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I graduated form NEETdom after being on it between December 2015 to March 2019. Wish me luck I work for walmart now

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Congratulations. Funny story about Walmart. I briefly did some work for corporate in Bentonville a few years ago. Got an email a few weeks later saying that I might have been exposed to Shigella from their cafeteria and apologizing if I had gotten food poisoning.

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>graduated from neetdom at the end of 2017
>coins mooned hard a few months afterwards
>dropped in value significantly afterwards, then mooned hard again (back to ATH) a few months later
>watched as everything lost 90% of its value while i was wagecucking
>despite saving money over the last year or so im worse off than i wouldve been if i just cashed out and didnt work

j u s t

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