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>Chainlink has always been about
>Making money
>Asian women

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can't wait for the mainnet pump to dump my last link, that fat fuck is trolling us

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>mainnet pump

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350m tokens all for thots. It's incredible what a man can do for his love of asian waifus

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correct, sergey was an incel, and the reason he did an ICO was to have enough money to fuck thicc asian prostitutes

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Lads you just made me look up the profile its just a random r/ethereum poster
Shame on you that i had to visit plebbit

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Don't get hooked up sir gay. See you on the yacht.

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thank you for your sacrifice fren

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Read the account its very philosophical and similar to the way Sergey writes on quora or couch surfer

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>sergey gets drunk and posts breadcrumbs on 4chan and is so lonely that he goes on reddit and tries to compliment girls in the hopes that one of them will fuck him

truly /ourguy/

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