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If so how many bsv is considered a suicide stack, I want to make sure I have one in case clown world comes true and faketoshi is satoshi

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I'm all in ... 366 BSV. Got them at $45 and $66. Comfy as heck!

I would say get as many as you want. A good target might be 21 BSV. But only if you've really researched and understand why BSV is Bitcoin. This understanding will help you keep a strong hand and not sell.

Good luck!

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You can see by just looking at his face he's a cunt. No wonder so many of you identify with him. Trump level cunt.

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why so I keep hearing 21 as a minimum.

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It's not that important it just means you are in the "one in a million" club.

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Only 1 million people max in the world could ever theoretically own 21 coins.

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no idea, I never doubted that Craig is Satoshi, BUT, his chain has zero usage. Hell, he had even given up in the beginning about the project taking off, it was the drug dealers in 2011 that gave value to his coin, and made him rich.

The only reason why anyone would buy his coin is because they're hoping he'll move the Satoshi coins and crash the market, we all go back to 0 that's what he promised.

But he wont, because he has skin in the game, HIS wife, sister, etc have skin in the game as they trade btc.

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If he could he probably would, he is that rash - but he can't, so its moot

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no he wouldn't, his whole life and project are being funded by Ayre, Ayre mines btc etc. I mean they might hate crypto, but they don't hate free money that keeps their lavish lifestyle going.

I can see BSV winning the race though in the long run if they get something substantial going on.

I mean if you read any of Craig's papers you could tell he is Satoshi, he writes and talks like the smart professors of my uni.

But he is not a God lol. Just because he's saying things don't mean they gonna happen.

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>zero usage
watch and weep shitcoiner
weatherSV alone has more daily tx than most shitcoins out there

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WAKE UP ANONS. BSV is making real moves

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639 views and 29 subscribers

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imagine being this early of an adopter of BitCoin in current year

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Absolutely haram.

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you're still a long, long way from your ATH of 0.03 (3% of BTC), still mining at a loss and currently in a bearish trend of lower highs and lower lows
current price is 0.012 (1% of BTC) and with a positive ROI (!) of 14% !

in order to reach the price of BTC, Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision will have to gain 7784.88 % in value, if BTC keeps it's current price !
good luck and Namaste !

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I have many stacks

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whoa you are genius

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>it was the drug dealers in 2011 that gave value to his coin, and made him rich.
You need to read up on the history of bitcoin. The drug market stiffled Bitcoins growth and made many BIG players retract from bitcoin

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kek, yeah, Craig's narrative as always always a bit different than what we experienced. the Drug market made Bitcoin. Like it or not.

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RED PILL me why BSV is Bitcoin anon. I want to buy more

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Doesn't matter if it is or not, it's what other people think. If even 25% of Bitcoin users believe it, it's going to the moon.

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Suicide stack is probably 10-20.

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load up on BSV. people like drama and CW is the man

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whats a suicide stack

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