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on doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you wanted to accomplish: ensure LINK has a low profile on reddit. Now it's on the front page because of your retarded FUD upvote campaign. What do you have to say for yourself? The reddit flood is now inevitable thanks to your autism. I warned you about this thread 2 hours ago but you didn't listen.

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whatever dude. They'll all sell at $5 anyways, so who cares.

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Don't worry chainlinker.

I'm feeling extra "stinky" today!

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true, if you truly want something to remain low profile don't talk about it
if someone asks say nothing and let the conversation die in a void

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>Make sure to join our DISCORD while you're at it!

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So I'll buy the drop when they all give up. I'm still not seeing s problem here.

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well they won't wrong about Vechain...

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We want Reddit to buy chainlink

Because they have no idea how high Link can go. So they buy at 2$ and then sell at 10$ or 20$ maybe even 50$ which are pleb tier gains....and then it will go up to $1,000 and they will then want to kill themselves

I'd much rather Reddit get in and make 10x their money then sell and miss out on 1000x..than have them not know and miss out completely but then not be suicidal because they didnt hear about it anyway.

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>I'd much rather Reddit get in and make 10x their money
you have to go back

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It’s unavoidable you retard. The downvoters are keeping them at bay as much as possible but ChainLink is popping off, there’s only so much you can do.

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It was a /biz/ poster who made that thread in the first place, it wasnt unavoidable

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Not gonna make it. Reddit will buy the $1000 bags

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You are an idiot. You are telling me youd rather them not know and miss out completely than actually make a little money then sell and realize they had the next bitcoin?

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>a /biz/ poster on Reddit
Doesn’t exist. There’s only redditors on /biz/, including you

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One can hope

Yes, dont give them an inch

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streisand effect

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You’re gonna fit in nicely here with that level of retardation.

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I guess, Im just saying even if they buy they wont know and will sell

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Lol shut up newfag I've been accumulating for a year I don't care what they do. But comical fud being basically sticked to the top of the subreddit by their hapless jannies is hilarious.

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What in the fuck are you talking about?

Scenario 1: Redditor finds out and buys at $1.50 and sells at 10$ then it goes to 1,000$

scenario 2: redditor never hears about chainlink like your boomer uncle never heard of bitcoin...and doesnt care that they misssed out because they didnt hear about it to begin with.

I take scenario 1 all day. I wan them to hang themselves

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they can buy when it's well into the triple digits

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>popping off
>$1.40~ stablecoin

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delusional newfag

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I picture broke NEETS with 3-4 screens monitoring any word of chainlink being discussed on different boards and immediately FUDDing like someone on a navy war ship monitoring enemy aircraft showing up on radar.

They probably work harder than 90% of actual paid employees working in the country.

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reddiots never take profits, they hodl. why do you think they're all down 95%?

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>false dichotomy
Scenario 3: they don’t buy in until $1000, congrats now you’ve made it.
You’re NOT going to make it.

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Hey, the mods removed it lmao


We were saved from the onslaught of all the after-school fags thanks to dumb-as-bricks mods, thanks reddit

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absolute retard. we want them to realize way too late ($1000) that they thought the next bitcoin was a scam because they can't think for themselves

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>letting redditors make money on LINK
>not dumping $1000 bags on them down to $10 putting them in financial destruction

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praise kek

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Lol way to further prove how much of a dipshit you are

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Redditors dont sell. They hold like morons. I.e. Vechain. They can buy at $100+

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ok now this is a good reply of why I am wrong.

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So you're going to stop, right?

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Early adopters are entering the lifecycle. We need to start shilling them blockchain interconnections and oracle problems. Do not shill Chainlink, but the problem Chainlink solves.

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thank god. more time to accumulate (after the dip)

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>itt: linkies jerking each other off and living their revenge fantasies
>when link gets to $1000
Get a load of these sad neckbeards

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This is the only worthy response. Who actually gives a shit who buys in at this point. Do you realise how many 3rdies bought in over the past week? Hordes of them. Cat is out of the bag and has been for some time. Most of them won't buy regardless and I couldn't care fucking less if they do. Focus on yourself and helping the ecosystem grow.

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You do realize that derivatives don't actually exist right? You have looked into what a derivative actually is I hope?

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>when reddit discovering Chainlink is the biggest FUD

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> which one of you is a crypto god ?
> what's a crypto god?
> are the matic pajeets on in the fud?

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Makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. How can those ppl be so naive

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Theyrefucking options. Derivatives is a big word to scare boomers

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Good! Better Redditor than racist /biz/ neet incel dweeb virgins. Ha

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looks like linkies gonna have the chance to "accumulate for cheap" again

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can i get a link to that thread?

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>It's a controversial topic so that means we have to stop discussion and lock the thread.

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>he doesn’t know

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You bought LINK so you don't have to care about things like this.

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Have sex, faggot

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the FUD in that thread

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I'd set a million dollars on fire before I'd let reddit profit a cent

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Fucking kek, this is without a doubt my favorite aspect of the link community.
You fucking autists really have nothing better to do except sit on your ass shitposting on /biz/ and making sure redditor fags don't buy chainlink early. Absolutely glorious.

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