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I hope you have lubed up your boi puccis because on May 15 I am gonna fuck you all so hard

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My boi pucci is always most and ready for you Craig, and you know that. Stop ignoring my text messages. I promise I will milk your dick with my gaping pucci untill you see stars

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can't wait to see CSW lie under oath.


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Been over ;)

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please, I beg you. Stretch my boi pucci with your huge meat stretcher

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Hope you can handle all this stiff

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Only one way to find out

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Let’s find out then ;)

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oh man, it feels so good. You mind if I stay for breakfast?

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Nah I just called you an uber you can leave now.

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>homosexual fetishist thread
>run by nChain's BCHSV bagholders
In other words, water is wet.

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Will someone please tell a retard what the bch fork is about and what to do if I own 1 bch coin as of now..is it hard or soft fork? Will coinbase give me the other coin for holding 1 bch on coinbase?

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Dude sell your BCH is going to fucking tank.

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What am I doing here ?

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