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There's a high chance some of the early Chainlink whales will become billionaires.

No shill, but there might be even more millionaires made because of /biz/ and chainlink.

It's been a pleasure shitposting with you all.

On a random note: It's better to lease a yacht than to buy one. Manage your money prudently.

Things look good now, but the timeline horizon we're about to enter may blind some of you.

P.S. Fuck Reddit

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fuck i am so afraid of selling too early... what is the best strategy here frens lemme know

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>a bunch of neets will become billionaires via a erc20 token

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Based anon thinking long term and trying to establish generational wealth. I don't want to die in hospital bed like my father I want to die in my own bed.

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No worries and thanks for the advice, I convinced my gf to buy chainlink as well. The idea will be to set up multiple nodes of small stacks to rake in the rewards. When we get bored we will sell one or 2.

Thank you /biz/ I am so glad I trusted you all when it hit etherdelta. Truely I will miss you all don't forget to shitpost in the discord.

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I used to think that link was just a meme coin, and for the time, i'm experiencing huge fomo

too late to get in i guess?

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My friend in the states trusted me with his stack of over 100k. Send me your discord and I'll inform you when it's the right time to sell. Obviously you will be holding it I'll just keep you in check.

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True linkies believe in at least 1000$ valuation, if you get in now and you are still an early adopter

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You can buy at $500 and still double your money

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You are perfectly reasonable

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I don't think the ship has sailed. Link allows banks to reduce their spending on legal fees by a pretty drastic amount, and banks spend billions on lawyers each year. And that's definitely not the only utility of link, either.

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Dude, so are you

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You do realize everyone calling it a scam on reddit are bored /biz/ NEETs right?

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If it's not a scam, ask yourself "where does the money come from?"

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I spoke with a successful academic about chainlink and the strategy of fud in its early stages. He chuckled and said "The world will always tell you it can't be done, but the courageous conclude its a reason to carve their own niche and make history."

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>high chance some of the early Chainlink whales will become billionaires

Have you done the math on this? A billion is a lot..

Let's say you hold a suicide stack of 1000 LINK. If LINK reaches the astronomical number of $1000 and you manage to hold on and don't start selling at $1-10 to buy more loliporn, you'd end of with $1 million.

You'd need thousand times this amount of LINK to become a billionaire. IF LINK reaches $1000 you'd need one million LINK to be a billionaire.

Are there actually any whales out there that have one million LINK today apart from the them and institutions such as SWIFT?

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it's not too late to get in, but you don't have much time. most of us have studied this project intensively for least a year and a half. the well-read among us have backgrounds allowing for a inter-dimensional understanding of business and how it intersects with core industries spanning global supply chain, policy and its implications for high-finance, along with market trends.

This project hands down is the single biggest project to hit crypto-currency since Bitcoin and Ethereum.

OF COURSE, you are going to get told it's not going to work while the prudent have studied every crumb.

The smart and patient are comfy, but they know the best is yet to come.

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If it flys, floats or fucks, rent it.

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> paying for porn
yikes anon, this isn’t reddit

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Buy Chainlink

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>You'd need thousand times this amount of LINK to become a billionaire. IF LINK reaches $1000 you'd need one million LINK to be a billionaire.Are there actually any whales out there that have one million LINK today apart from the them and institutions such as SWIFT?

Dude, there are people in the world with money and connections. Of course, there are individuals who have that amount.

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>replying to ironic derivations of pasta

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This a copypasta? Why would you post an old flyer?

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(You) go to reddit. Buy some XRP

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you'd only need to spend 100-200k USD to get a million link if you bought at the correct times

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>he thinks it’s an erc20 token

Shows how much you know

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Theoretically we are all made of cheese

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No copy pasta.

Do you realize the number of billionaires Stanford generates? The highest amount among academic institutions. With the singularity near, and with our chief Sergey inspiring the next generation...

I think you get where I'm going. The memes of past, are positively influencing our future.

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>Shows how much you know

It shows just exactly how little the guy knows, fren.

And if he doesn't know, it's not our business to spoonfeed him.

He doesn't deserve our knowledge. Never cast pearls before swine.

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takin the new lingo out for a testrun?

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Checked. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, Kek. May we never doubt you.

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>Checked. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, Kek. May we never doubt you.

KEK has never left us, KEK has been guiding us all along.

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Interestingly, I'm using that money to bring my family back together. I have the next 20 years somewhat mapped out or more like the next 3-5 years if LINK gives me the resources to do it faster.

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This is the catalysts which will allow for us to pass on generational, and in some cases, multi-generational wealth. We are all in this together.

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that looks more like gene editing desu

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You're not well-versed enought to post in this thread, brainlet. Sorry, go on to more room temperature threads. Its safer for you, fren.

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Godspeed anon it's too late for me but I will build my own family
We are all in this together. I hope my children don't squander the wealth

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>The linkie is living in a bubble echo chamber of his own delusion at the end.
Checks out.

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Epic snapback, upvoted

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I don't feel satisfied until my 10k stack is worth $20k+ meaning it is totally unattainable for normalfags and new buyers

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Will have my child selling and managing their lemonade-stand at 3 and a half.

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If you are familiar with DCA when buying, do the same thing in reverse on a log scale.
Sell some at 2x, some at 5x, some at 10x, some at 50x and some at 100x. But the real riches for the iron hands come with staking most of it, forgetting about it for a few years, then coming back to untold riches.

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We know where the money comes from when we DO OUR OWN RESEARCH.

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Hope you don't live in the UK or you're gonna need to get a lemonade stand loicense

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this. I just found an old screenshot of the coins I bought like some years ago. If I would just hold them I would be a rich man by now. But to be fair some of them also dumped pretty hard

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Same, desu I just want to make my mother happy. She's the only reason I didn't kill myself in the past. This whole thing feels so surreal, I hold 100k and nothing ever good happened to me in my life.

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There are whales thatposted proof of having 1.2m link back in the day. It was only worth 200k back then. More than a few anons were playing with stacks like that end of 2017

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Trips of truth

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>Things look good now, but the timeline horizon we're about to enter may blind some of you.
What do you mean by that it may blind some of us ?

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Have you ever experienced exponential growth occur so rapidly, that it resembles that of what early Ethereum or Bitcoin adopters might have felt? If not, think about that for a second occurring with Chainlink, and ask yourself if there are similar trajectories about to unfold for LINK?

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Checked and Based

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This I just want to stake but I'm also terrified of my linkies being drained DAO style from penalties or some other unforseen event. I'm thinking I'm going to split mine between linkpool, run a NEET node myself on AWS/FIEWS, and just leave some LINK completely untouched on my ledger. What are other anons plans?

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What I have found works well with your yacht is to buy but rent it out to corporate meetings and stuff. Sometimes they don’t even want to leave the dock since gas is very expensive and those pay for the docking fees for like a month and then also don’t wear the boat at all. I use it only maybe 10x a year with my family (again, gas is so expensive - can be upwards of $75k for a 2-3 day trip) and manage to rent it around 100 days of the year for $2,500/day for docked and $5,000/day to leave the dock. I charge a premium on gas or crew if they want it so sometimes I can make $10-15k from one rental. Boat was $1.9MM so I will likely turn a profit on it and even my trips technically will be free after that!

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That sounds like such a hassle to organise though anon. Where is your yacht based usually

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Anyone with a 150k+ stack will have the chance to be a billionaire but it will be VERY difficult to last that long. Imagine seeing all the biz memes of linklets with lesser stacks enjoying their millions of dollars and you not getting to partake. The pressure to sell on the ride up will be unfathomable. Can you really wait another 5, maybe 10 years after everybody else /madeit/? Is a billion really that much better than 15 million? Or 150 million for those with truly iron hands? Very, VERY few of these marines will be able to resist the temptation, and who would blame them?

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Gulf of Mexico, Florida or Cancun depending on time of year

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This kind of speak would be a humungous sell signal if it wasn't for the fact that I know linkies have been talking like this since it was 10¢ at ico

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If it was this easy to get rich, why isn't everyone buying chainlink? Is biz really that obscure?

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We're a crypto (remember: people think "buying shares in the Bitcoin stock" in s sketchy "because no one knows who the CEO is" I've heard people say exactly these things) board situated in the middle of 4chan, which is constantly brigaded by Nazis and known for pedophilia and anime.
If you are here, you are absolutely some level of autist and are part of a small minority that has no problem hearing any of the above and coming to /biz/ anyway. Yes, we are obscure.

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are you not familiar with the high concentration of LINK hodlers and INTJ overlap?

I can tell you haven't been around long.

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...then who were buying all those alts in 2017 causing them to moon 50x and more?

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By your questions, I can tell you want to sow doubt in order to further accumulate more LINK.


You literally had two years to accumulate.

It's almost too late.

The countdown is running out of time.

Everyone reading this knows that.

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every link you sell you're giving away some of your passive income for the rest of your life.

what's $1000 today compared to $10 a month for the rest of your life?

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The lower caps? No idea, but not normies. They didn't leave coinbase.

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Why not cash out the potential millions and invest it into something more stable like the S&P 500? Chainlink is a good project but the huge volatility of the crypto space should make anyone weary about parking huge sums of money in it.

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LINK isn’t even the only safe bet. /biz/ is incredibly obscure, 4chan itself is incredibly obscure. Crypto is honestly still incredibly obscure, most people only know bitcoin and even then have no idea what it does. I have tried explaining cryptocurrency to my parents, both boomers, and they just look at me like I’m speaking another language. It’s not that it’s complex. It’s that they don’t care enough to understand. Ask most people how FIAT works and they’ll blank stare you. That’s the majority of the world - use something every day, never ask questions. Most people aren’t asking questions about crypto and never will. They’ll be content to use it every day and in most cases (such as with LINK) won’t even realize it’s there. This is literally the gold rush and the dot com craze happening all over again. It’s the wild fucking west. Many people will get burned chasing quick riches but for the educated and patient there are empires in their future.

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>what's $1000 today compared to $10 a month for the rest of your life?
>$10 a month
I like this bait

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>He thinks there's something more stable than Chainlink

Diversifying to keep your money is a good strategy. However, Chainlink could very well end up being the best passive income opportunity of your lifetime, and that's the real appeal of it. Imagine if emails paid a fraction of a network every single time one was sent. You'd probably see big specualtive gains in the early 90's, but the the parabolic growth wouldn't stop for 20 years. That's what we're looking at here.

Nobody can say for sure how big it's going to get, or wheher or not some competitor will come out of the blue a few years down the road. But for me, I'm not touching the principle. I'll sell my staking gains every few months and maybe a chunk here and there if we see exponential gains.

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>No shill


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This guy gets it.

Would you rather invest your money in several companies that provide phones and get yearly payments depending on their performance, or would you rather invest in something that pays you monthly for every single word people say to one another using said phones; and let me remind you that some people have really long conversations.

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Based and checked. You are, however, estimating the node rewards will be lucrative enough to reduce the desire to have millions of dollars in the bank. Even at a very friendly 7% return let’s say you own $1MM in tokens and are staking. That’s 70k a year before taxes for the constant threat that your tokens could devalue due to a shift in the technological landscape or competition or simply a market shift. After taxes you are taking on that risk for a mere $50k/year. Unless you truly believe in the downfall of FIAT and tokens as the new currency, this would be a very high risk plan. It’ll also be very difficult to resist the temptation of stacking your bank account and diversifying into stocks and real estate.

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>wanting to pass on your wealth
once i am a multi mullinaire thanks to chainlink, i'll just sexpatriate to thailand.
I'll get my dick sucked by ladyboys till death by lyophilisation

>> No.13755254

Good argument, but inherent in his argument is a subtle nod to the insurance and derivatives markets. Which happen to be two of the largest industries in the world (derivatives at $1.6 quadrillion--yes, you read that number correctly; and insurance at $2.3 trillion).

These are just some of the markets where there is a demand for smart contracts and decentralized oracles.

The wealth you will be exposed to may make you legends in your family and locality's history.

>> No.13755271

Why would you ever expect the growth to level out? The price of the token will be determined by node returns, and not the other way around. And the network is not going to stop growing for decades.

I actually don't give a fuck what you want to do with your money. For me, nothing is safer than LINK. Real world saturation isn't going to happen overnight.

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WHY the hell would I ever buy XRP? I mean, that's like me hitting on Tiffany Hayden because my LINK gainz make me a target for gold diggers now. No thanks.

>> No.13755391

The real stealth mode is remaining calm and collected about the massive windfall potentially on the way.

The-soon-to-be billionaires must be euphoric by now. Kudos to them.

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that being said, if you consider the fact that some of us got in at say $0.2, that means for every $200 you put into link, that $70k you get as return per year, sounds pretty decent to me.

>> No.13755450

Checked. We just win. Literally hundreds of companies. I will no longer FUD Link as a hobby and I suggest other Anons do the same. Accumulation phase has ended and the accent upwards starts now. Damn what a timeline to be alive in.

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Per link I take it?

I'd be earning multi-millions a year. I hadn't thought about staking before but now...

>> No.13755535

the real chainlink fud nobody seems to want to refute is this: there's insane buy pressure from all the successful shilling on /biz/ and other pajeet places, and 100% of that buy pressure is motivated by greater's fool theory
on top of that, the cult-like linky behavior has convinced many to hold where the average pajeet would dump his bags to chase something else
what happens when the ponzi runs out of victims? this is already a problem for bitcoin and ethereum, despite their real usecases. and memes aside we know chainlink isn't actually going to be used for trillions of derivatives
there might be 5-10x gains to be made still, but once the ceiling is reached what happens to the remaining suckers?

>> No.13755545

Or per 1000 link?

>> No.13755564

LOL literally none of that is true

>> No.13755575

>the real chainlink fud nobody seems to want to refute is this: there's insane buy pressure from all the successful shilling on /biz/ and other pajeet places, and 100% of that buy pressure is motivated by greater's fool theoryon top of that, the cult-like linky behavior has convinced many to hold where the average pajeet would dump his bags to chase something elsewhat happens when the ponzi runs out of victims? this is already a problem for bitcoin and ethereum, despite their real usecases. and memes aside we know chainlink isn't actually going to be used for trillions of derivativesthere might be 5-10x gains to be made still, but once the ceiling is reached

Concern FUD detected.


You had 2 years to accumulate.

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This desu. I bought ETH @ $10 and I’m not touching LINK, fucked up seeing this happen to another wave of retards who arrived too late to get scammed by NEO, being promised “the next eth”.

>> No.13755702

>You had 2 years to accumulate.
Understand that Microsoft's and IC3's ability to craft and engineer a practice with the leading blockchain meets legacy system bridge company in smart contract/chainlink surpasses that of the fud and the poor attempts and meta-fud.

>> No.13755709

Make a SC to pay yourself in increments according to time and needs
Based. I wanted to convince my gf of ChainLink so she can buy- but I feared her telling people about my Link stack. Loose lips sink ships
Most people here are introverts living in an extroverted world.

Btw anons:
PRICED IN!!!! Get ready to “HODL” again

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so glad i can come to this thread and ignore all the BSV cucks because this just happened


and people on this board call us deluded? its fucking embarrassing. if your not all in link at this point then literally kys now

>> No.13755765

concern trolling is when you try to pretend you care about the project. i basically said chainlink is useless
any serious answer to refute the actual point?

>> No.13755776

>i basically said chainlink is useless

Nolinker spotted.

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It's better to have a character that can maintain health and good spirit than to have all the money in the world and a corrupt, toxic and embittered core.

It is better to go fishing on a john boat with children who love you than to take out a yacht with a bunch of sycophantic grifters who will use you until you're used up.

Manage your soul prudently. Money will destroy the weak, but serve as a fertile soil from which to seed a fruitful legacy for the wise.

>> No.13755934

Wary, not weary you fuck

>> No.13755957

Money is nothing more than an amplifier of who you already are. If you are a kind and generous person, with money and options you will have more of an impact in your decision-making on you and other's lives. Money is a mere neutral "technology" and one should have other pursuits in life beyond the mere material. However, let's not discount the importance of where Chainlink is now, the early risk profile of Chainlink prior to its marketing, and the courageous pursuit of knowledge and foresight to seriously engage in learning on its transformative potential and with the resilience HODL...LINK Marines....

I tip my hat off to you.

You all deserve it.

The path to making it wasn't easy, but it was certainly worth it.

Love you all.

>> No.13755972


Per link, fren.

if it's $1000 per link and say there's a monthly ROI of 10%, which despite being generous appears reasonable, that means that every link you stake will generate $10 per month.

>> No.13756003

Pajeets and slants

>> No.13756034

Not sure if trolling... 10% of 1000 is 100..

>> No.13756071

this last month has made me pretty nervous about selling early. So I looked into it and found an app called 'CryptoPro' - which allows you to set alarms on your phone letting you know when your coin hits a certain price in USD/GBP/EUR.

So find out what your 'make it' value is, set that as an alarm. Maybe set some for 25%, 50%, and 75% make-it value just so you know roughly how it's going.

And just get on with your IRL life.

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You don't want to take advantage of this awesome wealth transfer from Jew banksters to Aryan (and honorary Aryan) NEETs? Better to buy a harem of Ukrainian concubines (or gooks if u an honorary) and have 100 children to start a legendary clan of SS officers and samurai and lay the foundations for a 1000-year NEET Reich.

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We're about to go hyper-bullish:


>> No.13756246

That can't be right - I'd have a pre-tax income of £3m per year. Anon, I want to believe you but that's crazy.

>> No.13756361

Die? Is that what yer gonna do once you "make it"

>January 1st, 2021
>I wake up around noon and check coinmarketcap
>I spent New Years Eve alone as usual
>I think about all the memes, all the threads spammed on the Chainlink board of 4channel last night
>All the fud about dropping back to $800
>We finally broke $1,000
>I walk outside and get an Uber to the airport
>I only have the 300 Link I managed to buy early 2020, but I started making enough off staking to quit my job
>I fly to the Cryonics center I've been in touch with
>In the waiting room I browse /link/ (a board made when some anon bought 4channel with his Link gains last August)
>half the threads are anons showing off their yachts, huge orgies, paying homeless people to let them beat the shit out of them, you get the idea
>I wish I'd had gotten in earlier - a few anons were living like literal kings now, complete with their own fledgling countries
>a couple more livestreams pop up - more nolinker suicides
>the jannies quickly take them down
>the doc takes my phone and we make small talk until I slip into the abyss
>Im declared dead
>This sets off my contracts interlinked within contracts interlinked within contracts interlinked within oracles
>The first contract releases the payment to the Cryonics organization
>Immediately after my Link portfolio is reorganized by a series of contracts written to stake my Link automatically for safe profits
>years pass and an army of profit taking contracts are at work, diversifying my portfolio into various assets for another level of security
>100 years pass and the stop loss contracts still haven't kicked in
>As if no time had passed at all I'm awake, for a second I think I'm still waiting to be put into Cryogenic sleep


>> No.13756379

>A new doctor is explaining everything to me
>He hands me the shoebox I put some possessions in - a photo of my family, a photo of my cat, my first Ledger Nano
>I can tell this body isn't organic, but it looks completely natural
>The doctor shows me my portfolio
>Adjusted for inflation, I'm the equivalent of a 2021 billionaire
>I pay for an ego backup
>A sensor imbedded in my body serves as an oracle, if I die my consciousness will immediately be restored in a new body
>I spend some decades roaming Earth, talking to the other old Linkers
>Learn that ayys made first contact soon after our societal and technological development was spurred on by smart contracts
>Pay homage to the statue of Sergey Nazarov, standing in the center of what was once Israel
>Send 1 Link to the janitors wallet as he scrubs Sergey's giant stone feet
>He gets a notification and realizes he's suddenly a rich man
>Exclaims he can finally buy his freedom, breaks down crying tears of happiness
>Figure I've had enough of Earth, pay a ship building company to make me a vessel resembling the one I once flew in EVE Online
>Explore the stars and meet all sorts of interesting people and space niggers using worm holes rendered traversable by some alien technology
>Enter the infinite
What are you gonna do when you make it, anon?

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it is crazy, go look up oraclize cost per call to get a more realistic outlook. You need a very large amount of link combined with professional skills and API deals to make a significant amount of money as a node, which is why 99% of linkers will sell off their link stacks and those tokens will be locked away in nodes for all time by the actors who have the infrastructure and skillset to properly utilize them

>> No.13756511

I think you mean the ENTP overlap ;)

Really just NT types in general.

>> No.13756525

that's fud and you know it.

use either linkpool, fiews, or clc access to staking easy and get the income, more $$ passively than what you make at your salary job.

>> No.13756664

>What are you gonna do when you make it, anon?
I'm going to personally obliterate all cryo-centers by the year 2025 using a flamethrower powered sledgehammer while blasting italian disco

>> No.13756665

OK, you guys finally got me. Best place to buy and hodl LINK? (want to buy directly for € preferably)

>> No.13756691

it isn't FUD, only the largest nodes will be able to get competitive deals with valuable API providers, and on a by call basis you are like at pennies per call. Would love to be educated as to the contrary?

>> No.13756968

What did NEO do, 500x? Or only 100x?

>> No.13757030
File: 16 KB, 162x311, th2XDBX8EP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What did NEO do, 500x? Or only 100x?
It changed a lot of /biz/ adopters rich as it did with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

>> No.13757050

go fuck yourself no spoon feeding we worked hard

>> No.13757062

I bought at $7 and sold most at $100-200. Some scam

>> No.13757109

Coinbase. Ask for Derek.

>> No.13757116

>I bought at $7 and sold most at $100-200
And now you are here with you LINK holdings. Well done. You are clearly blessed. Enjoy your wealth with LINK.

>> No.13757145
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Iron hands bitches. Link Marines all in since .14 cents check in right now Jason Parser on deck!

>> No.13757157

Don’t sell?

>> No.13757191

>Baby discovers stop loss

>> No.13757193
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>> No.13757209

I hate you all so fucking much
I hate your stupid fucking images you spam day after fucking day after day of stupid frogs and that fat fucking retard who looks as stupid as he dresses
I remember when this garbage hit $0.13 and I spammed threads showing just how retarded you people were for buying this piece of shit coin. None of you dipshits even know what it's for, you all just parrot "MUH ORACLES" whenever anyone asks. But what happens when they ask what the fuck an oracle is? Silence. Why? Because nobody fucking knows because it's all made up by the retarded NEETs here who are trying to get people to buy this obvious scam.

I can't wait until that fat fuck Sergey realizes he's sitting on millions, dumps his entire holdings and runs away while all you stupid frogposting morons cry fuck you FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU

>> No.13757259
File: 188 KB, 3084x2568, 343EFB36-F0FA-4E33-A8A3-D2A5394248E2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mad

>> No.13757267




>> No.13757374

how come no one ever posts proof they own chainlink?

>> No.13757442

jesus christ its that fucking reddit faggot from /k/ again

>> No.13757472

Why isn’t there a discussion of the 650 million unaccounted link tokens?

>> No.13757537
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I'll let you in on a little secret. Most people in this thread would not share this piece of information with you. So consider yourself very lucky. people like you were not meant to make it. It takes high IQ to understand LINK before the price rise.

>> No.13757646
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>the well-read among us have backgrounds allowing for a inter-dimensional understanding of business and how it intersects with core industries spanning global supply chain
Linkies are deluded
good image

>> No.13757669

It will still make sense for large node operators to offer staking services for LINK holders. Better that they have access to the LINK than not since your amount of LINK & nodes will determine the cap of what you can offer in terms of services.

>> No.13757672
File: 1.06 MB, 1117x1836, 1524179035767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. I've got 20k and I'll be selling 8k of my original stack plus 2k gained from staking.

>2k at $15 (recover all money spent on crypto + tax)
>1k at $40
>1k at $75
>1k at $110
>1k at $160
>1k at $250
>1k at $400
>1k at $600
>1k at $1000

>> No.13757695

Kek, because nobody does. If they did they would be an admission that they fell for the meme.

>> No.13758162

China and Korea lol

>> No.13758194

>talk to anyone about fiat
>most of the time they initially think you're discussing a car

>> No.13758295

What other crypto projects are safe bets? If you would be so kind....

>> No.13758365


>> No.13758753

Chainlink Prediction:

May 2019: $1

July 2019: $7/8

August 2019: Drops down to $5

September 2019 to June 2020: Will hover at around $10

October 2020: Reaches $300 approximately

April 2121: $1000

>> No.13758771

April 2021*

>> No.13758799

>April 2121: $1000
fuck I'm gonna be fucking dead by then

>> No.13758943

This anon is based

>> No.13758988

You are a MANIAC!

>> No.13758990

This fuck Thailand you faggot
Spend 2 months there
Went to Ukraine
Ukraine wins

>> No.13759025

This is the most based post I've ever read

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