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What do I buy? My shitcoins are useless and are dumping even now, last bullrun was easier I reckon. Help me bizbros.

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I saw a good project get shilled today but all the /biz/ pajeets cried scam. The people here don't deserve any advice, good or bad. The biggest scam of all gets the least FUD. Really makes you think...

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Good old LTC and ETH

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I bought ETH and it instantly dumped 5%.

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t. pajeet

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the biz way!
next step you'll learn: buy high, sell low

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nice meme, you are kinda memester you know

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harmony one

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Bad timing, i bought it yesterday and it did +12%

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I guess. That's why I am asking for an advice, because I fuck up timing and other things, like thinking.

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