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*Speaks "Wrong Think" Ethereum gets delisted.

Isn't this what were we trying to change with the banks in the first place? What am I missing here?

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There is a difference between lying and threatening people for years and then refusing to give the easiest proof possible this pissed off people in power.

Delisting BTC would be suicide and another exchange would jump on it within two weeks.

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It's not decentralized then. Nobody runs BTC or eth per say.

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You made the same thread less than 24 hours ago. You better start looking for a new gig, shill, the checks might start getting thin real soon.

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Answers not satisfactory

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>What am I missing here?
Exchanges are centralized

In any case, fuck fraudtoshi, he is a cancer

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per se*

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Auto correct AI, will control you too

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Yeah but exchanges were never decentralized

Back to pleddit or kys low IQ shithead.

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what you're missing is the freedom of choice to build your own exchange and use decentralized ones
but let's be serious for a moment, cryptocurrency was never meant to be speculation on centralized marketplaces. the initial vision was peer-to-peer cash with no central authority, and evolved to programmable money and governance
if bsv had real value it wouldn't matter one bit if it was listed on binance or not. but there's the problem: it has no value, and you bought something worth nothing for $70

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Good point anon, if it's good it shall survive on its own.

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they think it's a scam still ;_;

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aalso i hate her accent
she looks pretty but as soon as she speaks i wanna pukkkee

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>were we trying
who is "we" fucking dumbass?

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no exchange (fiat to crypto) is decentralized as it is not possible.

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This is fucking perfect. It's time people realized there are consequences to being a fucking mark ass trick. Talk shit get hit. Get fucked bitch! lmao

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>Isn't this what were we trying to change with the banks in the first place?

Doesn't mean you get to be a dick and get away with it. Craig has been caught lying and refuses to back up who he claims to be.

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god damned shitshow on the centralized exchanges and even bitcoin. always fratboys trying to sucker people with orginized bullshit from their kike masters. coinbase delays txs cz does junk list delist craigs a troublemaking goofball, they all are shit. the only coin that didnt crater face or get fratboy fucked is on dex. fuck all the scummy sleezes, dex coins that go up are the only thing im buying

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The point I failed to make was nobody "owns" btcsv, BTC, eth, etc... So why would you punish the chain for the actions of one man. Sounds centralized as fuck!

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It would be wrong for one fish trader to be left out of the market Square because the other fish merchants don't like them.

It is understandable for the other fish merchants to run another fish merchant out of the market Square if it becomes apparent he's been selling horse meat as fish meat for years and now nobody wants to visit the fish market for fear of unknowingly buying horse meat.

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Cry about it!

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Waaaaaaahhhh this is so unfair, creg did nothing wrong

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Dude it's not what we're trying to change. The blockchain is decentralized tech, not the exchanges on which you trade it. Go to a dex if you're upset. A project touting itself as "cash" shouldn't be primarily trading on an exchange anyway. If you believe in what Creg is saying-- that this project is about fast, secure, unconfiscatable, decentralized spending via blockchain--- then this shouldn't matter.

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Yeah, we wanted wild west but we got wild wild west with specific people being the gatekeepers for whats allowed to be a cryptocurrency.

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CZ swinging his dick around is libertarian as fuck. This is exactly what we were cheering for back in 2017 when we were passed out on our piles of coke.

Let the market decide. There is no we.

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I must be really bad at making points. I'll try again. Why is Bsv punished for the actions of 1 man? It's a block chain, decentralized, ran by MANY people. It's akin to the feds going after the CEO of Bitcoin.

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funds are safu

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Spoiler alert: BSV is completely centralized

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CSW wanted to be a bank by having a monopoly over the market and stating his coin is the real bitcoin and all other coins should be removed or else sued. But because the crypto community is led by the people, his vision got fucked. What you're missing is basically you looking at it from one side while ignoring the other.

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If you knowingly follow a scammer you deserve what you get. If you got scammed by him then I'm sorry for your loss, but crypto is not for you.

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That is entirely the fault of Calvin and Craig for making Craig the de facto figurehead for the project. He cant make outrageous claims for exposure in one hand and be absolved from any responsibility for said actions in the other. They thought they could bully everyone into submission but looks like they just got caught with their pants down. Anyone buying into it knew what they were getting into.

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binance is a private company moron. CZ can do whatever he likes, you forcing him to keep BSV is akin to feds telling a corporation what to sell. now fuck off back to the ganges satoj

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Why doesn't CW just make his own exchange? Seems right up his alley. I can even see him accepting BNB coin just to delist it lol

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CZ can do what ever he wants I don't care.
I'm coming from a technical perspective. And the architecture of a decentralized block chain makes a person like CZ look very ignorant punishing the CEO of Bitcoin svabccash. There is no such entity in the architecture by default.

Old man yells at clouds

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You're flat wrong nigga, give it up.

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FUCK BSV you annoying bcash shills just need to fuck off.

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For now. Until we solve the fiat oracle problem.

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not really
also, an exchange =/= crypto

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your devs are retarded so you pay for whatever they do if you hold their copy pasted garbage

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If CZ is so based then why won't he delist TRON? It's a scam too.

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blatently lying and scamming is not the same thing as "wrong-think"

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About 80% of hashrate is run by 4 nodes

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>privately-owned exchanges are banks

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I think we all know why the chinese owner of a chinese exchange wont delist a chinese coin.

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They're releasing an onchain exchange Friday

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Listen to this guy you autistic monkey

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With what money? Student loans keep them at bay.

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thats why centralized exchanges are shit

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No they don't. The fat guy isn't even Buddha.

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Yeah, I was just trying to make a point about how much of a hypocrite CZ is.
>delists SV scam, calls CSW a fraud
>continues to scam people with his worthless ICOs and is still partnered with the biggest fraud of them all (Justin Sun)
He should've delisted TRON after that Tesla scandal. Same with Vechink and Walton.
Chinks gonna chink, I'm fucking sick of these snakes and how blind people are to bullshit they pull off.

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creg isnt saying "wrongtthink" hes harrassing people with lawsuits and being a fat drunk annoying scammer.

also its a centralised exchamge they can list what they want.

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>Spelling shall never evolve to be more sensible if I have anything to se about it!

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The halted trading and hard fork that resulted from the DAO would say otherwise.

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And that's a good thing!

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Dexs will prevent the tyranny of the cexs.

Welcome to the next bubble anon, welcome to the Resistance.

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>The point I failed to make was nobody "owns" btcsv, BTC, eth, etc... So why would you punish the chain for the actions of one man. Sounds centralized as fuck!

You fail to realise that by investing in BSV, you are following Craig, as the fork's creator. You fucking idiot. You relinquish control or opinion on BSV when you buy into it. It's Craig's blockchain, so yeah, when the owner of the fork fucks up, the fork gets fucked in response. Nobody cares about BSV pajeet holders, they only think of Craig when they think of SV.

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while many goes into personalization and politics.
It's a one thing - exchanges are run by central organs and those can be hacked, unlike crypto.
Exchanges run crypto if you ever noticed.
They manipulate, they decide. They decide when it's a good time to buy and then list a coin, or vise versa.
Are there tools to prevent this inside trading on crypto exchanges? NO. Wild west.
Tell me if i'm wrong.
Recent news shows exactly that.

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BSV is no decentralized ya brainlet.

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He's neither claiming to be Satoshi or pretending that some random shitcoin is the "real Bitcoin".

Delisting was an alpha move and the right move. Crypto industry will never be taken seriously if we let scammers like CSW spout their bullshit with no consequence.

Go cry some more Pajeet and remember to NEVER accept BitcoinShitVision as salary.

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not you cool kid

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fiat will always be centralised because of banks though so idk

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it is bad that cz delisted bsv even from a technological standpoint. they have no right to decide what is good technology or bad technology, the people who are for the delisting know nothing about the blocksize or blockstream wars within bitcoin and have no idea the dangerous precident that has now been set with other currencies or developers who might cut against the norm.

>never felt more bullish on bsv

even if he isnt SN craig is still a very influential figure just literally in general from all his work that he has done through a lifetime accumulation even his teachings at CSU he is actually a brilliant guy. just people dont like him because he is a total ass and want him to fail.


my guess is that other lead devs will be on the chopping block, people like vitalik and brenden eich who tip toe on what should or should not be said (especially eich with his views on homosexuality) will be ripe for sjw perusal. think metoo movement for celebrities but for literally every crypto developer and coin. At this point we can say that this might be the beginning of a crypto world where if people think or act outside what twitter deem acceptable then a mob will come after them, as a result people will talk or do things much safer, which in turn will hurt cryptos development. this is not a good thing that is happening now people

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Ethereum is immune to such persecution, because it takes like 5 hours to copy paste and launch a dex to trade eth or erc20 tokens.

Oh and eich view is shared by about 1.9 billion muslims.

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If you're really that dense, I'll spell it out for you: out of control liars/scamners like faketoshi and his openly underage girl posting financer are BAD FOR BUSINESS. They scare away dumb money. They overreached, got drunk on their imagined power and started turning off people from crypto as a whole.
CZ made a great business move, and the BSV tards made themselves easy targets for a free brownie point win for him.

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bsv pajeets were fucking euphoric when their masters paraded around as tough guys, intimidating people with trivial lawsuits, patent trolling, etc.
now when it became obvious it was all a show and these faggots are worthless idiots, now the same pajeets come crying and calling for mommy and daddy to stop the meanies.
get fucked, satoj.

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I can't tell if you are fucking retarded or just trolling but we all know Binance is a centralized exchange along with many others. They are free to list or delist a coin as they please. Doesn't mean the rest have to follow suit. There will never be a shortage of exchanges trading BTC

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What a useless sand nigger

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