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What job for a high IQ autist with no education?

hard mode: no coding

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also super hard mode: no gay for pay

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assfaggots or fightan gaming tournaments

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post your boi pucci and I'll decide how much you're worth

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I'm in accounting, you would like it here. That or corporate finance. You can also just get a mechanical engineering degree and sit in a cubicle fucking off 7/8 hours of your workday. There's lots lots of options.

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coding is the only option. people put up with your autism if you're a good coder. it's the only career where you'll be respected for your mental deficiencies.

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same with this but I could never count beans. I do work for a bank and write code that counts beans, but I don't need to know how to count the beans finance just tells me what to do.

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Professional self killer

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