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I hold a small stack of 600k please I need 1 dollar just to have some funds in the bank...

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I was kind of expecting it to go back up slightly, with BNB correcting slightly. Hopefully it DOES correct, would be neat.

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It would be nice if it would stabilize again. I remember putting bots on it and making some kewl coinage.

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was green for three days straigh, was going to come back down anyway. 30 sats end of the month, they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. they jumped from 70 to 40 on coinmarketcap in a week. must be doing something right.

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gibs to me

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How many times do I have to tell you faggots that this pump was nothing special. You have been here like 3 times before, act like it. Holo is a fascinating piece of tech, but there are some concerns. If there wasnt any chance this could go to zero it would already be a top 5 coin. The main problems I have with it are.
1) Holofuel. Their tokenomics(fuelenomics?) seem to be decent, but if you read/watch their holo economics presentation there is something very disturbing in there. It is not explicitly stated, but it seems possible that there will be a period of time where Holofuel will not be able to be exchanged for fiat. It seems their plan is to release HOT, set up a swap for Holofuel when the network is live, delete the token entirely, set up reserve accounts(only the devs get to sell holofuel at first) and THEN get Holofuel onto some exchanges/open up reserve account ownership to the public. I am not sure how long this period of time will be, and it makes sense on some level for the health of the network, but its fucking terrifying. This also ties in with...
2) One of the core beliefs of the team is that this system should help end or at least stifle income inequality. They are very much opposed to the “rich get richer” systems they see in place. This is bad news if you are an investor looking to make bank.
3) Security. They talk about “immune response” which is a neat name for their malware detection/prevention, but it also implies that the system has a possibility of being exploited. This is where it loses out to blockchain. Blockchain networks dont need an immune response because they are not exploitable by design. You cannot print Bitcoins, its impossible, so there is no need to detect or quarantine people who try.

Ultimately I think Holochain has a chance at being something amazing. Its just too early for me right now, and I know its not going to jump to $1 overnight because adoption is going to take a LONG time. AWS may have a real competitor.

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I bought 500 USD today of it, is that a good suicide stack?

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You probably should have waited until it dumps back below $0.0009(because it will) but sure kid.

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Shut up you stupid faggot. It's a scam and your attempts to sound rational just highlight how cringe and naive you are.

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>1) Holofuel. Their tokenomics...
do more research
The initial plan was to launch Holofuel and make the swap immediately because they had talks with exchanges to support it (Binance included). They changed that so that both HOT and Holofuel will exist for a (long) time in parallel and they will be swappable. This is to help with liquidity. Once Holofuel is as ubiquitous on exchanges as HOT, they will announce the swap that will happen 6 months from the announcement.

>2) One of the core beliefs of the team is that this system should help end...
Which has absolutely nothing to do with the algorithm behind it or the tokenomics. You're probably remembering the first AMAs where they were trying to dodge the SEC with "muh don't buy this if you want to get rich *wink wink*". Many /biz/neets got BTFO by that back them cause they took those statements at face value instead of taking them as "don't buy this if you want to get rich cause we designed it to be value stable and eventually price stable, but until then it will pump 1000x pls don't notice us mr. SEC"

>3) Security. They talk about “immune response” which is a neat name for their malware detection...
"Blockains are better at security because they don't need this specific security measure for this specific project that uses this specific new framework that doesn't rely on global consensus". This is what you're actually saying. It doesn't mean anything and it doesn't bear any consequence on the functionality of the network if it works well. There's no gradient here where you get like 1% chance of getting hacked and losing your money. It either works or it doesn't and that is the only thing that should concern you. That's why we have alphas and betas, to test exactly for shit like this.
Making money is about taking a leap of faith and making some assumptions that everything will work well. If everything goes well, the market sees this and values the project accordingly while you make a profit.

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I sold some of my Holochain for Lition

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>my super special erc20 token is gonna revolutionize the blockchain

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Me too lel. Holo had a good run for me though, not gonna lie.

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why are you shilling so hard? you know you're making me want to sell right?

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I actually wondered what Pajeet Shitskin would do with his 150k HOT stack in response to my post. Please sir, don't sell. You might crash the market.

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700k actually but I'm out now, enjoy your gypo chink coin faggot

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ohhh no no no he sold 1/50th of the HOT i own. 700k is pajeet-tier.

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>Mfw its an xbox

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it always moves inverse to Eth. If eth goes up this goes down and vice versa.

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anyone who expected a huge pump after the binance thing is retarded af. it was a buy the rumour sell the news event. 1000 sats by ramadan still at play.

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Fascinating to read so many unknowledgeable people argue nonsense back and forth. Look at the team and look at their backgrounds and what they've said. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that Holo is not going anywhere, ever. It's not even that good of an idea to begin with. People shilling for Holo unironically is as pathetic as shilling for CSW.

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Why Owen Wilson?

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I am patient. I only wish I had a bigger bag.

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haha you must be a big blockchain bagholder

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i have a retirement bag if this gets to 5 pennies i am set, 10 for ultracomfy.

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That's only 30% difference. I don't care. When I find a shit coin and invest in it. I invest 500-1000 and assume I'll lose my money but maybe it will be a 500x

Speaking of, what do people say this garbage will moon to in the next few years?

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