes, I bought 3000 TKA. Also lots of other crap tokens shilled back then, like ZRX, QSP, AMB or REQ, which I still hold. But I don't regret taking advices from biz, I wouldn't have LINK without you guys.

>> No.13801966

is there a single more JUSTd project

>> No.13801999

I regret that shit so fucking much

>> No.13802022

no chicks either. Just us Linkmarines sucking each others cocks

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How the fuck are you supposed to register on coinmetro as a burger, or buy the coin for that matter? REEEEE

>> No.13802100

Please stop shilling monero anon. This is one that I actually would like to accumulate...

>> No.13802114

fuck, ignore that's OP's pastebin

>> No.13802172

Considering everything Which happens first LINK at 50$ or XCM at $1

>> No.13802264

XCM at
$144,000,000 marketcap is more reasonable thanor
Link at
16,666,666,666 marketcap

This assumes no token burn for XCM or staking for Link so realistically they could both be lower than that but as it stands I won't include either.

Req is worth about four times as much as XCM

>> No.13802318

Shouldn't be a problem? As long as you can do KYC. Unless you live in NJ

>> No.13802332

thanks for reposting it anon

>> No.13802340

I live in Jew York and it gives me this message:
"Unfortunately, the region or area you reside in has certain requirements and limitations for which by law, we have not yet received authorisation and/or permits to support our services."

>> No.13802356

Donate the money to a more deserving cause than this anti-semetic exchage.

>> No.13802367

yeah maybe thats the problem, there is one or two states in america that has completely different regulatio nand require different licenses than the rest of america, licenses which havent been gotten yet and probably wont be for some time

but maybe try asking support or in the telegram if everything is correct of if there might be some website error

how unfortunate

>> No.13802405
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Made around $2k off of it, took $500 out and let the rest ride. It's worth $15 now.

>> No.13802449

Is this exchange safe?

>> No.13802455

Thanks, mate. I'll see what I can do.

Israel has no right to exist

>> No.13802548

no its a fucking retarded idea, just hold link

>> No.13802596

Haha wtf is this whole board nothing but a link circle jerk for all this time??

>> No.13802599

The Coinmetro CEO has run a forex exchange for 10 years, FxPig, check it out.

>> No.13802636

So when will LINK will be added? May 30th or sometime after?

>> No.13802670

Look up urine therapy and the benefits of it

>> No.13802706

My port moves $500 every time it loses/gains a cent

>> No.13802735


>> No.13802758


So I just signed up for it but so far the only fiat currency is EUR, does that mean I can't use it as a burger? Like I won't be able to deposit from my US bank etc.

>> No.13802764

poo poo pee pee

>> No.13802814

You can use USD credit cards without any issue.

Depending on your bank you should be able to do a regular bank transfer to transfer money to your coinmetro account as well, they should be able to exchange it for you. With my bank I can deposit money into just about every currency, of course they charge a little bit for this though.

Maybe try asking the live 24/7 support what happens if you transfer USD directly, they should reply to you within a minute or two.

More fiat listings are coming soon btw, GBP, USD, and a lot more

>> No.13802871

truly, dare i say it, based, and redpilled

>> No.13802881

Just use SWIFT instead of SEPA transfer if you aren't in Europe.

>> No.13802911


okay thanks. can I buy some XCM even if I'm not KYCd in yet?

>> No.13802939

dont think so

if you file the kyc documents and then message support asking how long time it takes they move you to the front of the que and it should be done within the hour

>> No.13802941

No I don't think so

>> No.13803004

>if AB was right about this, he was right about other stuff too probably. We're rich baby!

he was right about EVERYTHING.

>> No.13803036


In the UK you only pay CGT when gains are crystalised from crypto into fiat

>> No.13803043


Thanks for the tip. I'm a linkie so I would love to be able to trade/cash out when the time comes with ease.

>> No.13803045

hey you sound like an admin or team member, can you tell that Sid guy to respond to my DM pls
i have a shitload of LINK in their reserve pool and he's gone silent

>> No.13803106

They haven't asked anyone to send link to a reserve pool.. How much Link were you just scammed out of?

>> No.13803107

im sorry i dont know anyone named sid or anything about any link reserve pool. i do have a comfortable stack of chainlink though

im happy to help fren. crypto debit cards are planned too btw, maybe we will be able to transact directly with link without having to even think about it

>> No.13803250
File: 9 KB, 568x83, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my god, just checked their telegram and i'm dying. Did one of you scam this third worlder out of his Link stack the week before mainnet.

>> No.13803273

wow thats sad i hope this isnt what it sounds like

>> No.13803325


lol sorry, im switching between nuo and coinmetro telegram channels

if anyone knows any nuo admin faggots, the question still stands

>> No.13803348

Hahahahahaha how much did you lose

>> No.13803352


What does bitpanda allready do...

>> No.13803386

Wont XCM be listed on CMC pretty soon?

>> No.13803387

I think I can help. Can you just show me the transaction ID or tell me the wallet address you sent it to.

>> No.13803401

any day now

>> No.13803539

>itt: Kevin's Stockholm Syndrome victims grovel to Linkies to pump their bags (still at 1/5 of ICO price kek)

If you're a marine, buy more LINK if you aren't already all in.
The assblaster shill is tenuous at best. Don't forget he called shit like REQ and ICX bluechips, he wasn't perfect.

>> No.13803553
File: 29 KB, 539x673, nuo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol nothing fren
im trying to get more info from coinmetro team re: large LINK liquidity provider incentives to see if its worth it to move some LINK over there to lend when the time comes
simultaneously talking to nuo team about wonky shit with my LINK Reserve profits on their platform showing as negative :^/

you frens should really check out nuo, good time to take advantage of their LINK margin positions (up to 3x) with the asymmetrical risk profile with mainnet and blog post pump continually imminent

>> No.13803595

Where did they mention it?

>> No.13803604
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Thanks salim. Unfortunatly your name is Arabic and I can't trust you because the prophet Muhammed was a pedophile. I have enough Link, XCM and Linkpool shares to retire so don't need to buy Indian scams.

>> No.13803630

kevin has mentioned it in audio recordings, and in the last AMA on youtube

>> No.13803646

LoL no worries bud :^)

>> No.13803772

how big is your stack anyways, if u dont mind sharing

>> No.13803799

several hundred

>> No.13803874
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>the retard market

>> No.13803969


upload my fucking driver license. Yeah this shit wont fly. only reason why binance is being used is no KYC

>> No.13803979

yes im not joking


>> No.13804050
File: 29 KB, 406x452, brainlet3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13804062
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>Game of Thrones
>Star Wars

>> No.13804225


>> No.13804402

but hey, i guess it appeals to facebookers and plebbitors

>> No.13805409


>> No.13805554

We're reaching levels of cringe I never thought possible

>> No.13805562

fundamentally speaking, it is a 100% chance LINK will be $1000.00 per token by the end of the year.

>> No.13805571

KEK that one comment on the bottom of the article. Based

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