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How many of you still live with your parents.
And if you don't. why?
It's the financially beneficial and the smart thing to do

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All women are whores.

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if you are able to be yourself with your parents around then nothing is better

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Woman rights has no rights to exist

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I do but I'd really rather move out. But rather than save up for a place I'm thinking I should invest in crypto more and have it but a home later on if I make it. At the very least enough for a decent down payment.

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Stay at your parents house until you make it and pay them back when you do make it,

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I live with them since I have no real reason to move out. I help them with some of the house's bills, and also I take care of the house. Both my parents work, and my brother is studying. I'm also paying his high school.

I hope one day all this crypto shit moons so I can tell them to retire already, and to secure my bro's studies. Really...I only care about them right now.

I work to make their life easier, and invest in hopes that one day they can live a happy and stressful late-game.

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1. buy 100 LINK (more if you want to)
2. LINK goes to $300k two years from now
3. thank me later

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I'm still not convinced on LINK anon, something feels off.

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link has too many partnerships going on, both big and small. You have to be retarded to think something is off

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There is no decent work in my country. And I am much smarter than employers.

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its called a suicide stack for a reason. you dont have to be "convinced". just fucking do it.

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this. checked

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>I am much smarter than employers.
t. but still dirt poor
Funny how that shit works!

I moved back in with the folks a few years ago when my bro was living with them, it was lovely to have the family together after years/countries apart. The parental units as i call them are off on holiday about 4-5 months of the year. We have some genuinely lovely convos when they are about. Mum irons shirts!
We have a doggo
Work is less than 10 min away...
Pretty amazing DESU

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I have no job and my mom has breast cancer. I live with them to help with housework and groceries and also because I have no job or money. I have only a high school education and I'm from India so I have zero hope.

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Sorry about your mom dude seriously.

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you can probably do Rev.com. pay is about $3.50 an hour, double your minimum wage there

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Thanks. She is recovering but they haven't taken out the chemo port yet. At least we somehow got the money from our relatives otherwise it would be impossible to save her. We are in debt but might sell out house so it's fine. Thanks for saying nice things Anon it means a lot. Everyone is really mean to me and say im not getting job and my mom got sick Because of that tension. Really hate these people.

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I tried but they rejected me, I also signed up in appen global but not getting any projects. Tried mturk and uhrs and clickworker, and VIP kid, but vip kid needs a degree. Was making a $200-250 on zwerl app but they banned me (probably because I was actually making money)

Would appreciate any freelance advice. Fiverr doesn't work for me, I'm applying on weworkremotely and other websites but didn't get any reply. Everyone keeps interviewing with Skype and when they see I'm Indian they just reject.

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your mommy loves your daddy more than she loves you

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maybe you know about all of these, but maybe not


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Thanks. Will see. I'm also trying society 6 shop and have some designs, I'm trying to get some money for advertising together, hopefully will at least get some money from it. I hope you make it fren.

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>not a single brap sniff post

Has this board lost its touch?

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don't give up senpai, those people don't know how you are having it...so better do your best. Hopefully you will find something nice eventually.
Best wishes, for real.

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Thanks man. We are all gonna make it

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your mum is a whore

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I live with my mother. I moved back in my 30s..

If you are above 27, and live with your parents, it can severely negatively impact your dating life.

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>dont live at home
>zero dating life

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i moved out when i was 21
stay at home for as long as you can, but save

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I don't OP, I'm 30.
only went back home for two half year stints in mid 20's

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My mother wanted 3 daughters, but had a son (me), so she told me she resented me. My father passed away.

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You should have cummed in her pussy

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>It's the financially beneficial and the smart thing to do
It produces fucktarded individuals without fail.
>T. person with many friends that live with their parents at 30 yo

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What a bitch

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I pay part of utilities, and do buy some things to house. Not essentials but I'd say I'm pulling my weight. Not because my parents asked me to, but because I wanted.

If I were to live alone, my cost of "living" would quadruple at best, and I don't really see benefit of doing it.

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I have a good relationship with my parents, but
I like being able to choose my own schedule, i.e. when to eat, when to go to bed, not having to be quiet at night, when to clean the house etc. Also, dating is easier when you have your own place. The government in my country (scandinavia) pays students $125/month if they're living at home and $850/month if they're living on their own. My rent is $850/month so I'm really only paying $125/month to have my own place. I'm wealthy for my age (high 6 figs) so I don't really care about that kind of money.

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Jesus Christ
>imagine the smell

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I have a good relationship with my parents, but I like being able to choose my own schedule: When to eat, when to go to bed, not having to be quiet at night, when to clean the house etc. Also, dating is easier when you have your own place. Girls in my country think it's weird if you're living at home as an adult and I don't want my mom to hear me having sex. The government in my country pays students $125/month if they're living at home and $850/month if they're living on their own. My rent is $850/month so I'm only paying $125/month out of my own pocket to have my own place. If I really wanted to I guess I could ask a friend to have my address listed at his (so I still get the $850/month) and just live at home, but I'm pretty wealthy for my age so saving a couple of hundred bucks per month doesn't really matter all that much for me.

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what if she's part pajeeta?

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living with my mom the most precious women ever
if i make it i'll buy her a house with a nice piece of land in a nice neighbourhood

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I don't live at home because my mom is an insane hoarder.

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Yeah I moved back in at 29. Had my own place before then. Haven’t been with a woman in 15 months, but I get to save more and be able to buy more crypto. Meh.

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I make $86k/year. My rent and utilities total to $500/month. I have my own place, a decent sized studio in a nice neighborhood in Chicago. After taxes and insurance, I am taking home $58,300/year. My total apartment costs are $6,000/year. I get to live on my own and spend only 10% of my income to live in my own place in the city. Why the fuck would I still live with my parents?

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>It's the financially beneficial and the smart thing to do
I know but I want to be naked all the time

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how big is a link suicide stack. tfw poorfag with 10k.

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nope its so cheap to rent here in BC that its not worth living at home. $1000-2000 to rent a mansion. They starting taxing ppl for the owners for leaving home empty so they need to rent out

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10k linkies is not a suicide stack
that's a /madeit/ stack

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Everyone lives at home
Living with parents is OK if you're temporarily out of work and make it up to them somehow (chores, etc)

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Not all incels are faggots, but you definitely are one. I know it's pasta btw, it's as stale and faggoty as the day it first plopped out of the mind of some other incel faggot like yourself

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Because living in your parents 4K sqft McMansion is better than living in a 400sqft cuckbox.

Also, you can use that extra $500/mo to control more investment properties.

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I like my parents too and visit every week. But I like having my own space even more instead of a house full of boomer artifacts. And I wanted to prove to myself or others that I can be a responsible adult and take care of myself. And my parents have already given me so much in life, I don't want to leech more from them.

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Good for you, for having a good heart.

Sorry to read about your mother, I pray that she recovers.

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based sniff posters

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