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Justin Sun is such a faggot holy shit.
I'm pretty sure he wants to suck Vit's cock.

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I'm getting raging homosexual vibes

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Can somebody remind me why anyone gives Justin Sun money for his TRON shitcoin project?

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Vitalik is such a virtual signaling shitstain he'd probably let Justin fuck him in the ass lest he God forbid be labeled a fagphobe

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I have not seen anything from vitalik that would get him classified as a sjw.

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Craig and jimmy make a cute couple this is just pathetic

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The Sun is trying to be equal to Vitalik himself

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Crypto industries is ran by homosexuals and it's a beautiful and good thing.

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sjw's are all commies and he's a commie too. Literally indistinguishable

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why is he a commie?

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Is that fucking real? Crypto is so full of literal faggots, holy shit.

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he says that cause he missed the eth bullrun

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vitalik is extremely pro open borders and refugees
it worked out well for him, but he's a genius and the average somali isn't

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Most burger sjws are pro-corporate neoliberals

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I assume he's a televangelist type who somehow finds millions of simple fools to scam. A shameless person who knows how to take money from stupider people.

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>vitalik is extremely pro open borders and refugees
that's because he's worth more than $100M.
open borders = class warfare against the working class because it depresses wages and at the same time redirects economic conflict into ethnic and racial tensions. Support for social welfare drops as feelings of community and common purpose disappear.
Sufficiently rich people are completely insulated from problems in their gated communities or private islands (vitalik is rich enough for the latter).

Sure, many people for open borders are commies retarded enough to not notice it's contradictory to their ideology
Is that a deleted tweet or an edit? I only found this one

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ok comparing time (same, different timezone), same nicks called and same numbers it's clear you posted an edit of this post

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>Is that a deleted tweet or an edit? I only found this one
It's just me meming with inspect element. I don't know man, maybe you're right and he isn't a communist. I always got the impression he was.

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>that's because he's worth more than $100M.
more about how he moved from russia to canada when he was 5 in 2000

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The other fat eth dev is also an SJW but there is really nothing you can say because the fat smug asshole is probably hundreds of millions of dollars at this point

There is nothing worse than a smug faggot who is now well off financially, they're the worst people

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