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How often do you think about killing yourself, /biz/?

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I can’t afford to.
I have things I must take care of before I can even think about that.

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>tfw too cool to kill myself

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maybe around once a day ?

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Yeah about once a day

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at least 10 times a day.

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I have no intention to, but the thought of not dealing with bs anymore is always nice.

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yep, every day, I should have done it when I was 14, (i'm 35 now.....)

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I'm not really sure what to do with my life.

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only in the mornings

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currently once a week, but it was worse in the past. children make like way more joyful

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what your experiencing is pure joy, although im not a religious man, pride is the existential crisis to mankind

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I’m constantly thinking about kys, though I made it a game now where everyday I try not to kill myself. Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge to work every day? I hold the fuck onto the wheel and do not look out to the ocean. Work in one of highest building in SF, out door terrace 80 floors up with no substantial safety rail. Fuck me, I just sit on the railing drinking my coffee hoping for a gust of wind to knock my balance... ugh there are literally so many ways to die every single day. I just keep telling myself to wait for tomorrow and maybe I won’t want to die anymore.

I’m also fucking rich and have a hot wife and kids. I feel bad for them, I probably will kys sooner than later. Fucked up mental disorder man. Depression is a bitch.

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every fucking day

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literally constantly. i have ptsd due to alcoholism, and was an alcoholic due to poverty.

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Fuck, me too

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Constantly, it's like the background music to my life. Not stupid enough to actually do it, but I wish so much it wasn't there. sometimes its so loud I can't think, sometimes its just like a buzzing in my brain. Fucked I know, but what can you do..

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It's probably every 5th thought

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I just sleep all day to feel like I'm dead

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Why though

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At least every week

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kys is so stupid, I would rather take a tranny cock up my ass than kms and I hate trannies

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Everytime I am in a matero station I am considering jumping off the platform

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About 5 times an hour.

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Worst part is I don't even have any good reasons to do it. My life isn't bad at all. Just.... Boring

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Literally never. I actually feel like I've been on an adventure since making close to a million in 2017 and starting a business where I've actually come up with ways to make real innovations. Don't fucking kill yourself. I used to be a literal hikki and now I've completely transformed.

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How did you make it?

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too much of a bitch to do it though

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numerous times a day, couldn't count

usually think about how to do it while making it look like an accident. I have a fast car, so I could drive that into a wall or something

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maybe only if I will be old, poor, alone and useless, which I think it's not gonna happen anyway

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and this

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Whats the point of killing yourself? Feeling bad is better than being unable to feel anything anymore forever.

You gotta learn to love how fucked everything is and then ride the wave breaking bad style.

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also why are suicidal people not trying to kill some high ranked politician or the head of the fed as a last effort to save humanity?

They always run in scools and shoot kids like wtf does this even do?

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Some man just want to see the world burn. Might as well see how this roll out.

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> suicidal people
because they don't know anymore?

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You're an alcoholic bc you like to drink. It is literally your master

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If you have to ask you're clueless

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things can change just not out of nothing

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Every other day. I have nightmares on regret about every night too. To be human is suffering.

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Never because I know my spirit came here through free will to experience both the joy and suffering of life. Life is a ride, enjoy it and accept the bad as learning / growing experiences shooting you toward your true Destiny.

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It used to be 3x per day. Now that I’m a month away from freedom only once a week

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I always have it in the back of my mind as a fall back. I'm doing alright but I always reason with myself that nothing I do really matters and I don't really try because I'm going to kms anyway.

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Imagine the prospect of having no purpose, or no ability to fulfill any purpose, ever.

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Nowadays almost never, but it's because I had a shit-tier childhood that I always compare my current, much-better living circumstances to. I still have a while before my friends start getting married en masse, but I bet the bad feels will come back around that time (unless I manage to finally get a gf by then)

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Never because I found God yesterday

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Like, basically every every thought stream I have usually ends in "well, I'm going to have to kill myself then".

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suicide is the ultimate redpill

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Full of shit unless post terrace pic

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My life has been an endless string of being cucked, emasculated and humiliated. So every time I think about those memories I want to kill myself. It wouldn't be so bad if I could leave this small town and all the people who know how pathetic I am. But I'm pretty much stuck. I have no education beyond high school, no money and my license is revoked.

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Once every like few months when things are tough but never seriously consider it

I'm afraid to die
It would hurt my family
Seems like quitting
I like stuffing my fat face too much

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I share the same problems with you fren. May our crypto gainz one day help us escape this wheel of suffering.

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If I am not a millionaire by the time I'm 50, I will seriously consider necking. If LINK doesn't succeed, nothing matters in this clown world. I am 26 right now, so I still have some hope.

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before I started making it, a lot

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Post a pic of yourself driving off the GG bridge or you’re LARPing

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I think about it more and more these days. Gun or helium would be preferred way

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Everytime I go to sleep/wake up.
Living after 30 is a torture.

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Same Desu trying to get rich then crash and burn before I’m done old

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Why would i kill myself when i will die no matter what. Why are there so many pesimistic faggots here ? Stop spreading your lack of will to live to others that shit is cancer.

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3 times today. Has anyone found any way to enjoy life? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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>>13487962 #

If this is real, I feel the exact same way. Could you take some time off and spend it with your wife and kids?

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>How often do you think about killing subhumans*, /biz/?
All the time.

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Sorry you're feeling that way anon. Good on you for making it this far.

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go buy an uncommon instrument and master it (accordian, banjo, clarinet). stop giving a fuck what npcs think especially what women and retarded libs think, do your thing.
also dont be a hermit. you need interactions. this doesnt imply you have to give a fuck what people think about you

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What’s up with this? What’s with this societal wide ennui? Did our parents generation think this way?

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constant marxist and kike gaslighting from birth does this to any normal and sane person. we live in clown world, it's rather normal to think to yourself you don't want to live in clown world anymore.

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no they didnt. because they had a sense of culture. our generation has no culture or sense of community. we have hedonistic consumerism

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Good advice, thanks. I'll try that.

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Geopolitics fag here

Surprisingly not, just feeling from getting an amazing trade, eating good food, getting a good adrenaline rush is unparallel. Sometimes I read a book, listen to a song or see a movie and it's so good that i wonder how could someone write that and that i couldn't experience it if i was dead and other experiences are too good to pass off for nothingness.

Besides that observing how the world is gonna be shaped in future, what new technology or discoveries are gonna be made and what powers are gonna shape world is surprisingly entertaining.

Honestly, if there was a cure for ageing I would take it.

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suffering and depressed as fuck since 15 years now, heart hurting and going fast, randomly losing any will to continue anything when thinking of some stuff, yet I never thought a second of doing this, what's going on in your heads ?

seems like a low self esteem problem, maybe I have a high self esteem problem kek

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>there are still /b/ tier edgelords on 4chan

Some things never change *unsheathes katana*

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do it brother. I picked up a banjo a year ago and I had no idea how rewarding it would turn out to be. plus the perfect insturment for clown world.
Time goes fast. enjoy the ride. also obviously, no drugs/booze. and never make excuses for why you dont to thots or peers. just own it

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>>13490828 Mostly same feel. Would be fun to see the world 30 years from now. Is the only goal just to watch what happens? Are movies just an escape? or is the goal to become so immersed that we forget we exist forever?

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I made a million in2017 but didnt cash out how do i cope?

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You have lost hope in life because our world is dying. You may have some issues with yourself but deep down it's because the very ethos of man is being destroyed. Rejoice fren, for you get to witness the collapse of western civilization, that in and of itself is a cause to live for.

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Every time I remember that I'm stuck at this fucking Walgreens for the rest of my life and I can't even do the drugs I used to like anymore because of my blood pressure.

>> No.13490921

All the time but not because of finances.

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t. shitskin cope
you wish you were White

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See I feel down because I missed the bull run, I can’t imagine the feeling of having made it and then immediately lose it all

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I never think about killing myself. My life isn't great or anything. I'm 19 years old going to community college for free but I fucked up in Uni so I'm 35K in debt but who actually cares about debt and plans on paying anything other than interest rates. Anyways, I have 12 ETH and .32 BTC. Cock works, live at home for free, and whores from my past are constantly hitting me up for sMEX.

Life's good bros

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you're too young, you will realize how shitty people are, the trick is to find one that isn't

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>19 years old
Simmer down there champ, you still have a lot to learn

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answer me this, whats the fucking point

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>you are not alone with your thoughts
many have been through this, nobody talks about it, why biz? no idea

>> No.13491298

Probably no point, a lot of the time I find myself asking “this is it isn’t it?”

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think about investments instead anon. MONEY

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>How often do you think about killing subhumans

>we live in clown world,

>the very ethos of man is being destroyed

>t. shitskin cope
>you wish you were White


the absolute state of this fedora tipping anon

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>virgin faceapp poster
>chad samurai ubermensch

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>See I feel down because I missed the bull run, I can’t imagine the feeling of having made it and then immediately lose it all

this desu. It suck to have missed to bullrun. But losing it all must feel much worse

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I didnt lose it all I just only have $100k instead of $1mm

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I dunno OP how many seconds does a day have?

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Never, because then I will miss the singularity.

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used to think about it every day

then I got religious and now I never do. Praise Him.

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bout tree fiddy times a day

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Never anymore, but during the great justening I was considering. Never made plans, just reshuffled my life and am doing great.

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You’re right, losing 90% of your stack isn’t losing it all

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About every 15 minutes.

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At least once a week.

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