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That Craig and Roger broke up, him and jimmy are a much cuter couple

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fags gonna fag

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So romantic. I see love in their eyes

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>Tfw no jimmy to protect me from the world

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Who and Roger?

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I fucked OP's mom in the asshole without a condom!

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I did the same to your father so consider us even ;)

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why live

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Tfw you will never have a chad jimmy in your life... feels bad bros

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they are the best couple in crypto ever

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l'il jimmy doesn't care about you

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What the fuck biz. I think Jimmy is cheating on Craig. I just took this pic of Jimmy with some other slut. I even saw them kiss so intense it looked like they tried to deep throat each other faces. Should we contact Dr. Craig about this?

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Best not be troublin him just now lad.
The Doctor has, eh, a LOT on his plate right now

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This rustled my jimmys.

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Gay mafia of crypto

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15 ruppees guaranteed next moon
much success team!

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Who gives a rat's ass about these faggots?

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This is fake, right?

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Raj Reddy and Aj Poo, fake?
these are legends of the game man, legends

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