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> You wasted all of your 20's sat in front of a fucking computer.

> You didn't progress a career

> You didn't "travel"

> You didn't make use of being young and getting girls when it's so easy and your brain can still enjoy it

> You didn't do fucking anything

> You literally just sat in front of a computer, pursued some retard-tier hobbies, and zombied through a decade

> Maybe you had health problems or similar, that meant you couldn't really do very much in those years.

Wut do now?

Very srs thread. I am turning 33 in five months and look about 36 already.

I am OK financially. Fucked in every other way. Anyone else?


> try to catch up (you can't and it's just pathetic)
> try to slot in where you are (you can't because you have no career, no friends, and are noticeably different)
> kys

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>tfw injured my arm and an heading into the same direction as op
>Turning 26 this year
>Kissless virgin

At least I make above 80k per year (cad bucks though, but it's good for my age and the area).

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what do you want?

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He wants your dick dude.

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I did all that

I'm still miserable af and still here

All the bullshit you listed is a goddamn meme

Surround yourself with people you love and find a goal that you find truly intrinsically rewarding while also providing extrinsic promise/benefits to a degree

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But i played wow in its peak, nothing can top that

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When chainlink moon my real life will begin

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This, bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/ and so on

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>Surround yourself with people you love and find a goal that you find truly intrinsically rewarding


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If you have a good career and if you're actually skilled and are not just living by "fake it till you make" it like 80% of the plebs, take a year off and do whatever the fuck you wanna do.

Your mind will be so rotten from all the wagecucking that you will need to set a clean travel schedule so you won't go crazy not living my the clock, but at least it will help you get out of your house and actually do things.

If you still feel the same after one year of freedom, it's over.

good luck anon

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I'm 31 and somewhat in the same boat as OP but I've travelled extensively, found someone that loves me, I look really young for my age, healthy and physically fit, job is just OK, I spend way too much time online, but I'm convinced happiness is largely irrelevant to external circumstances, like, it comes from within, or something gay like that. I'm no more or less miserable than I've ever been.

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First of all, why would you ask for help here? Consider a counselor.

It is okay to have PC hobbies, personally, I became too bored with NPC games like WoW over ten years ago, and League only held my attention because of RL friends who I enjoyed dicking around with.

You need to find a group to grill your stupid ass and keep you accountable, martial arts, biking, literally any creative or physical pursuit where you can connect with a real world community of real people. You are holding on to very silly beliefs about yours life and life in general - there is nothing to catch up to, all humans regardless of income or status share a common fate in mortality.

If you allow your mindset, opinions and outlook to be formed by an echo chamber of underage, NEET's, mentally ill, caustic toxic bitches, then what do you expect? Is it really that hard to grasp how much the environments you steep yourself in effect you?

Have you ever done anything charitable? Do you take basic physical care of yourself(I'm not talking about lifting, I mean taking a few walks a day, positive self care, healthy nutrition, valuing the natural relationships you have with family).

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>If you have a good career and if you're actually skilled

Yea I think my OP made it pretty clear that that is NOT the case, anon.

>I'm 31 and somewhat in the same boat as OP but I've travelled extensively, found someone that loves me, I look really young for my age, healthy and physically fit, job is just OK, I spend way too much time online, but I'm convinced happiness is largely irrelevant to external circumstances, like, it comes from within, or something gay like that. I'm no more or less miserable than I've ever been.

>I'm no more or less miserable than I've ever been

That's not to say you wouldn't be in a much worse state (psych/mood etc) if all those good things you mentioned had NOT taken place. You would experience a number of new anxieties about where you life is that you don't have, and have never had (by the sound of it).

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Men peak in their 30's and girls tend to like older men.

best years are ahead boys. Don't give up.

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Yes but I've been an unemployed bum before and my happiness level now is definitely higher but not as much as I thought it would be, of course external circumstances matter, I wouldnt want to get trapped in a cage getting ass raped by a pitchfork on a daily basis, im just saying external circumstances matter to a less degree than most normies think

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Im a 34 year old boomer. In my 20s I did
>trave all over the world
>live in 3 different countries longterm-ish
>fuck dozens of girls
>tried tons of different drugs
>built an online business
eventually I realized its all a meme. Now Im back to shitposting on 4chins all day.

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>Is it really that hard to grasp how much the environments you steep yourself in effect you?

I am a BIG believer in this and actually have a few times undergone a total transformation by excluding myself from certain influences and communities and exposing myself intentionally to others. In my early/mid 20's I had some seriously harmful ideas about socialising/girls etc which I had to rid myself of and I largely did so by intentionally exposing myself to contrary ideas/people and brainwashing myself.

If you're referring to /biz, I don't really come here that much but I like to keep an eye on crypto as I'm quite heavily invested.

>Have you ever done anything charitable?

In my own way, sure, routinely. Not mainstream charity stuff, not my bag.

>Do you take basic physical care of yourself

Yea I do a lot of exercise, too much in the past but most of my hobbies are exertions. I eat well. I try my best to have healthy human relationships but that's one of the main things I struggle with and am only slowly improving at. I mean, I'm totally different to how I was ten years ago but still at nearly 33 I'm like a confident 18 year old or something.

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>Men peak in their 30's and girls tend to like older men.

Sadly total fucking cope. The "girls like older men" meme is grossly misused, anyone getting into their 30s and expecting to get young girls (i.e. not just +/- a few years) is going to be extremely disappointed.

I have fucked 140 girls in the last five years, that's one thing I've managed to catch up with through quite intense effort.

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>Im a 34 year old boomer. In my 20s I did
>>trave all over the world
>>live in 3 different countries longterm-ish
>>fuck dozens of girls
>>tried tons of different drugs
>>built an online business
>eventually I realized its all a meme. Now Im back to shitposting on 4chins all day.

I'm with you, mate - but you have to go through that, still! Yes it's all bullshit and you always "come back home" etc, but that's not the same as never doing it in the first place!

"Yea don't go and fuck loads of women, really I just want my wife anyway now." etc

But if you hadn't have fucked them all, you prob wouldn't/couldn't settle with your wife.

This is the frustration of it, normies who have had normal lives always say it "wasn't that good" and tell us autisms not to bother in the first place, but going through the process is crucial to our development and if you skip it all then you end up totally fucked.

"Ah no one cares about your school grades later on, anyway - just your work experience. So don't bother going to school."

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What a exhausting sad existence.

Having meaningless sex with a new girl every week. Not that i believe you or anything that comes out of ur shit mouth.

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I'm talking about a good RL career, not an "4chan good career", i.e. 300k/yeah with the age of 25.

You said you're well off financially, so you probably won't flip buns at McD's. You can literally travel a whole year with 25k USD. 2k/month will be enough in 95% of places on earth. Even in Europe you can live and get around off that easily.

25k for one year of freedom is a small price to pay not to blow one's brain out imo

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Go outside neet. This nigger living in a delusional fantasy world.

300k/year is a top 0.1% job

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>What a exhausting sad existence.
>Having meaningless sex with a new girl every week.

Yes and as you can tell from the OP I'm totally happy with this and not at all just desperately trying in vain to make up for crucial missed social experiences in my teens and 20's.

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I'm not in the same boat as I did everything in the green text and am slightly younger (29), but if you want a fuck ton of roasties like I and many other fkn autistic gentlemen did just make getting them your sole passion, guarantee you'll be just as happy drowning in poon as now though. Find Saul Tee for the how, he's an Ausfag from Sydney, gl anon

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You need to talk to a counselor/therapist/life coach, this isn't a substitute

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it's fucked, but you have to try catch up. Doesn't really matter if you're 33, 43, or 23, you feel like you're behind, regardless. Everyone does.

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>140 girls
You got meme'd by insecure "red pilled pick up artists" and have obliterated your ability to create a meaningful bond with a valuable partner, while simultaneously contributing to the dilution of the modern relationship.

I know two girls IRL married to men 20+ years older, btw. It is not only a time tested reality, but also a reaction to girls getting used by faggots like you who have somehow equivocated being whores to a measure of life quality or personal value. You meme'd yourself hard, faggot. You are as impressionable and used up as the whores who you think you're "playing"

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speak for yourself. when i was 20 - 25 i was drinking and getting stoned with friends. Ahen i was 25 - 28 i was an otr truck driver and got to visit almost every state. but then 08 hit and i got hit by the recession.

still pathetic as Fuck though because in 35 years ive only actually had sex once. the rest of my sexual encounters was just blow jobs.

but yea. thats why waging doesn't make sense. you don't realize how short life is until its half over.

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Why is sex so important to you fags??
>omgggg if I don't put my peepee inside a vagene I'm going to die
Fucking morons.

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>You have obliterated your ability to create a meaningful bond with a valuable partner, while simultaneously contributing to the dilution of the modern relationship. You who have somehow equivocated being whores to a measure of life quality or personal value. You meme'd yourself hard, faggot. You are as impressionable and used up as the whores who you think you're "playing"

> Speaking so aggressively to me as if I'm not fully aware of this already, probably moreso than he can ever understand himself.

>I know two girls IRL married to men 20+ years older, btw.

> Thinking this has any kind of statistical relevance whatsoever. I know a guy in his 60's with a 27yo wife, yea. I also know a girl who's 6ft3 and a cat with five legs.

>> No.13470438

>speak for yourself.

I don't understand, you seem to be just as fucked as I am...?

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Jokes on you OP. I did all that shit.

>> No.13470453

One day you'll realize how miserable "functional" people actually are, they're waking up to a job they hate, eat like shit, do not exercise, do not read, don't care about their political freedoms, don't care about their history or the meaning behind occasions and they get in bed with people they despise. Why do you want to catch up to that? Just live your life.

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Replies so far:

> people just as fucked as me

> people just as fucked as me but clinging to lottery-win hopes of "making it" when they're incredibly old and rotten and physically incapable of experiencing young people's things anyway

> normans who can't tell they are

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>One day you'll realize how miserable "functional" people actually are, they're waking up to a job they hate, eat like shit, do not exercise, do not read, don't care about their political freedoms, don't care about their history or the meaning behind occasions and they get in bed with people they despise. Why do you want to catch up to that? Just live your life.

> describing an unpleasant situation no one aspires to and then asking why I aspire to that

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well you seemingly do. wdym with "progress in a career" or "getting girls"? both ways you'll betray what you actually want and the only people who push you towards such a path are pieces of shit. just live your life

>> No.13470484

>moreso than he can ever understand
so you also have the emotional maturity of a teenager, aside from being a complete faggot - like I said, you're just an insecure boy

>> No.13470486

What do you want, CAPSNIGGER?
If you want self pity, go to r9k or start cutting yourself like some emo. You're no longer 20 and shouldn't need people to tell you what to do with your life. Get a therapist or waste your money on some self-improvment courses.

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You just described me perfectly but I'm happy and I believe that's what counts

I'm 33 and bald. I love my shaved head but I'm lazy about shaving it so I'm the man who always has a hat on
I "wasted" a little more than my 20s
I dont want to travel. I'm a cripple and like having good hospitals and health insurance. I prefer to look at the same stuff online
I'm not a virgin but I have erectile dysfunction and verified incredibly low test nowadays
I didn't do anything other than make money
I have nonhobbies other than automobiles
Yes a lot of health problems. Autism, multiple traumatic brain injuries, I was in a bad accident so I'm a cripple who cant run/jump/squat or stand too long but j can walk. I have heart disease, heart failure, and have had a heart attack. I have no memory but that allows me to rewatch the same movies and shows repeatedly
I've also got prosopagnosia so I dont even recognize people and I come off as rude because idk who anyone is or their name when they recognize me. Years ago before I moved people would recognize me and say like hey Adam what's up and I'd just draw a blank
I moved and abandoned all my "friends" many years ago. I just didn't enjoy spending time with them. It felt like wasting time. They all smoked weed. They come with obligations and I've been used by most friends
I dont ever want children

Despite all of this I'm very happy. In fact this is the best time of my life. I had a bad childhood, was on probation with a curfew my whole teenage years, spent 18-mid 20s in and out of jail/probation/prison.
Nowadays I'm completely free. I dont use any drugs. I have money. I eat good.
I'd like to find some hobbies that I enjoy other than cars bikes boats

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i mean. i think i enjoyed my 20s a bit more than you did but we are both pretty fucked.

>> No.13470734

>this is the best time of my life. I had a bad childhood
IKTF brother. Also, cars are a proper hobby, just keep going into that, maybe eventually expand to buying shitboxes at junkyards and making them into sleepers

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i'm in a worse state and i'm 40. no memeing, i plan to kill myself when things become unbearable. give it a year, 2 max.

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Fucking idiots posting demoralizing threads. Listen anons, you'll be just fine. Travel is a meme, group orgies is a meme, having a home is a meme. The way you live is the way you live, perhaps you can change it in 20 years' time but don't stress out about it, just stay calm and keep working.

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Sitting in front of a computer was what got me a job where I basically do fuckall and can afford to live by myself in exchange, so I wouldn't count it as a waste in the long term. As far as grills go, I look like I'm 17 even though I'm 26, so most girls don't want me, and the few that do I end up ignoring because of my non-existent self-esteem. But this can be solved with just a few therapist visits, which I can now afford thanks to my job that I got through "wasting" my time with computers during my early 20's

>> No.13470780

Things being a meme is a meme, generalizations are sheep politics

>> No.13470808

lol, I'm 19, are there really people twice my age on this website? This website is for kids, what are you old farts still doing here? If I'm still here when I turn 25 I will just kill myself because it means I'm a failure in life.

>> No.13470829

you'll be here when you're 30+

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It's the one thing society judges you on in the end. If you ever become the world's richest man, all they'll ever say is "Well, where's Mrs. [your last name here]?" It's also your duty as an organism to reproduce, so if you fail to do that then you fail at life no matter how successful you are in other areas.

>> No.13470881

yet, with all these "opportunities" afforded to you to "get a girl" like you "got a job sitting on a computer", here you still sit today on a computer not doing it...because being on a computer "got you a job"

>> No.13470886

wew i did the opposite of all those

t. ex poker player who spent 9 years travelling the world playing mid stakes, doing drugs, and fucking bitches. my 20s were godlike. im writing a short story about them

>> No.13470900

why are you making this thread? Why are you trying to bring people down into the shit faggot?

>> No.13470907

>If I'm still here when I turn 25 I will just kill myself because it means I'm a failure in life
I'll need to remember to be here in six years with a rope just for you ready to go.

While you're right and this site did start out as a place for 2000's weebs to fuck around in, this site has channel-shifted (pun intended) to just be a place for the refuse of society or other online communities. But on this site you'll find reality and honesty, though you might have to dig for it. One day you'll mess up and it'll lead to further mess ups. If your friends are fake friends (which is common for normies), they'll leave you since you're no longer bringing value to them. Your girlfriend will leave you. You'll turn to advice to your usual social networks, only to suddenly find all the people on there unrelatable since they're all feigning success to gain e-peen (upvotes on Reddit, likes on Facebook/Insta, etc.). Then you'll remember about this place and how it's full of other people that messed up and after just a short while you'll find yourself on here more and more.

>> No.13470927

wagecuck cope

I did it, was a gay waste of time/money would not reccomend

>fucking thots
it's overrated trust

do whatever you want faggot OP
stop being so self critical and just enjoy life

>> No.13470936

I remember thinking that too when I was your age, all those years ago

Don't forget, you're here forever

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I had the exact same attitude as you at 19 browsing /pol/ and /r9k/. Now I turn 25 in a few days.

>> No.13470955

i started coming here aged 28. now 40.

>> No.13470957

but i did anon, i did
i spent all my 2017 gains touring around music festivals and raw-dogging gorgeous sluts
definitely got a uti but worth it

>> No.13470971 [DELETED] 

honestly I don't think I ever was crabbed in a bucket, but on the flip side nobody ever encouraged me and just acted like the things I was doing were non-important hobbies. My parents never outright called me out for working out, but when I overheard my mom saying to my dad, in a really contempt way, that I'm in my room "doing his stretches", it really struck me. My dad would barge in my room when I was working out and demand I help him with stuff around the house. Little bullshit like that. Never outright discouraging, but very subtle.

>> No.13470984 [DELETED] 

Where else should he be? Reddit, Facebook? I've read that bs a lot and those guys still stayed here in the end. Obviously you won't lurk or write that much anymore. But what else would you do when you're online? Reddit, Facebook or what?

>> No.13471054

You can't simply stop browsing 4chan, there are no alternatives. Even complete normalfags browse this site.

>> No.13471072

How do you get to ~27 without actually doing something about that? I lived my late teens and early 20s like that but at some point the boredom, dread, and shame became unbearable. Then I decided to go to uni, started reading, got a creative hobby, and now have a decent job.
It's probably not too late for you to do the same thing though.

>> No.13471102

>all my 2017 gains

kek, I planned a rather good 2018 with my gf but then just kind of forgot to cash out, then panic-traded myself down from good 6 figs to literally zero. Gf left me, quite rightly.


>> No.13471136

How are you happy when your life is seemingly worse off compared to others? Just genuinely curious. Otherwise, glad youre doing good man. Sounds like you've been through a lot.

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>just kind of forgot to cash out
no worries anon, Jesus will come to visit you and end your suffering

>> No.13471157

If he’s content with what he has in life than that makes him happier than the vast majority of people right there

>> No.13471161

OP I am also early thirties and not much better position than you, if at all, but I am positive about the financial opportunities in the future at least. The next crypto bull run should get most of us to financial freedom, especially if there is enough time to accumulate.

I agree with you on the relationship side though. I have paid for many prostitutes and I fear I have destroyed my ability to pair bond. Also being alone too long can embed a siege mentality, which makes it harder to connect to other people in general.

>> No.13471180

Damn are you literally me?

>> No.13471236


Yea I am going to be OK for money, I'm very lucky in that I have a basic passive income + about $100,000 in crypto right now. I believe I will be independently financially independent one day.

My issues are all social:

> shit at meeting girls
> scare people off
> player reputation despite being the opposite
> can only fuck 2's
> don't understand how to have friends
> no career/place/allies/fake-purpose etc
> brain which needs constant stimulation but no way into interesting lines of work


Very unsatisfying on a "spiritual" kind of level.

>How do you get to ~27 without actually doing something about that?

There is a particular reason for it but I was essentially "asleep" until a pivotal moment/change at age 28. Something similar happened last summer, another big step in waking up. I feel like I've only just now arrived in this world.

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You shouldn't compare yourself to others.
Think about it though, I'm alive and free. And this is the best I've ever had it. I'm incredibly comfortable and have no stress. I can afford pretty much whatever I want within reason. I can do whatever I want.
I dont live in a literal cage anymore and I never will again.
The only thing that sucks is being crippled and my health problems but nothing can be done about that.
I really almost died in that accident. I got hit by a semi truck on my motorcycle. I was rushed to the nearest ICU trauma center to have emergency surgery. I couldn't walk for months. It seemed like I'd never walk again. Then I used euro armbrace crutches for months.
But now I walk and I'm still alive!

>> No.13471260

I don’t think this situation is common, but it’s becoming increasingly frequent. I’m only regretful because I want to be a father, but those hopes are fading.

>> No.13471278

I did all of those things you didn't and did them excessively. I traveled the whole world, slept with tons of women, I have a high paying career and I even stayed fit and look much younger than I am. It doesn't matter. Life sucks when you're old. Anyone who says otherwise is coping. My life looks awesome by almost every metric (career, women, friends, parties, exotic vacations) but in reality I'm tired and bored all the time. Life is a scam.

>> No.13471291

that's literally what I was saying you imbecile

>> No.13471350

I travelled and fucked 100+ roasties when I was young and good looking.
I'm 30 now and I wish I had focused on business and be retired by now.
I will be retired by 40 at current rate, maybe earlier or later, but my 30s will be shit.

At least my 20s were awesome, and my 40s+ will be as well, assuming I dont get sick and die.

>> No.13471363

The spiritual side is mainly lack of belonging and having to catch up.
At our age, its probably best to just increase acquaintances through mutual interests as it takes so long to build genuine relationships.even if you had a career, most ‘friends’ start ditching guys like us who are still single In 30’s. There’s not much I can say to help, other than were all here together.

>> No.13471384

I'm 29 and I'm trying to look older for my age, not younger. How fucking sad are you losers if you're longing for youth instead of respect? I hated my 20s because I spent it partying and fucking around instead of focused on my career and saving money. I did all the "fun" shit and now it just makes me cringe. I'm not proud of myself or who I was in college or when I was 22's-27. I'm proud of who I am now. I go to bed wishing I did a 2 hour workout instead of a 1 hour workout because I feel guilty for not being more exhausted.

>> No.13471395


Good man, finally someone who did things right and realises it.

30's should still be fun if you get the balance between business and continued socialising. The socialising in your 20's will even help you.

>> No.13471399

I hustled online all through my 20s faggot, just cause you played games like a retard doesnt mean its a wasted time

>> No.13471414

>just cause you played games like a retard

No games, just forums mostly.

>> No.13471419


Should have made your own forums if you enjoyed it

>> No.13471422

Join the FFL and enjoy a few years of hard labor and possibly slotting skinnies.

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File: 771 KB, 1197x1228, 61b67b7d4c4acc9fb5a0be910f1de9a6079621d1e95306f29aceebe7ce827c7c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

top just

>> No.13471442

I'm just like the OP, except I don't even have money. I don't feel like I've missed out on anything considering I was a fat slob in my 20s who dressed terrible, had bad hygiene, depressed, emotional, less self-aware, and more dumb.

All I need to do is get a job, move out from home, and I've made up for "time lost". Never had an inclination to drink and get drunk, to fuck random women, or to hang out with most people. Socializing for most people is often simply huddling around a table smoking weed, drinking, playing cards, and talking. Or maybe going out to eat or hanging out on the beach.

Over the years I've learned to not rely on other people for my happiness, but rather realized it's all about how I perceive the world and my thinking patterns. More goods will not make me happier, neither will surrounding myself with people who may or may not be depressed, emotional, lack self-awareness, and dumb. Only thing I regret in life is not starting my own business, which I'm not late on.

>> No.13471444

That's not what I did at all. I partied 90% of the time in my 20s, and worked 10% of the time on my biz. I got lucky on a biz and made easy money that allowed me to do is.

Now I'm 30 and I work 100% of the time. I don't believe in balance. Balance is the normie way. It's a sure way to not make it in business.

I will stop working when I'm retired.

I'd rather be a retired kissless virgin now than my current situation.

>> No.13471454

work out and eat healthy faggot, young girls dig young chads in their early 30s.

>> No.13471468

I did progress a career and travel a lot, wtf are you talking about?

>> No.13471471

>Only thing I regret in life is not starting my own business, which I'm not late on.
That is incorrect my friend. I started my first biz at 18, and now 30. It was incredibly more easy back when I was young. The only reason I can compete with young entrepreneurs now is my 12 years of experience at running businesses. Business is the most competitive thing in the world, and young people are better at it then old people.

If you've never ran a biz at 30, you never will. Entrepreneurs are born, not made.

>> No.13471472

You seem like a good person to hang out with

>> No.13471479

Thanks for info man and glad you're doing good

>> No.13471484

Just jump in front of a morning commuters train and give those wagies one hour late to the job as a good bye fuck-you-all

>> No.13471489

90% of my friends in their 30s are bald, fat, or manlets, which there is nothing they can do about since they have to wagecuck and don't have time to fight their aging bodies.

If you are a chad in your 30s, you are the 0.0001%, simply not accessible to most.

>> No.13471498

>That is incorrect my friend. I started my first biz at 18, and now 30. It was incredibly more easy back when I was young. The only reason I can compete with young entrepreneurs now is my 12 years of experience at running businesses. Business is the most competitive thing in the world, and young people are better at it then old people.
>If you've never ran a biz at 30, you never will. Entrepreneurs are born, not made.

Got to agree with this. Business/finance is THE ultimate arena of competition, oldies can continue in it if they started young and were very good, but there's no way they can start from scratch.

>> No.13471515

Girls like men who are a couple of years older than them not a decade older. If you seriously believe you will be banging hot 22 year olds nonstop when you are in your 30s then you are retarded.

>> No.13471551

>If you've never ran a biz at 30, you never will. Entrepreneurs are born, not made.
I don't subscribe to this defeatist mindset. I'd try even if 99 people disagree that I should. I'm not looking to launch the next Microsoft, I simply don't want to work for anyone else.

>> No.13471592

>I simply don't want to work for anyone else.
Business is so difficult that simply wanting it is not enough.

I would rather die or be homeless than work for another man. I've felt that way since I was 18.

Just my opinion, but everyone I know "doesn't want to work for someone else", yet all of them do.

>> No.13471610

you and me both brother

>> No.13471627


Same situation here basically. Approaching 30, only saving grace is that I still look like a teenager.

>> No.13471636

lol I got meme'd too, fucked 100 women in my 20's now early 30s with a good girl who loves me and cooks/cleans/smart, and all I can think about is fucking whores, I JUST WANT TO LOVE HER GOD DAMN IT

>> No.13471637

>why is the most important biological process important to you fags

incel COPE

>> No.13471643

>taking advice from a boomer
Fuck off gramps

>> No.13471656


Which one is it guys? Getting contradicting info here

>> No.13471661

I have a "lemonade stand" story of my own, freelanced, launched websites and projects. Just never needed to file taxes nor followed through with anything past a month or two. Once I have something figured out, I'm onto the next shiny thing (which happens to be crypto at the moment).

>Just my opinion, but everyone I know "doesn't want to work for someone else", yet all of them do.
This is a good point and I can't disagree.

>> No.13471666

so how many children do you have?

>> No.13471697

its all of them, if you want to fuck hot girls in your 30's you better be in damn good shape, and confident, you cant act like a 20 year old skater faggot, or sensitive emo kid. Most all my friends in their 30s are wearing LL Bean, skinny fat, if not regular fat, and there wives always say "why don't you work out like anon".

Some women like older men some dont Id say its about 50/50 but shifting to more liking older men because these 20 year old kids are getting poorer and don't act like men at all

>> No.13471707
File: 932 KB, 1836x2448, gore2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't despair if you don't know what to do, EVERYBODY is just making this up as we go along.

>> No.13471720

What a faggot kill yourself

>> No.13471735

I'm not, that's a cope for beta males. Only children, women, and beta males don't know what they're doing

>> No.13471805

>I am OK financially
Well fuck, most of us can't even get that. Being fine financially literally allows you to do everything else. The fuck are you waiting for?

>> No.13471996

OK means he won't starve if he loses his job. But also that he can't just quit and retire early. Financial Limbo

>> No.13472041
File: 106 KB, 1200x845, DQeCu7TUEAAs9dU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wasted my entire twenties (27 turning 28) dating a girl that I ended things with

I dropped out of college and am stuck in a skilless career making under $40k after taxes

I spent my teens introverted and overweight and its ruined my self esteem even to this day.

My crypto portfolio was over $900k+ in 2017 and I didnt cash out. The $90k I have right now split between LINK/BTC is my only hope.

>> No.13472061


So that's why it keeps happening

>> No.13472081

>Almost has 1 million free dollars from Internet money
>Doesn't think to take it out
Lol what a fucking retard

>> No.13472091

>Being fine financially literally allows you to do everything else. The fuck are you waiting for?

Yea, feels that way, but actually there are bigger barriers than money. What would I "do", just go and bum around and "party" (with whom, lol? Who wants a single 30-something bloke trying to join in their fun?)

And part of the problem is not knowing what the fuck to "do" in the first place. Loads of recreational/hedonistic shit I could do but that is not rewarding, it's distracting.

>The $90k I have right now split between LINK/BTC is my only hope.

There are plenty of smaller alts which will pull a 20-30x for SURE and you are holding link and bitcoin... fucking hell. How did you get to 900k in the first place?

>> No.13472094

start doing drugs and move out of your parents. do something you fucking faggot. get involved.

>> No.13472109

You would do the same. It is how markets work. People read into the hype and think their stupid holding will go up forever.

>> No.13472112
File: 224 KB, 640x863, 15561859375900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this but literally

>> No.13472121

Fuck YAH BRAH!!! Do some fucking drugs bro! Stop being a faggot and get high because it’s cool you loser 100, 100, nigga nigga

>> No.13472126

Strap on because you're in for a wild ride...
Started 16 in late 20's now.

>> No.13472163

you have to lift throughout most of your twenties and have a prestigious career or retired with a house to bang young girls in your 30s. muscle takes a while to develop(10+years for chad status). if you dont lift, get fat then no young chick will want you unless your very wealthy. its easiest to bang 18 year olds when you are early 20s and there is a social stigma of half ur age plus 7 is max age for girls, enforced by beta white knights and older women

>> No.13472165

you've got some boredom. boredom is motivating. it means your body is looking for something new to do. look man, it's summer, i don't know where you live but around here, the parks are full of people. a nice thing to do is just get a coffee and sit in the park, you can strike up a conversation about the pidgeons with a pretty girl. pretty girls are always out in the park. or just play games in town like trying to get a free coffee, talk to the charity fundraisers, i don't have much to do these days im just recovering from a life crisis and ive moved to a new town where i know NO ONE im in my 30's too. it was 4/20 last saturday so i just approached a random group of people and asked them where 420 is, and ended up making a few new friends.

just walk around with an inquisitive and open disposition and you'll soon get to know people.

alternatively, make a good reason to go to a foreign country, apply for a challenging job, literally go for a run or do a load of press ups the excercise clears your head and you'll feel more alert and quick witted for the rest of the day.

>> No.13472174

no you don't it takes about 2-3 weeks to start seeing gains, and you feel better almost straight away.

>> No.13472179

Best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. Second best time is now.

>> No.13472190

i think you need to have a spliff you're too highly strung

>> No.13472201


I bought $10 ETH and $3 NEO.

>> No.13472207

thanks for buying my bags.

>> No.13472237

kek #MeToo

Fuck the 20's. That time is for wasting and experimenting, a lot of idiots in their 20's, boys aswell as girls. 30 here and I feel like my life actually begins now.

>> No.13472248


Also I dont believe there are easy 30x anymore. Its worthless shitcoins, LINK is really the best bet.

>> No.13472945

If you're not looking for hedonistic shit or people whose only values are "lol I want to fug and drink and do drugs", go to church/volunteer at a shelter or food bank (doesn't matter if you believe or not, just don't be a massive fedora tipper) and try your luck there. Improve yourself by going to the gym and getting some advice on clothing that shows you're not a manchild.
You're halway there and in a much better position than most. Good luck!

>> No.13473030

Cheer for game tips

>> No.13473093

>one of us
>one of us

>> No.13473263

Ok but how.
>dropped out HS at 19
>no work experience
>lost a girl I've been dating for a decade
>toxic personality
>no friends

Like, really, how? I'm just bad at making friends. I'm weird and have weird interests. I don't like bars or clubs or general normie stuff. I'm moderately good at flirting but that doesn't land me a solid relationship, and since I'm 29 with a babyface normie roasties my own age don't give me a shot and I only attract 16-18 chicks but since I'm nearing 30 I'm starting to get that adulty wear on my face. So I'm literally neither here nor there looks-wise.

I just have no clue how to make things worthwhile. I'm studying for a well-paying job but even when I get that, I won't have a use for that money anyway. I just do it so I feel like less of an awkward NEET and I don't have to feel like a loser when I meet people.

Counsilors are just people you pay to listen to you whine. They usually don't offer practical tips or help.
I like your point about sharing the same fate and there not being any catching up, but how to you just.. go out and connect with people when you're not good at it? I also have this nagging sensation when I meet people that they can prick through my bubble any moment, and they'll realize I have nothing, I've done nothing, have no social life etc.

Problem is that volunteers and the likes are completely opposite to my political and philosophical views. I don't mind the politics. I'm not /pol/ level retarded and I can connect with people that are like that, but to an extent. When I look for charities, art groups, urban gardeners, etc they're all intense diversity fetishists and that's just not what I want to spend energy on at the end of the day. As far as churches go, those I've been to are mostly filled with families (people my age with kids, don't have a ton of surface area to connect) and again overly progressive.

>> No.13473569

fix your fucking arm. injured myself when I was 19, sustained a rotator cuff tear, and labral tear for 6 years. ended up quitting my job at 25 to pursue healing fulltime. only took about 1.5 months of dedicated therapy to fix. life is 1000% better. I conquered it with yoga, rolfing, and nueromuscular reprogramming

>> No.13473589

you never leave, newfaggot

>> No.13473627
File: 103 KB, 1196x752, 1556114298374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be a loser NEET with mental problems
>drop out of uni
>basically do nothing age 18-23
>no work experience, couldn't get hired at Tesco
>decide to go balls deep and start a business
>24 now and its turning a prophet
>earning the same as a minimum wage 9-5 worker
>only work 4 hours a day 4 days a week, 1 day of that is from home
Just sit on your computer and don't go outside all day lmao it works out in the end

>> No.13473645

>inflamed/pinched elbow nerves (both arms) since 2015
>surgery on 1, but got worse
>tendonitis of the kneeplate for about 1 year
>also not healing up
Doctors are shit, no help, only do the bare minimum. I don't know what to do to clear it up. Afraid it's gone chronic. I'm not even 30yo lmao.

>> No.13473669

profit, my messiah complex flaring up again

>> No.13473707

unironically visit a chinese medicine (acupuncture) clinic, i mean if it’s your last bet you may as well right ? Otherwise visit a, very, very good masseuse.

>> No.13473748

How do you "have money"? Who would ever give you money?

>> No.13473767

Who is giving these fucking retarded fuckups money? Why do I have to work but these brain damaged imbeciles get to fuck off and enjoy themselves?

What the FUCK? How are there not more mass murders with this type of bullshit going on? I never agreed to support you faggots.

>> No.13473785

Do you have ZERO friends? No one you can actually kind of rely on? I was in the same boat and spoke to one of the three friends I had left, he took me to whatever place he would go and introduce me, and I had to hide my autism/power level (trust me, I know what it's like to be around omega-level rapefugees welcome commies but they often got drowned out by people with normier inclinations) until I met a girl who actually "got" me as I got her.
And don't give up on churches, try more "conservative" ones that shun gay marriage and the like, they're less likely to wrap themselves in diversity shit

>> No.13473838

What kind of business anon?

>> No.13473874

What sort of biz?

I have had 1 date in the last year and went out with a friend irl 1 time in that span. Aside from that I have a bunch of online friends who I conveniently always have an excuse of not meeting. These are people of which some I feel a real friendship connection with, but all of them are based on or started with me being a decent looking degenerate smoothtalker. I have no male friends. I ruined all other irl relationships by either being an asocial autistic retard, a toxic bitter retard or a boring retard that always cancels plans.

The thing is, as retards go, I'm not eager to hang out with a bunch of people I don't know at some social event. If I could just make a few (preferably male) friends to do some occasional stuff with I'd be much happier.

Also not sure how to seek out conservative churches. The only ones I find seem to be hippie tier sing-all-day, black churches or progressives.

>> No.13473909
File: 33 KB, 443x455, boomer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13474016

Im in uni and im falling my degree

how do you cope with that? im in my 4 year of 6 in mech engi, and im failling classes hard, it feels tiresome, fucking physics, i should have gone to comp sci, i just want a job, i don't even care about traveling or wagecucking for a family, just want to have money to survive

>> No.13474073
File: 83 KB, 960x960, 1529759788979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> year 4 out of 6
wow uni really is a meme
you could have been working that whole time and not getting in debt

>> No.13474106


my degree is free so i don't have issues with that, i will need to get in debt for just only a year since im falling some classes, im not useless since im pretty good at cnc, manufacturing and cad/cam, but those fucking physics classes about solids are driving me insane

>> No.13474125
File: 987 KB, 1600x1200, 20190429_164716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I worked shitty jobs, saved my money, and invested it
Now I'm retired with a house, 2 cars, and 2 motorcycles
Well it's no wonder you're a broke loser
You should work on that

>> No.13474174

a webstore basically, I make the shit I sell 3 days a week, then it takes me another day to sort admin stuff out, I have to be on call all week to interact with customers and post shit tho but its a small price to pay

>> No.13474192

What sort of shit do you sell? You make your products yourself?

>> No.13474245

why the fuck would you put the ages in that order?

>> No.13474346

ironically, neck yourself.
I already bought my rope.

>> No.13474378

business idea: selling rope by the foot with ads on /biz/ and /r9k/

>> No.13474379

You have to suck it up and get into something normies like in order to have something to relate to them with. GOT, football, marvel movies, whatever you can bullshit about for a while. People won't see you as a peer unless they can see a little of themselves in you.

>> No.13474387

I grabbed a butt today

>> No.13474392
File: 2.02 MB, 1280x1389, 1551044978031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Await the singularity my friend

>> No.13474395

was it your own butt?

>> No.13474410


No another's

Was surprisingly firm

>> No.13474440



>> No.13474501

Tied down with a mortgage or kids? If not, you are free. Read something like Napolean Hill and use the motivational power to fuck off and have a laugh.

>> No.13474516
File: 1.80 MB, 1055x896, haarig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

30 years old now. I had no social life until I went to college. I didn't lose my virginity until age 26 and I've only ever fucked prostitutes. I'm too quiet to attract hot women and only the fat/ugly ones gravitate towards me.

My life seems to be an endless cycle of 50-hour workweeks, Internet browsing, and gym. I make $150,000+ per year but I live frugally so I can invest. But what goal exactly am I investing for? I don't know.

Being unmarried at my age is frowned upon in my parent's culture. But I don't want to settle down and blow most of my paychecks on a wife, mortgage, and kids. I want a beautiful, caring girlfriend to fuck regularly and travel the world with me. Why is this so hard?

>> No.13474535
File: 810 KB, 1920x1080, WoW-Classic-Impressions-Shot-(6)[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



pic related is the peak of human experience

>> No.13474551

If I was you and I felt like I really had no desire nor potential for a happy family life, I would live frugally for 5-10 years setting aside as much as I can and then setting up shop somewhere in a shithole with questionable norms and getting myself a harem in a guarded compound in the jungle. 150k a year is average in some yank states, but it's top percentile in Europe and elite standards in most of the world.

>> No.13474557


It's funny, I played all through high school and most of my university years putting in the minimum effort possible that allowed me to graduate. Still, no regrets. Best game I ever played in my entire life.

>> No.13474574

Ever think maybe you're the retarded one and the NEETs are gods among men?

>> No.13474585

Not possible. USA is the only country in the world where I can make this type of money for what I do.

>> No.13474594

I love you man. Remember the good old times.

>> No.13474597

What the shit my guy. If I was making 150k a year I would start my own militia in some shithole country and play mount and blade warband in real life. Men are meant to make war and pillage.

>> No.13474608
File: 49 KB, 376x500, 9f7c103ccea5fa56a8556171d641d74e[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I love you too my fellow gamer

>> No.13474615

This, playing Wow was one of the better times in in my life no stress, no worries just raiding

>> No.13474626
File: 24 KB, 480x480, 1554576138617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Early thirty boomer here. Imo travelling is awesome BUT the feeling of euphoria vanishes after a few weeks once back home. Also if u guys wanted to fuck bitches in your 20's you had to PUA. Not be yourself and all that horse shit. Regards lifestyle i suggest everyone to get into meditation /buddhism/hinduism/crowley Just get to know basic principles

>> No.13474631

The point isn't to work your entire life. That shouldn't even be the point if you were to stay where you are now. Like I said 150k is enough to get by in some yank states, but it's a life worth of money in most countries. If you live as frugally as you can for 5-10 years and set that money aside, you could probably fully retire by 40 and live the second half of your life as a king in some semi-stable shithole.

>> No.13474663


If he puts his spare pay into crypto rn he'll be retired big time within 3y

>> No.13474692

>not devoting every waking hour to bettering yourself in one way or another

>> No.13474698

>The point isn't to work your entire life.

Not unless you love your job. But trust me most of us IT cucks will be empty husks of men by mid-40s and no amount of consumerism will relieve the ennui. Have a plan to get out anons

>> No.13474739

I see your point now. And honestly, it is kinda my dream. I would love to semi-retire in Chiang Mai, Thailand while teaching English. 40 years of comfortable living expenses would probably total $900,000. But Thailand probably won't always be cheap.

>> No.13474844
File: 91 KB, 189x209, 1454644871089.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the reminder anon, I needed it

>> No.13474886
File: 135 KB, 322x241, it_dont_matter_small.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time.

>> No.13474891

you are completely and totally insane
you are not human beings

shoot these demons in the head while there's still time

>> No.13475204

>dude just go talk to people
>just lift bro

Fuck off retard. That shit doesn't work.

>> No.13475291

Escaping wage slavery in 40 days
Leaving USA for extended travel and entrepreneurial pursuits with 20k in account
Laughing at all you broke powerless old men

>> No.13475313

lol not even true

going by 4chan standards i should be an incel.

im 5'9 skinny frame korean guy in his late 20s

last couple of girls ive dated were around 16-20
all hispanic cause i like them thicc white girls are flat

never again will i date a high-school whore tho they are legit brainlets.

>> No.13475326

I am pretty depressed. I wasted so many chances and opportunities because of my shyness and low self esteem, despite having chad tier genetics and potential.

I went through college withoutmaking a single friend. I got one gf, whos short and fat but I stuck with her cause she was nice to me. I live at my parents house and i’m 24 years old. Ive done nothing with my life. How do I get out of this lul?

>> No.13475328

if u need to PUA it just means ur ugly.

im actually decent looking so i just act like my autistic self and girls still give me a chance

>> No.13475343

Yourt not chad then. If u had chad genetics ppl would treat u as such and you would 100% know it.

i've had frens who think they are 'hot shit' and think they are chad but in reality they are pretty average looking imo, but i won't say that too them and hurt their feelings.

>> No.13475392

They do treat me well, always getting invited to places. Girls always staring at me making excuses to talk to me, giving me gifts. But because im autistic i panic and push them away and now im all alone

Im 6’1 sculpted face and /fit/ and dress decent which is Chad in my area

>> No.13475436

If you are financially secure, you can fuck 20 year old 5-6s easy. May have to work on 7 plus.

>> No.13476060
File: 1.66 MB, 2944x2208, 20190410_194205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brahs take the anti-aging pill
>Eating healthy as fuck
>Lifting consistently (almost have Chad frame now)
>Regularly go for light swims and cycling
>Gets 8 hours of sleep every day no exceptions
>Takes 1g of metformin and 250mg NR daily
>Have insane skincare routine
>started out omad fast and transitioned to 48 hour fast (also do 1 week fast a month)
>avoids the sun to reduce DNA breaks
>doesn't drink
>doesnt care about traveling and girls
>doesnt fomo into anything except LINK

I'm 29 but I get routinely confused for early 20s guy.

Like I said, I think sex is overrated and traveling is a meme. The only thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life is dedicating myself to the field of anti-aging research. The cure for aging is coming sooner than you think. Take care of your body now before you regret it down the road.

>> No.13476101

Joke's on you, I still have 3 years left before I'm 30.

My net worth is about 300k from "sitting in front of a computer". However I never really bothered with getting girls besides a few flings in college and now I'm 27, single, financially well off but all the qts are basically taken and I'm gonna have to settle for a roastie who will ultimately use me as a safety net after getting tossed aside by Chad.

Was it all for nought bros?

>> No.13476217

>28 and wasted pretty much my whole life so far
>Long-term, 5-year gf broke up with me in a super fucked up way and 2 years later the effects linger
>part time job only and live at home, haven't been out of the country in 20 years
>very little motivation to try at anything in society since I've realized the chances of finding a decent girl at my age without me having quite a lot of money is low af and I'd rather be alone then get with a girl whose personality will change post-marriage
>Lost my hair at 19, super low-test, really bad skin that is getting worse with age (acne) likely due to thyroidal issues that so far no doctor is willing to treat, and bad feet that keep me from standing for any decent amount of time

Fortunately I have 3 degrees (one shitty CC one) am good looking even without the hair, my bad skin is on my back and legs, I look younger than I am, and despite test problems am in better shape than 99% of men ever will be.

We all have our issues, but somewhere we have to find the positives to move forward, even if slowly. Getting started late cannot be remedied and our time will never be regained. We are 100% at a disadvantage, but it is rarely so bad that it's worth giving up entirely. If you try and fail again and again and want to an hero then do it, but don't let yourself die out without really trying. We all owe ourselves at least that much.

>> No.13476280

same except I would have made it if I sold. Have 2 mil at peak. No idea on how to do taxes and scare of them so didn't sell any. Now have ~120k. feels pretty shit. Could have buy a house and retired

>> No.13476291

jerking off in behind a door isnt too bad, you just need to get used to it.

>> No.13476300


>> No.13476909

And so what exactly are you hoping to do?

>> No.13476926

This, 34 and gf is 20. Going back to college was the best decision of my life.

>> No.13476957
File: 234 KB, 923x1007, 1556566582854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My fucking guy: every waking moment of my life i work towards this goal set by step each day... sooner then later nationism will take america and (((they))) will overplay their hand to try and quell it. That is when the masses will awake. Ive gotten my name on a few local ballot sheets under "nationalist" - not rep, not dem. Not conservitive or progressive... just straight up nationalist: one day the votes will flood in since everyone will be fed up with the other choices and see this and say "america first"

>> No.13476997 [DELETED] 

That's me, but at least I have an excuse unlike most other people.

I'm disfigured and crippled from cancer AND my genitals were fucked by radiation treatment.

Ever since I was a kid I knew there was nothing to look forward to in my life, so my teens and twenties weren't so much wasted as they were getting what little I could get out of this shit existence.

Hopefully reincarnation is a thing because RNG fucked me this time around.

>> No.13477005

I started my career at 30 and am doing great. It’s never too late to get off your ass and do something

>> No.13477012

at least I didn't make a redditformatted post on /biz/ lol

>> No.13477015

Better get started then, you've already wasted enough time.

>> No.13477034


Been here since I was 17.

Now I'm 32. At least I dont visit /v/ anymore (what a fucking shithole).

>> No.13477104

tell me about your metformin&co. hows it feel. notice anything?

>> No.13477109


metformin is antidiabetic wtf?

>> No.13477140

> try to catch up (you can't and it's just pathetic)
> try to slot in where you are (you can't because you have no career, no friends, and are noticeably different)
> kys

You forgot:
>detach from consumerist hellscape
>dedicate all free time to some obscure body of knowledge - philosophy is a good choice
>ascend to wizard status
>eat in the marketplace, masturbate in public, and piss on anyone who mocks you.

>> No.13477421

Fresh off the boat, from reddit, kid? heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on 4chan by saying stupid jokes that your little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upboat. None of that here. You don't upboat. You don't downboat. This ain't reddit, kid. This is 4chan. We have REAL intellectual discussion, something I don't think you're all that familiar with. You don't like it, you can hit the bricks on over to imgur, you daily show watching son of a bitch. I hope you don't tho. I hope you stay here and learn our ways. Things are different here, unlike any other place that the light of internet pop culture reaches. You can be anything here. Me ? heh, I'm a judge.. this placethis place has a lot to offer heh you'll see, kid that is if you can handle it

>> No.13477788

please return to reddit

>> No.13478079
File: 8 KB, 275x250, F01O6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if i can give you one golden if not diamond life saving idea... when you are that young, leave this baord and dont adapt, go out, go to forest, work out, study science how things work, get good at something you can even study it, codng, artificial intelligence as it will rule the Earth in 5+ years and then it will may or may not take over humanity in 50+ years. Just dont try to become an npc, you must have free will and being here you will be just depressed anti npc thats currently just jailed npc in virtual world. ... ull probably wont leave and tell this advice in 8 years

this thread will be archived like many so you can just memorize it, put notification every year to leave forever, people tend to forget quickly, as time pass, thats why they keep sayin the time flies quickly

>life will be meme if you first think about it being meme
>when you get older you tend to surrender and just accept it but you dont need to as your priorities change anyway and you slowly forgot who you been and what u wanted

just live the ACTUAL DAY, you best remember the actual day

people underestimate change in a year or 5 years what will happen you dont know, just dont focus on something distant it doesnt make any sense

>> No.13478093
File: 182 KB, 866x635, 95EF78AE-6CDD-4B94-B04F-51668E61A89B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> beta
> working
> alpha
> relaxed
sounds about right

>> No.13478321

Get on trt

>> No.13478440

This ffs

>> No.13478488

most of the replies here are normie as fuck

>get monies
>fuck bitches
no wonder you are all a sad bunch, since all your actions are driven by external implicit societal approval

when was the last time you guys did anything for yourself by yourself? maybe cook a meal that you want to try, buy some cloth/leather and make some clothing in the style that you always wanted, do some goddamn manual labour like men used to be expected to

>> No.13478492

why would you worry and compare to some normie shit activities or milestones, just do what you like and thats it, month from now maybe u gonna get hit by a bus. also remember my fellow boomers that wow classic is coming soon so we can relive our glory years

>> No.13478850
File: 34 KB, 480x480, 1555217370723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sew and make some clothes
>be a man
Listen here grandpa Jones. I will not act like a pesky little cunt and sew clothes. I will come to your house and demand your wife sew me some clothes. You got that? Good now shut up you beta male wannabe fashion designer while I plow your wife. Don't you dare look away either. Watch me. Watch my sweaty balls slap against your wife's chin. Yes, keep watching. If she so much as misplaces a single stitch on my new chad leather jacket, I'll do to you what I did to your wife.


>> No.13478887
File: 59 KB, 658x662, 1555415052194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This but instead of WoW it was Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU/NGE, that shit almost made me flunk out of high school. good times.

>> No.13478900

How are you on the internet Diogenes?

>> No.13478909

That all sounds pretty lame and ghey.

>> No.13478915

And yet here you are posting on 4chan.

>> No.13478957


define peak (if you say anything other than BC you are a casual)

>> No.13478971

I am aproaching 28 years fellow anons :(

I jumped all the hoops.

>Moved from home at 19 to another city
>Lived in a dorm
>Got a degree, top of my class.
>Did all the internsips, certificates while I was in uni.
>Got the summer jobs as a kitchen worker.
>Moved to the best city in my country for work
>Grinded my way up to a career where I can be a manager (not yet but in a year if I want) I fucking work for IBM now.
>Boss is happy with my work even recomended me for a raise in position.

What I got:

>Live in a two room apartment with reasonable furnished and comfortable.
>A girlfriend whith which I am for 4 years now.
>No children cause I can't aford them
salary wise.
> Driving a old peugot 206 cause I can't afford something better.
> Suround myself with stuff to distract me from feeling underachiving.

How I feel:

Disapointed I worked a lot get paid almost nothing in return enough to pay the bills and get food. I see around people with children nice cars my age that seem to have made it.
Yet my 10 years of efford seem like amounted to one spit above a simple customer support agend.

Why I have bothered to write this:

hard work does not matter!
Career doea not matter!
If you are not happy!

>> No.13478973


where are you gonna invest all the fucked roastie points? oh wait

>> No.13478995
File: 41 KB, 704x1071, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pic related from nonstop wagecucking and monkmode for the last ten years
>now neeting in an all white small town

feels real comfy brothers. dont wreck your ship on the twin jews of roasties and crypto

>> No.13479003


only when they are done getting banged out and need a guy that can make a down payment on a house

>> No.13479031
File: 39 KB, 561x478, 1439196450344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13479035

>Get on trt

Good call but I tried test and responded pretty badly to it, just got really red, bloated and anxious, lol.

I also used some oral steroids/PH many years ago and they did me no good, either. I think people respond quite differently to these things.

>> No.13479182

I feel you anon. I'm very much the same.

>> No.13479343

atleast you have a gf.
just make babies.
> can't afford.


>> No.13479402


1. Wasted all my life in front of a computer till I was 25. Then I took the fit pill, started dating online, lost my virginity that way

2. Built up a semi successful business and started making passive income

3. Then I took the travel pill, and just two weeks abroad by myself was enough to cure the poison of browsing boards like this. Traveled again a couple of more times solo and had amazing experiences.

4. Spent six months once I got home banging all the sluts I could to make up for lost time until my count was in the double digits. I was 25 when I lost my virginity, a slayer of pussy by the time I was 28.

5. 31 now, married, planning on impregnating my wife soon and starting a family. She's completely into me and me into her, sex almost any time I want it.

There is hope as long as you're still in your 20's as far as I can see. Change your life anons, it's in your hands. Learn to love yourself and not hate yourself. It's a choice you make every day, every moment.

>> No.13479493

i meant BC anon, wtf u were thinking?

>> No.13479501

no argument against

>> No.13479869

I saw a massive rising wedge on the crypto I had at the time and didn't fully cash out until it broke down in the vain hope it would continue going up

>> No.13479879

>I just want a fuck buddy travel companion
>I live frugally
Pick one

>> No.13479939
File: 963 KB, 480x270, boobs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah nah.

I watched my peers destroy themselves after high school. I stopped being apathetic when I was 18, got into fitness, went vegan, had sex with a lot of hot older women, went to college and decided I didn't it wasn't really useful. Make money online and have a part time job, still watching anime and playing vidya games, fuck randoms I meet on tinder/okcupid i.e., doing what I want. My younger coworkers mistake me for someone a decade younger because I take such good care of myself; actual quote: "you look like you're 18."

tl;dr go vegan

>> No.13479958

>go vegan
fuck off cuck

>> No.13479971

>There is hope


> as long as you're still in your 20's


>> No.13480055




Good one, kiddo. Oh wait, now I'll say, no you're a cuck? Right? That's how this works.

>> No.13480088

Good to know, was about to jump

>> No.13480211
File: 236 KB, 1673x750, ex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>23 years old
>made $2,000,000 from crypto
>work in something that actually has impact on my country, meeting tons of important people who seek my advice
>have gf I love
>flew abroad to 8 countries this year

the thing I enjoyed the most in my life was being a kid waking up at 6 AM playing mmorpg back when I didn't have any of that..
no more good mmorpgs out there :(

>> No.13480368

Why are the two mutually exclusive? I splurge a bit when I go on vacations.

>> No.13480377

I only cashed out like 20k of my 60k but that was still enough to have lots of fun. only have like 4k now though

>> No.13480562
File: 11 KB, 251x201, 1546434337704.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about just accepting yourself as you are?

Relationships and sex are the most overrated shit fyi. Most people are retarded, why would you want to spend time with them? Maybe because you are too...

But try to be honest with yourself and learn to know yourself better. And don't be a fucking coward!

>> No.13480602

Landlord here, I feel ya buddy.

>> No.13480647
File: 86 KB, 518x621, 1545739362997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Become a god and fix yourself and this world.

>> No.13480654
File: 33 KB, 490x586, 1344802934872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just be a robot surrounded by nice things. Secretly curse the world in your heart.

>> No.13480665

atleast make ur larp believable you cuck

>> No.13480678
File: 141 KB, 686x891, 1556067039357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very nice!
Time to take it to the next level and stack some cash! Invest some of your profits outside your business because some day it may go down. Good luck!

>> No.13480704

Do you know Aubrey de Grey?

>> No.13480712

>You didn't "travel"
I'm not normie enough to live the travelling meme I think one has to be mindless and unaware of the perils, grown up in a safe bubble, lost all instincts, gained no mind and reason because of no real true hardships, struggle and struggles in life
Coming from a second world shithole taught me a bit about life

>> No.13480716
File: 79 KB, 640x960, lambo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> You wasted all of your 20's sat in front of a fucking computer.
Some of us made the most of it $$$
> You didn't progress a career
Didn't shorten life expectancy from a decade of stress and brown nosing while a boss got to enjoy $500 lunches and trips to Cancun
> You didn't "travel"
Damn right, travelling is something that should be earned, having money to do it is only one prerequisite
> You didn't make use of being young and getting girls when it's so easy and your brain can still enjoy it
That's just a dopamine addiction, it's like saying you didn't smoke and use meth while your brain could still enjoy it. Your brain would've had to rewire itself after stopping which is a more painful process than never binging.

> You didn't do fucking anything
I did.

> You literally just sat in front of a computer, pursued some retard-tier hobbies, and zombied through a decade
I didn't

> Maybe you had health problems or similar, that meant you couldn't really do very much in those years.
In good health, unlike those dedicated 'workers' with years of back problems and early onset osteoarthritis.

> try to catch up (you can't and it's just pathetic)
To what? You're still in the high school mindset where everything's a race. Stop comparing yourself to others.

> try to slot in where you are (you can't because you have no career, no friends, and are noticeably different)
This is obviously wrong too, keep growing in an organic and sustainable way.


>> No.13480722

oops meant to type resistance instead of struggle

>> No.13480729

traveling is for some rich basedboy who never lifted a finger in his life.

right of passage for whiteys

>> No.13480923

I'm 31 and I basically haven't done any of the things you greentexted because I know I'll never be normal enough to get the benefit of them. I don't want to live my life trying to change myself and fit in with normalfags. It's not even a matter of "catching up" when I know that if I were magically transported to the front of the race I wouldn't get much out of it without a fundamental change in my personality and the things I like and dislike. So I'd just fall behind again, not to mention sticking out like a sore thumb from all the people who are really meant to do all this kind of stuff.
I've tried changing myself, even got some pretty dramatic results in some ways, have been back and forth over the years between trying to change and staying in a comfortable rut, some real A/B testing level shit to find out what I actually enjoy. Always been happier just beeing myself even if nobody else likes me for that, which they certainly don't.
I also have lots of money and at least I'm not a virgin (thank god), but otherwise I'm a pretty typical example of a hopeless /biz/ NEET. Average looking and skinny but not particularly fit, one long relationship in my 20s but single for years and not looking. Diagnosed bipolar disorder, possible undiagnosed autism. No real friends to speak of. I think I'll try the solo travel meme a bit more just for fun, but I'm under no illusions that it would help me "catch up" to anyone or have anything that would look like a normal fulfilled life to most people.
The point of all this blogging is that after going through years of existential crises I'm actually pretty happy with being how I am, and that can be ok too. Don't give up trying to change yourself if that's what you want, but don't kys if it doesn't work out. It's all in your head in the end.

>> No.13481191

i checked all those
all while living as a NEET/hikki for a decade
ran up loan debt, eventually 7 yrs passed, then ran up more debt
now back on my career path for the last half year

the key is selling drugs, doing drugs, and being fit and handsome

>> No.13481279

I'm currently wasting my life wagelsaving ,nofap , nodrugs, lifting etc

Im just as miserable if not more than when I was a neet 420 fapping gamer

>> No.13481305

>not runescape in 2005-2007

Lmao kys pleb

>> No.13481336

>work in something that actually has impact on my country, meeting tons of important people who seek my advice

Can you tell us roughly what that is? I admire that, having a legit job is so so so fucking important to men.

Note: not many men are ITT right now.

>> No.13481340
File: 348 KB, 1332x1949, 947d67183fd1a3247bc2bf3076f8319d1d6b65b017c9d8a94b9354c699fafd38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are a machine programmed to act the way you do everyday. time to break the condition

>> No.13481409

leddit please

>> No.13481668

>I'm 31 and I basically haven't done any of the things you greentexted because I know I'll never be normal enough to get the benefit of them.

this. I've lived in 7 countries and traveled the world over in my 20s. It was meh. I would have better off maxing my savings in the good old US of A and retiring in my 40s. Now I am lurking a frog forum listening to retards larp and trying to get rich off crypto

>> No.13481867

At least i bought Link

>> No.13481872

>I turn 23 this friday

Any tips anons?

>> No.13482320


enjoy your b12 deficiency

post mental gymnastics below:

>> No.13482473
File: 43 KB, 597x395, 4nodak111013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Happiness is somewhat more of a side effect to reaching new levels of Maslow's needs hierarchy

It just sounds like a lot of you are very typically chasing the status symbols of our society
Every society has them, and in every society people chase them, but in some societies they are more or they are less coincidentally aligned with what makes for lasting satisfaction, like having a big family like in The Godfather to throw nice dinner parties every few weeks with when you become a Boomer

>> No.13482688

If i want to bang young girls in my 30's do i lie and tell them im younger or tell them my real age? im 29 but people think im in my early 20's.

>> No.13483032

absolutely based
would drink from skulls with/10

>> No.13483099

why vegan and not vegetarian? I know meat should be avoided, and I drink almond milk cause regular is a hormone shake with preservatives, but what's so bad about eggs and good cheese?

>> No.13483293

Literally nothing. Pescatarian is best

>> No.13483382
File: 51 KB, 219x140, 1556138139327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesnt buy raw pasteurized milk to ferment his own probiotic yogurt

>> No.13484065
File: 536 KB, 492x597, zu1qkc6046b21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>raw pasteurized

>> No.13484161

kek, here are my raw boiled eggs

>> No.13484281

Base pilled

>> No.13484586

Nice B8, this website is 16 years old sweet cheeks and has been a driving force for internet culture for over a decade. If you use it right and go on boards which actually discuss worth while things you'll understand why we stay.

>> No.13484799


20's so far:

> Fucked 6 women (also about 40 prostitutes)
> Lived in 2 countries, traveled to a few more
> Barely worked
> Barely studied, some courses here and there total like 1 year and began a BA degree, got 20 % done and I'm 26 y/o jfl.
> Still never had a gf.
> Also got rich though, so that's OK
> Now I'm just living on YOLO money and trying to finish a degree at distance
> Lonely as fuck
> Can't get interesting jobs
> Not motivated enough to start a business

Don't know goys... I've wasted most of my 20's but here I feel like a Chad

>> No.13484823

You're whining you only get 18 yr olds and not roasties?

>> No.13484837

Got rich off of crypto or suckin dicks, friend?

>> No.13484891

>engineer working for dod for 7 months (first big boy job)
>fit body
>written my own music
>have gf
>solid circle of friends
>about 28k in liquid assets
>saving for my first real estate investment

It's ok but i wish i didn't need to work. I'm pursuing FIRE right now.

>> No.13485148

how long can you neet on $300k

>> No.13485254

Being an engineer sucks dick. I wish I chose another career path.

>> No.13485308

roast me biz. i'm depressed and lonely but i prefer being alone 90% of the time, because the other 10% of the time i am spending significant energy to be "on" in front of people.

i'm gainfully employed with a decent salary not outstanding, but enough so i can live alone in a somewhat expensive area.

i have like 30k in my 401k and 65k in savings/equities, a couple grand in crypto. newish car is paid off. no real estate so i pay the slum lord every month for rent.

was a chad in college with girls but my introverted nature worked there just fine and it doesn't work in the real world anymore so i'm alone now.

how fucked am i?

>> No.13485314

i'm 27 btw. forgot to mention that

>> No.13485320

If you put your 300k in a fund like REITS you can make an average return of 10%. That's 30k / year. You could be an eternal neet if you could manage to live with 2500 / month. That's without the tax though. You can live in a cheap country like thailand and neet there like a king.

>> No.13485369


You’re here forever.

>This meme is not a meme.

t. 33 year old

>> No.13485389

>but i prefer being alone 90% of the time
If you feel lonely because it's not a choice then it may be depression. But if it's a choice and you're naturally an introvert you just have to accept your true nature as a loner. It doesn't mean you don't enjoy company but not like extrovert people who constantly need to be around people. I also enjoy being alone. Can also be the case because we are more intelligent

>> No.13485442
File: 110 KB, 960x719, Harrem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, I just want to learn PUA and be a degenerate that fucks higher quality girls than my current gf, impregnate all girls with bubble butts.
Why do I want that so much? why do I tell myself that I'll regret not enjoying life while I was still in my 20s?
please tell me it gets better, pls tell me those urges will stop.

>> No.13485483


>> No.13485485

>but also a reaction to girls getting used by faggots like you

all this text to just say that you'll eat scraps.

>> No.13485489
File: 219 KB, 1638x921, 100$.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

save yourself the trouble and take the hooker pill. Once you realize you can fuck girls like pic related for 100$ you wont want to waste your time picking up girl again. As long as you have $, you will be able to fuck those girls even past your 70s. Just let that sink in.

>> No.13485511

this guy gets it, you have to get it out of your system first.
fuck the hoe out of you so you don't go through middle class crysis.
anyway it seems that this thread is filled with grass greener on the other side kind of experiences.

>> No.13485522

I remember saying exactly this when I was 18, like fuck is this real life?
see you in 6 years buddy.

>> No.13485563

no, I want to better my social skills, I do not interact a lot with women apart with gf and family, I never did. truth be told this affects my confidence in social situations. I see how PUA always go out of their confort zone with confidence and I say damn I want to be like that, it's no just to fuck higher quality girls, it's a journey to better myself socially.
also can't impregnate a hooker.

>> No.13485691

>I see how PUA always go out of their confort zone with confidence
I was part of PUA circa 2003, mASF and all that shit. I laid like crazy. I thought it was because all the meme techniques but in reality it's just because I was good looking. Let me tell you something kiddo. In reality we all had 0 self-confidence and we rationalized our fear of rejection behind techniques. I coached students a bit. Too many autists who can't read social cues and just can't tell when a girl isn't interested. Then they write posts and think they did something wrong game-wise when in reality they were just perceived as creepy.
Anyway PUA stuff seems way healthier now that the gurus have matured. RSD used to be losers but they are legit now since they focus on deeper stuff than outer game.

>> No.13485722

Some RSD guys still go by looks tho, I'm looking to learn from people that have massive disadvantage like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMVuh8v4Aw0
They tend to have more skills as they can't rely on their looks.

>> No.13485759

>Too many autists who can't read social cues and just can't tell when a girl isn't interested.
Can you recommend something to read up on this? I read some material from toast masters and it was interesting how many body cues there are that I wasn't aware of.

>> No.13485821

Leave her. She probably deserves better than a degenerate fuck like you.

>> No.13485850

Anybody who prides himself being a seducer has low self esteem. I can guarantee this pajeet is just overcompensating and would be incapable of being in a healthy relationship with a woman. By getting girls all he wants is to be respected by other men. Just cringe.
I dont know you should read about autism and how to become a genuine "cool guy" from within. RSD focused on that

>> No.13485859

Are any of these smaller alts that are going 20-30x happen to be on binance? Would really appreciate tips/leads that aren't from shills or sarcastic shitposters.

>> No.13485884

I could write more about PUAs but I have to go. Maybe later if the thread is still up.

>> No.13485894

Eggs and dairy contain angiogenic proteins and a high cal/mag ratio. So it's best for children that are still growing/developing but not so great for adults who have a complete diet. Milk is great though for malnourished people. Pescatarianism is based.

>> No.13485944

fucking this

>> No.13486018


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