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Can you feel it lads? We are getting close.

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it feels like the last 20 pumps
We're still 3 months from mainnet AT LEAST and 12 months away from any real price moves.

Remember, no body cares about the oracle problem until we have a half decent scaling solution.

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Chad response.
This here.

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Nice to see my oc in the wild after returning 2 years later

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Muthafuckin' digits nigs! We have make it!

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kys you fucking faggots are insufferable it's literally less than 2 months out and its already fucking finished

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Link is the scaling solution.

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June 1

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It really is tho. We will have off-chain scaling solutions with necessary data being delivered on-chain to lessen the work load of having all data being processed on-chain.

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I’m convinced nobody actually knows anything about this space at this point

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You just win.

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My mind read this as "the world is a scam"

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>We will have off-chain scaling solutions with necessary data being delivered on-chain to lessen the work load of having all data being processed on-chain.
could you tell me more about this? How could this work and still be decentralized, if some data they are treated centralized and can be modified or hacked?

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It’s all junk except bitcoin

There you go.

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That's about to change.

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>3 months away
should I listen to you or the fucking head of BD who said first half of the year?

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>muh digital currency
literal nigger brains

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Can someone explain me this, please?
I want to learn

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offload as much computation as you can offchain in TEEs, then connect the results to the blockchain with chainlink

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Thank you
Can't this also be done with Intel SGX standalone?

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how would you get it on the blockchain without an oracle? and if you’re using an oracle why not use chainlink?

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Based meme quality OP. Good work.

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pure FUD at this point

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I can feel loosing my money

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chainlink hasnt solved the oracle problem

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There is no scaling issues, because there is the almighty chainlink.

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>if ChainLink gets just 1% of the world GDP, we’re gonna be rich
>just 1%

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How much link to make it?

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This reminds $10k/link is just pathetic FUD, 1 million/link is FUD! Future World Dictators!

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i sent 1 btc to a BCC address and I got it back form poloniex

so I bought link

I felt like in the gospel, jesus returning and me, faithless.

god wants me a linker

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I'm so sick of you fucking idiots. Your "main net" was supposed to have been last year, yet you all still buy into this stupid scam.
I lost everything last year and quit biz.. coming back to see this still alive only convinces me that the faggot-face janies are too busy sucking cock to do their jobs and perma ban the lot of you.

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>the posterboy for butthurt

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t. linklet

get in on the moon mission while you still can

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The rest of biz used to call you all stinky linkies, until the coinpocolypse and then everyone left to clean up their broken lives. Everyone. Except you deluded same-shirt wearing, scam-buying, sub-70 IQ, fucking dumb idiots who spam the same tired shit every fucking day, keeping everyone out of this board who might actually contribute something of value.
Your link shit will never be worth anything except in pump and dumps, and none of you will EVER make it.

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Hey buddy, cheer up. Wen smile?

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>being this mad about free money

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>12 months away from any real price moves.
>Insurance, derivatives, and shipping by the end of the year confirmed

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>0.47 and dropping

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buy the dip idiot, we're in this for the long term

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Just what do you think is going on in testnet right now?

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>caring about the price of LINK before mainnet

$0.20-$0.60 has been the accumulation zone for the past year. If you haven’t been slowly accumulating the biggest stack you can during that time I don’t know what to tell you

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All this shit about link is downgrading this forum infinitely. This is so sad to see

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t. linklet

I know a lot of people genuinely hate us now, but this is nothing compared to the levels of smug that will occur after link moons.

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I steadfastly refuse there are people on this board who own tens of thousands of a shitcoin like LINK. I want you to post your wallets or I'll never believe any of you. This will prove that it's just a meme to trick people into buying a shitcoin.

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I don't know about tens of thousands, but I don't see a reason not to believe that people genuinely hold link. And it's not a shitcoin relative to other alts.

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Goddam shit Android keyboard bullshit

Unironically hold 100k+

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Space isn't real.

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It is a shitcoin but that doesn't mean people don't hold it. Not me, of course, but if you go on Twitter right now and search $LINK, you'll find shills pushing it hard. People are dumb and desperate. LINK has existed for 2 years, by the way, and has absolutely nothing to show for it. Look at the investors; They're all crazy. Just leave them to their fate.

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This is rich coming from the man who "lost everything" in the "coinpocolypse." What were you saying about making it?

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t. salty XRP subhuman nigger who's mad his 41 billion supply kike scam coin is not replacing swift or working with them, unlike ChainLink, even after 7+ years of no adoption.

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xrp is a security with no adoption after 7 years

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I am from uruguay and the other day I found a guy that has 10k link, if there is one guy with 10k here in tartarus, there must be a lot of 10k+ holders in US and europe

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This. I fuckin hate link and everyone and everything it stands for. This coin is the epitome of stupid.

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Link is Stink
2 cents eoy
Cheggum nig

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