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Some bear market, huh? How you holdin' up, /biz/? Make any decent trades this week?

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My brother invited me to a Bernie Rally. But I'm not feeling the Bern today.
But we are gonna meet up afterwords and get shitfaced. So there's that.

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Nice dubs, it’s only 4:36 though. Suns still shining. No plans tonight just staying in... again I don’t mind. I guessed

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Tulsi or bust if you gotta vote for the D. Maybe Yang for the hilarity. Bernout sold us down the river for a pat on the head.

I start my weekend drinking early. Don't judge me.

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not good bro

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Apple juice on the rocks please.

Yea, I got into GRS yesterday and it looks like we're prepping for takeoff. Not sure if I should take some profit and try to ride nuls for a little bit

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Word. Tulsi is the only one that's actually interested in executive duties. The rest are only interested in crafting legislation, which ain't the POTUS' job.

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No judging here boss, I’d join you but I’m probably going to go /nightdrive/ and get food or something.

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If anyone needs some wojaks I got you. Sorry the site is kinda bad right now. I'll be updating soon.


> t. jannies no ban please

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People keep telling me that there is a nuclear giga death recession on the horizon very soon

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Irish car bomb, please. I turned 43 today. Net worth is negative 17K. I have a few grand in crypto, a few grand on Robinhood, and $1500 in a Vanguard IRA. There's a fat chick I met on Tinder who would marry me tomorrow and I feel almost nothing. She's the really unfortunate kind of fat too, where none of it goes to tits or ass.
I think about how even if I got married, I'll still never be a father and think about the old buckshot mouth rinse.

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Went for a early night drive to the store.
Full of live, blissfull, blue-pilled, teenage couple in front of me in the line enjoying both their peak puberty hormon levels making out with each other. Now its friday night and Im sitting in the dark basement surfing a siberian snowmobile restorations shitposting forum while bringing me up to date with my favourite asset class that I lost every single penny on

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why was I born a manlet and ugly?...
Why cant I ever achieve pic related?....

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You can just become the woman

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Sold before the dip, something told me it was a good idea, looks like I was right

almost makes me question whether or not I whouls be doing this shit lmao

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why the fuck are so many of you obsessed with this god damn live your fucking life already

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>a woman president
>not yang
t. Brainlets

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Mega lurker here, what does that "t." thing mean? It's been killing me.

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what's the alternative? I mean there's little central banks or governments can do now. at least not in the keynesian sense. they sure enough won't let it play out and bury all the zombies. for that they're too invested in their cronies and frankly I don't think they're able to understand. so giga death recession with chance of helicopter money it is, isn't it?

well at least I did not manage to get rich. now I can march with thots and degenerates and shoot productive people.

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haha nobody tell him
t. (((you)))

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How do I get over a girl that I have to work with? I see her everyday and she sits close to me. This is killing me.

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waa i'm so hurt

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lurk more
or fucking google it you tard.

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Was able to make a decent sum on the Cardano pump today, feels good.

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>Cunningham's Law states "the best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer.

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having a lil brewski and break. moving more of my shit over to my new place in a little bit after rush hour, probably will have two more beers afterwards. also filling out expense timesheets

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great website anon, id like to contribute one of my finest jungle wojaks to the collection

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been in for a while, made a nice 20% but I just pulled out this evening. Balls deep in something new now.

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Up 11% today so I finished the week even. Praise invictus MD and dude weed in general.

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A very rare wojak indeed. Thank you anon, it will be added.

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Same lol, looking at some absolute shitcoins rn

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I bought bitcoin and total market etf this week and will start dollar cost averaging in. Im going to lose all of my money

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So sad frens. having a beer after long day of wagecucking

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I haven't traded anything at all for the past few months. All I've done is put most of my income towards my mother's mortgage. All I've done is stock up on canned and dry food. I don't want to go out for anything at all aside from work calls. I'm not feeling very good right now with how things are at the moment.

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live the wisdom of andrew wk. everything is a party if you believe.

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UBI isn't up to the executive branch. All they can do is approve it, if it passes both houses.
POTUS is mostly responsible for foreign affairs. He's not interested in that. So he's not interested in the job.

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green week for me. been flipping shitcoins on leverage on bitmax. didn't know how badly I needed this in my life.

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POTUS has executive orders and can pressure Congress to an extent. Please for the love of God, vote Yang. I want out of this hellhole.

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I want free money too, but he's not going to do it. Even if he wins.

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Then I guess I'll go military

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