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If you guys haven't figured it out yet, HOLO is going to Dump and end up just like Skycoin. Think about it, you still have time to dump your bags and lock in your profits. But that window is closing fast.

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Holo has nothing in common with skyscam

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yeah at least skycoin has a sorta-blockchain. holo is just some erc20 scam

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my skycoin used to be worth $44k. now it is worth less than $2k.

please listen to this anon, frens.

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fudding on /biz/ doesnt work anymore with the volume we have these days on holo. Just market buy to 2k sats, save time and energy anon.

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Holo has strong whales. Skycoins whales all left already (try to guess where)

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holo fud? wow haven't seen that since april 2018 kek jokes on you we bought in at huge discount and are still up by a massive amount not even considering how much we gained swingtrading

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>$300 for a Raspberry pi
Just lock in your profits for fuck sakes anons

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lol, that's for sure.

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