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Thank you for being racist to us. Thank you for staying poor. Unironically, most people who bought Matic weren't white racists.

Let's go over a history of white racist losses.

1. The civil war. Got BTFO.
2. Emancipation of Slavery act. Got BTFO.
3. Most are virgins. Have sex. Oh wait. You can't.
4. Poor as fuck.

Enjoy poverty peasants. You deserve every single inch of misery. Have fun waiting years for a shitcoin like Link to moon (hint: it won't) while I 10xed my entire stack in a week.

This market is a scam you dumb fucks. You enter and exit. I unironically just exited MATIC. Watch it be the top. Nothing even matters anymore. I made it and just cashed out, while you racists didn't.

Good bye. Have fun missing BSV too btw (the only non scammy coin I'll keep) and keep FUDing like you did MATIC.

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After you going to buy a toilet with your gains?

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Stay poor, stay un-potty trained.

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SEETHING. LOL I fucking told you that was the top. Fuck it feels SO FUCKING good to buy the bottom, and sell the top. 3 minutes after I post, it just dumps 10%.


EVERYONE ELSE: Stay poor. Fuck I'm literally vibrating out of joy right now.

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LINK is going to commoditize the shit on the Mumbai streets

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Congrats anonymous

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Trips of truth. To all you curry niggas reading this... I'm going to drive my lambo soon, just to increase global warming and watch you fuckers die from water restrictions on my 80 inch oled.

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jinxy cat jinxy cat where are you?

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The holy cows and animals of India aren't holy at all.
The cultic worship and veneration of such animals stems from ancient Indo-Aryans and their domination of native Indians. After genociding them along with the semitic phoencians, the ancient brown dravidians submitted to the white Aryan invaders and were declared out of castes, the dalit.
To even TOUCH a cow or farm animal was a death sentence at the hands of the big dicked Aryan God-kings so dalit brown niggers went out of their way to never touch them.
Time went on and enough Indian women were raped (and enjoyed it) that the entire north of India has a different genetic makeup than the southern Dravis.
So, half of India are self loathing rape babies whose ancestors fell in love with white cock. Also Hinduism is just a retarded off spring of Vedic tradition brought by white Aryans.
Fuck India.

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2030 superpower sirs

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Not read this while imagining the pajeet accent.

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checked and based

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Ranjeet’s first gain

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First, the word "pajeet" is racist. Second, I don't have an Indian accent. Third, you mad bro?

It's okay. One day, you'll make it...

As a dishwasher for the kitchen at my company. See you at work tomorrow wagie.

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Checked and keked

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>poo poo cacka cacka

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Glad to hear you have enough rupees to open your own scam call center, Prakesh

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I live in America Matthew. Don't forget to send over that powerpoint.

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Patel you are being very rude right now.

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>...said Prakesh, while he glanced out of a hole in his mud wall and saw his neighbor walk into view, squat down and squeeze out a nugget that resembled his cousin

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I don’t care Matthew.

I live in a 25th floor penthouse you filthy racist peasant.

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Shit on me with your bags pajeet. My body is ready

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Your body will cease to exist soon when you’re homeless and broke.

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Racist cumskin. So many keyboard warriors here who haven’t hurt a fly it’s hilarious kek. Let me know when you guys FUD the next coin.

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Don't get too excited.

We wouldn't want you to go on a raping spree.

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im white enough to admit defeat, congrats on making 8 poopees out of your 2 ranjeet

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Closer to 400,and I've made more money in the last week than your shit stinking village has since it was cobbled together from clay.

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Cumskin racists love to make up stuff. Next you’ll be telling me you didn’t miss the matic pump. Stay seething.

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In which city though...

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Why is cumskin the best you fecal scented apes can come up with? I don't think a single white person has ever found it offensive. Women love to swallow cum and rub it all over their bodies. No one likes shit. It stinks just like you.

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If it wasn’t a good insult (and only using it since you like using insults), you wouldn’t be so mad. Take it easy Matthew. We need you at your best behaviour at work soon.

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You made an entire thread about how upset you are about white people reminding you that your people shamelessly take fat smelly shits in public.

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> Replying this fast
> Progressively adding unnecessary insults

Definitely seething. You can flex your usage of the dictionary as much as you want Matthew but you still have to go to work soon and I don’t. Stay mad.

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> unnecessary insults
You’re right, indian is already an insult

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Not as insulting as your bank account

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>Indian gloating about having enough money to only buy one pump

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>Have fun missing BSV too btw (the only non scammy coin I'll keep)
>Indian here
yep the story checks out boys

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At least I’m not a poopskin lol
You literally look like you bathe in a septic tank

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I’m literally orgasming right now seeing this level of butthurt.

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Maybe it’s a sacred cow fucking you in the ass?

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The only thing weaker than your insults are your gains.

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That's just a massive tikka masala turd coming out of your asshole and massaging your prostate as you look at this thread on your feces encrusted phone while squatting in the middle of the street.

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desu I'm glad you made it in your matic position.

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> He thinks the length of a joke is what makes it funny

Don’t ever do comedy.

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It's probably the sight of a white man fucking an Indian woman. Did you know the 2018 pornhub popularity results showed that "white man" was the most popular search query in all of India for both men AND women?
Indian women have a genetic predisposition to mate with whites because of the mass rape that occurred thousands of years ago. Indian men also love it since they're typically the byproduct of ancestral rape and see white men as stronger.

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I’m eating a hamburger made with sacred cow meat for breakfast right now. You mad?

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And I’m glad you didn’t.

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You keep commenting on my vocabulary and length of replies. Are you having trouble processing these words with your little monkey brain?

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pajeets on suicide watch

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But I did, anon.

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I’m Muslim peasant.

This has such a huge amount of cope that it’s time for me to leave this thread.

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It's ok, I'm about to have pork breakfast sausage for him. Imagine having a religion which forbids which of God's gifts you can eat.

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Imagine being proud of American/Western/“muh white” culture when your women are getting fucked left and right for whatever status they can leech off of. Degeneracy is at its peak.

You guys literally fucking invented cuckoldry while simultaneously having the lowest levels of testosterone on the face of this planet. I’ve never met a beta Muslim man.

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The reason god told man pork was wrong to eat was so he could have it all to himself.

>> No.13751655

> muh racists
Well I'm white racist and I have nothing against Indians. India was conquered by Aryans in the past and wealthy & educated Indians of high varnas are always white. Also I like Indian religion, Indians stayed loyal to true Gods while most of Europeans switched to cuckstianity.

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By the way if you’re Christian, the Bible forbids work. But degeneracy in your “muh western culture” is so high, 99% of you haven’t even been to a church.

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Might as well just spend the money on a nice vest.

Or a bomber jacket.

PS : I know of several restaurants that love to coat potatoes in bacon grease here in the states.

They don't tell your people. On purpose.

You won some money, but you'll inevitably piss it all away, and as for us, we get to go to sleep having knowingly fed Slimeys pork.

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Imagine being proud of living in a country full of incels that everyone laughs at for messaging hundreds of women a day and never getting laid.

>> No.13751706

do u like big ass White women?

>> No.13751717

I live in America you fuckwit. And I’m not a virgin unlike you.

By the way, the clock is ticking. Whether you’re on the east or west coast, it’s time to sleep wage. I’m just here to read the butthurt.

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Just look at the picture, it proves that race theory is 100% true.

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They get laid.

If you count gang rape.

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The new law specifically places no limits on which of God's creations man may eat, Mahmoud. Christ fulfilled the old law, and with his blood made all things new. Do not attempt a theological debate with me, especially coming from the position that literally says (via the supposed word of God) that Christians believe that the trinity is Mary, Jospeh, and Jesus when the trinity is God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

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I'm sorry, but its true, Indian women love to migrate to places like Canada and the United States because of white cock.
Looking at the average size of Indian dicks, it's really not a surprise. They grew accustomed to slaving for white cock in their skimpy silk outfits. The ancient Aryans took them for a ride, implanting noble seed into their fertile wombs over and over again, only for it to happen to them all over again with the British.
They just cant get enough of it. They crave having light skinned babies.
Just like most Muslim and Arab women as a whole. Muslim men are prudish and typically have terrible genetics. So, these women see athletic white men who love drinking, fighting, and have a history in the middle east as long cock barbarians. They throw their covers off and let white men plow them behind their husbands backs on a whim. The only difference between a Muslim brown and a non-Muslim brown is that the Muslims love it in the ass while the non muslims prefer getting knocked up because of how clean white blood is.

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>he's an indian
>a muslim
>AND a muslim
Doesn't get more JUSTd than this.

>> No.13751783

> Believing in the concept of a trinity invented 200 years after Jesus’s birth which is literally more illogical than 2+2=5.

Send my regards to the 2 churchgoers left in America. Your life and culture is degenerate and you know it.

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Whichever women are fucking whichever men, there is one thing certain.

None are fucking you.

>> No.13751844


The Gospel of John literally discusses the logos (holy spirit) being made flesh in Christ, descending from God the father.
You know nothing of Christianity, or Islam for that matter. You backpedaled and attempt to change the subject when exposed: as all idolators do.
There are only three philosophically defensible positions with regard to abrahamic religions: Christ is Lord (Christianity), man can never know if a God exists or doesn't (Agnosticism), or there is no god (Atheism). One can reject the Abrahamic faiths easily, but if one does not one cannot reject Christ and have a full theological understanding of the cannon.

Repent Mughal-Pajeet, you have no power here.

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bait, you're american and indians are extremely racist

>> No.13751876

> Believing in ancient stories without evidence

Let me know when you have evidence. You don’t even have the original Bible. Imagine being dumb enough to think a human being (who may or may not have existed) is God.

Fucking kek.

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The reason God told man not to eat pork, is because the animal was too large to eat in one sitting for a standard family, and too small to store enough of it to make it worthwhile via long term preservation: so it rotted.

Imagine trying to explain this to a neolithic/bronze age nomad and you can easily see why the big guy upstairs just told Grug and Krug just to leave that shit alone: especially when you also see that shellfish was forbidden until the new law by which time, interestingly enough, plenty of peoples had figured out how to keep pork and shellfish safe for consumption long enough to just be "risky" and not "you're already dead".

>> No.13751880

You should listen to Jay Smith.

He pretty much destroys Islam, and the best part is, he uses Islam's inability to keep a story straight to do it.

Even if you don't want to, you should be critical of the things you believe.

The Bible encourages that. "Come and let US reason together, says the Lord" - this implies a close and personal God that seeks to see his creation flourish.

Islam will kill you for questioning the 'prophet' (pig piss be upon him).

Doesn't that bother you? Blindly just accepting the word of a man that called himself a madman several times?

Did you know Mecca didn't appear on a map until almost 900ad?

Did you know we have scientific evidence that shows not one, or two, BUT EVERY SINGLE SURVIVING QURANIC MANUSCRIPT HAS BEEN ALTERED? - here's the kicker, they aren't the same changes, and it isn't little things like titles and articles.

The stories Mohammed claimed came from God were actually common knowledge at the time, we know this because we have older Gnostic writings.

Your religion, albeit populous and aggressive, will not make it past Jesus' rope day. You will all convert, you just don't know it yet.

>> No.13751897

> The Bible

Kek. Which one? No wonder your religion is defunct.

>> No.13751926

Actually, we do. We have more copies of the new testament than any other historic document.

Way more than your "pure" Quran.

Bakr didn't burn up the wrong one did he? Be shame for you guys if he did.

Also, what ever happened to that lost surah Aisha fed to the sheep?

>> No.13751943

>Pajeet calls himself Muslim.
>Proclaims the moral and intellectual superiority of his religion
>Confronted with basic bitch levels of theological evidence any halfway intelligent person can look up, immediately back pedals, shifts the goal posts, and starts screeching about MUH EVIDENCE.
>Imagining a person who literally rose from the fucking dead, who actually verifiably (although unnamed) existed from Roman records, is somehow befitting of less intelligent people than worshiping a caravan raider who died of a fever and was known to have his nine year old wife clean the cum stains out of his robes.

I'll be staring down at you from Limbo.

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You'd be surprised just how much India women like white men.
I fuck a very nice Indian girl named Raman. She has a husband back home that was arranged for her but she convinced he family to let her study abroad.
Suffice to say, she has no intention on going back. I asked her about her life and if she had ever been with a white guy. Or course she hadn't, so I told her about white guys and how they like Indian girls. She warmed up to the idea quickly when I joked about how big our dicks are compared to Indian guys.
After a little convincing I showed her mine and she was BLOWN away.
She was incredibly playful and began stroking it after I nudged her into it.
We've been fucking on the side ever since and she tells me how big it is compared to her husband's.
Now she gets money from back home to study whatever in university while getting fucked by white guys. The truth is that all Indian women are like this. I grew up surrounded by them. They love being groped and fucked by white guys because they understand that white is royalty. You Indians just cant compete and that's okay.

>> No.13751960

You will die and burn in hell.

>> No.13751968

This shows a terrible lack of understanding of either
1) theology
2) language
3) the most likely answer, both.

The "different" Bibles you are trying to frame have been debunked.

Do yourself a favor, instead of listening to Zakir Naik the next time you see him, ram a dildo down his throat instead.

>> No.13751979

Christianity is a religion that is most likely an amalgamation of earlier myths designed to fool people like you.

>> No.13751987

You aren't going to ever own a successful company... just look at the crazy words you are saying.
Do you see CEOs flying off the rail like that?

>> No.13752013

I don’t actually think there’s bulletproof evidence of hell. Also, he literally said the same to me right before it.

>> No.13752017

Also another horrible understanding of theology and it's impact on humanity.

There has never been anything like Christianity before or since.

>> No.13752048


>Burn in hell.
Nope, you gotta be a special type of monster to go there.
>Roast in Purgatory
Probably, but do you think this will somehow prevent me from believing in Christ? You do realize that in Christianity only the most vicious of souls are doomed, eternally, to the outer darkness. Even the corrupt, the degenerate, and those fooled by the world may be cleansed in purging fire (hence Purgatory) and eventually enter into the presence of God after a time. More importantly, however, is that Christianity isn't about sucking off the gods to get a reward: it's simply about the fact that everything you do will be weighed and judged. Really need to up your theology game friend.
Pajeet'd depleet'd and shit out your brains in the street'd.

>> No.13752075

You will live your entire life and die not knowing that Christianity is a myth designed most likely by people who have wishful thinking. It’s just a book at the end of day with nothing significant. You will never open your eyes and continue to live in delusion while wasting your life.

Have fun doing that and remaining poor at the same time.

>> No.13752076

Oh ok that covers burn in hell....
But why did you say he's going to die?

>> No.13752088

Everyone dies you idiot. I can say whatever the f

>> No.13752106

Fuck I want.

>> No.13752121

Ive literally seen muslim dudes butt fuck each other or animals through thermals on guard shifts.

>> No.13752123


Nice cope, Mahmoud. I'm sure your eventual entry level Mercedes will sure show me.

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>literally vibrating out of joy

>> No.13752146


And to be fair, the implication was either Purgatory or Hell. Pajeet too deplete to be replete probably didn't understand that in Christianity there is Heaven, the Limbo of the Children, the Limbo of the Fathers, Purgatory, and Hell in descending order.

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