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>He doesn't know this shit is gonna hit the news soon.
Dish, the Fortune200 company signed for a node, also the head of Dish blockchain development just confirmed they are using GoChain to run 5g spectrum in the US.

Buy now on a retrace before the official announcement

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Is biz missing another gem again, it's real ffs

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thanks anon this is actually some good stuff. any idea when official announcement will be coming?

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20Mm market is a joke

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Depends how fast the corporate suits can cook it up, one week probably

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just bought 45k
I hope this isn't one of those meme partnerships

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its the real deal as far as I can see. go into the gochain telegram and look up messages from Rob Steiner. ID has been validated

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Jesus she is stunning. How much gochain coins for her to spread her brapper in front of my face

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They know who to hire for a marketing rep

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When you think they’ll make an announcement

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Also wtf why I never heard of this coin before, the CTO is advisor at salesforce. Fucking /biz/ only shill curryshit.

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I have been hating on ftm pajeets the last few days because it looks way too shitty. Checked the chart history and it seems like gochain has never went below $.02 or so, interesting pumps throughout the year but never dumped further than that. The girl in the video has me sold on it though

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